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Hello, I love a lot of the changes you’ve made, however, it seems the silver and gold chisels now function exactly like the copper and iron. I can no longer get the ‘precision’ cuts I was getting before.

Thanks for all your hard work!

The skills were cleared, so you need to readd the Tools Mastery Chisel skills.

As mentioned above It does seem timing related so may come back. We reproduced it artificially so will work on the fix for the case you hit.

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I never had mastery in chisel skill before and it worked then. Is this a change in the functions or a fix of something that was never intended? If you need to add mastery in chisels to get the benefits of better models, doesn’t it seem redundant to have better models at all? The rarity of gold and silver makes it very difficult to make the upgraded models in the first place, and seems like a waste. Granted, I’ve only been playing for a week, and haven’t extensively explored worlds other than Berlyn, so maybe my complaint about rarity of resources is premature, but still… it all seems like way too much effort for the ability to make fancier blocks.

edit: while we’re on the topic, do we now need to add mastery to hammers in order to mine higher resources as well? I’ve been mining the sporadic gold, silver and med coal nodes with my iron hammer, and just before this update used the tiny amount of gold I gleaned to make a gold hammer so I can mine hard coal and titanium (if I every find any). It would really be a major bummer if that effort was wasted due to a new need to invest in skills just to make them work.

Also… it would have been nice to know about this new requirement before reallocating all those skill points…


It changed, you need the three precisions chisel mastery skills to use the precise chisels like gold
Having less mastery than the hammer requires, seen by right clicking the tool, decreases the damage dealt.

Another issue… not sure if this is a bug or just another negative adjustment… I reinvested in all three light skills with my miner, but the brightness is about where light 1 or maybe light 2 was before the update. I can’t see very far in the caverns anymore, which is a real bummer. If this a rebalance… it would be just as efficient to carry a torch rather than waste all those skill points in exploration.

Whenever I try to use a charge attack on my sling bows theres no indicator of how charged they are, also did y’all refund skill points based on level or based on skills learned?


Charged Slingbow skill seems to work, but it’s visuals are missing

Edit: Sorry for this, i did not see it take bones from inventory…:blush:

I put in 10 bones, + soap, to make some glue to test new sign, But the furnace did not stop when it was running out of bones…

I am up in 100 glues now, and still counting…

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As far as I remember there were some changes to lighting. I found some of my rooms way darker after update. They were getting light from neighbouring rooms through the walks! I think they intended to remove some unrealistic light effects.

Before the update, breaking the tougher blocks on Nasharil awarded higher experience than the easier blocks on Berlyn which seemed fair to me, seeing as they take twice as much effort to break. Now the Nasharil blocks only yield the exact same ammount as the Berlyn blocks. This is true of rocks (all three types) soft and medium coal, copper, iron, and silver. I haven’t seen gold, to test yet, and never mined titanium or hard coal before, so I can’t attest to the states of these blocks.

I get that, but in the cavern depths it is pitch black unless there is lava near by, and lava never provided much light to begin with (which isn’t really realistic… lava is bright as heck in real life). What I want to know is if the dimming of the Light skills was intentional or an accidental side effect of those light adjustments. If it was intentional, light skill is totally worthless now.

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Also I got two jump height upgrades but can only jump 2 meters instead of the 3 Im supposed to be able to so I refunded it

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I agree that jump lvl 2 doesn’t work as intended, after i saw your post it seems to only increase jump height by half a block.

Also, it appears that you can override the beacon color slot by Shift + Left Clicking items into it:

Smart Stacks and Unknown color indexes always result in a Deep Purple or Brown color

This isn’t intended. We will investigate and get it fixed. Thanks.

This also isn’t intended. It’s likely a side effect of attempting to make the held and placed lighting more consistent. We’ll investigate and get it fixed.

Sorry x2.

Urrgh. We’ll investigate.

Sorry xN.


Thank you for the speedy response!

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Hey @vdragon - Here’s the skills I have assigned on Combat Mastery…

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That’s one menacing looking screenshot: “Someone broke my charge attack…”


I hate to keep piling them on… I know you guys are working really hard.

I logged into my crafter, made some stuff and leveled. The core feats for reaching level markers 10, 20 etc triggered retroactively… however it did not stop at 20, I got rewards for lv 30, 40 and 50 as well, netting me a huge amount of exp and four or five levels… was level 24 or 25, now am level 29.

If you mean menacing as in “I’m gonna put this ‘Kick Me’ sign on your back for breaking my charge attack”, then that was the exact look I was going for :stuck_out_tongue: