Release 182 - Report issues here

Please report all issues discovered in Release 182 in this thread.

Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I just updated to 182 and now after the loading screen I appear in the Sanctum and I get the notification about the skills reset, but I can’t dismiss it or do anything. Everything seems to freeze immediately, I get the little pinwheel “I’m thinking” cursor, and then the game crashes and “[quits] unexpectedly.” Anything I should try?

It’s an issue, so you have reported it in the right place. Did you get an option to submit crash dumps?

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Yeah, the one to send it to Apple. I copied the report text, if it’s useful. Can’t fit here with the character limit, though, but I can refer to it if you need.

No, not that one, sorry, I should have been more specific. The PC version will have the option to submit crash dumps when you load the game again, provided a crash dump was generated. But as it sounds like you encountered this on a Mac, you’ll have to manually email over a log file. Please follow the instructions below:

Charged shot is not working. I have max slingbow mastery and have selected charged shot, but get no animation of the charge or increased power.

All my machines changed placement order and rotation :cry:


Could you provide a screenshot showing what Combat Mastery skills you have currently learnt so far? Just to check if some skills are not unnecessarily cancelling others out.

Thanks, @vdragon. I appreciate your prompt responses. I emailed my game log per instructions. LMK if there’s anything else I can do to be helpful.

Thanks, we’ve received the email.

Is this issue happening every time, or were you able to carry on with the game as normal?

Crashed. Dump is on the way. Log:

Every time. I can’t play the game – it just freezes immediately and then crashes.

Thanks. Btw the game log is auto uploaded alongside the crash dump.

It looks like your connection is timing out for some reason. There is then a crash handling that error case on Macs. Do you get very low fps sometime or anything else that might cause it to be slow to connect?

Weird. Low FPS? Maybe low-ish from time to time. I was getting a lot of that “unstable connection, returning to Sanctum” type error the other day. I don’t feel like I have a slow Internet connection in general, though. Anything I should try to troubleshoot?

Objectives that have already been completed seem to have reappeared as uncompleted, including “A New Dawn” which can’t be completed, no matter what i do in the sanctum.

Adding or Removing permissions doesn’t complete the “Add A Member To Your Beacon” objective

And, Machines can’t be repaired with a spanner, i tried using an Iron Spanner on a machine to try to complete the “Fixing Machines” objective, but it doesn’t even repair the 0.2% wear on my workbench


After I go through a portal, I am first getting a message welcoming me to the location of the portal I went through and second to the place I have arrived at. Then it tells me which settlement the portal I passed through was in and then the information on the settlement I have arrived at. I did this going through various portals in the fire caverns on Munteen. One example was going from the fire caverns to Eden on Berlyn.

I can confirm that charge skill definately isn’t working. I have 4 slingbow mastery and the charge skill. No repeater skill.

Tried to run the game again and it didn’t crash this time. Not sure what changed or if it was something on my end, but it seems to work now. :man_shrugging: Thanks for looking into this!