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I’m not sure what you mean by boxes, but the Worker beacon permission does not allow players to add or remove blocks with a beaconed area, but will allow them to interact with beacon controls, machines, storage blocks, beacon controls and anything else that displays a GUI menu upon interaction. Items can be added to or removed from the GUI menus.

It could be possible that sloped blocks might have caused the issue. We have fixed some bugs where making contact with such blocks may cause characters to appear somewhere else all of a sudden, so this should be in the next update.

The log seems to suggest that a graphics driver is crashing. The screenshot of Fatal Error 29 is different as it suggests that Steam may not be running correctly. Try restarting or updating Steam.


I actually got the ticket error from steam couple of times within last few weeks. Disabling my AV for 10 minutes before starting the game helped.

thanks for the reply but is there a post explaining it all in detail somewhere im kinda confused about it
i want people to help build with me with full build permission but keep storage machines and shops off limits

Would that be the post in one of the release notes that introduced the beacon permissions?

If you just give other players the Builder beacon permission, then they should only be allowed to place blocks down and not interact with machines or take items from shops without purchasing them.

Setup? Nothing unusual… Everything was connected properly, and everything had been running properly for about a month without any error. This was just some random one-time event, no idea what brought it on.

I notice in chat, for me anyways, if your typing to fast and use the letter “e”, it brings up my inventory even while in chat mode. After I enter the chat I have to hit it again to get out of inventory like normal.

Also sometimes the game randomly disconnects the mouse to the screen(no character control or look), but I can hit tab, and sometimes that fixes it, sometimes I have to hit tab and go all the way to the sanctum, then the mouse turns my character again. I can click, clickable things like while in tab mode, but not look around , if that makes any sense.

I can’t reproduce this. Have you changed your Control settings by any chance?

By 'randomly disconnecting the mouse 'do you mean the mouse pointer loses focus with the game and you can see the pointer as if you alt-tabbed away from the game?

i have this to ill get my mouse cursor from desktop not the ingame one
then i have to click on game screen to get it back in the game

extra info
im playing on window mode to acces easy the forum and discord

when this happens i can still walk around with keys

does builder beacon permission does that include moving gleam metal and refined blocksaround ?
ill do some research and post it here later
been busy playiung the game :star_struck:

Just noticed the same/similar bug that I reported in testing but on the live servers, all my tools are poking through the white background… also heres some pictures

What is your hardware setup (PC/Mac/Single/Dual-monitor setup)?

Could you give more information on what you were doing? Did you alt-tab away from the game to use the forum and Discord? Or were you busy playing the game and didn’t have any of the GUI menus open at the time (which is one of the occasions where the mouse pointer would appear as expected)?

We should have a fix for the issue reported for the Testing branch, which should in turn fix this on the live game at a later date.

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i use windowed mode and have my desktop bar at bottom
im playing on sharp bigscreen tv with serial port conection (dont ask why but seems to give nice picture)
forum and discord i use hotlink to web for that on bottom bar off desktop
oh and this is no big issue for me just have to click mouse back into the game
cant explain in detail but i think the ingame chat is involved in this
i never alt tab out
and it happens ingame not when i go to the forumpage or discord
but they are always open on desktop while i play to get the notifications popping on screen

That last line is interesting. Is the mouse losing focus with the game at the same time a notification from another program is triggered?

What’s the outcome of this? It should be possible.

no i dont think so ill get back to you with a report of what en how when it happens again

did not do it yet been busy sorry i let you know when i do :smile:

got it just now was building got attacked by spitter selected crossbow added it to lefthand slot and poof i got arow but caracter doesnt follow
so i click into game screen to go back in with the mouse arrow

im on windowed mode and got forum and discord open on desktop
single screen
no notifications at the moment

I got killed while renaming a beacon…(3 times now) and can’t click anything or do anything… I think this is a known bug, by exiting the window other than clicking the confirm button…
The only way to fix it was to quit and restart the game.

[since there’s no other replies I shall edit]
when you are about to place a beacon that would take up your last plot, there is no highlighted outline of that plot. Since there is no indication of how many plots you have when you are holding a beacon control or plotter it took me a while to figure out why there was no highlighted box, I thought I had too many active beacons or I had placed too many beacons on that world.
It would be nice if there was an indicator or tooltip/hint that tells you why you can’t do something. (especially when you’re hitting the button to do said thing.)

Wow there have been quite a few issues with furnaces O.o… anyway in my sifting i did not see this issue mentioned so im sorry if i missed it…

In short:
Furnaces Stop smelting when switching characters…

i can return to sanctum and come back on the same char np… but when i switch away from my crafter to my main… it stops… i’ve been wondering my my ore never seems to finish smelting ><

cuttletrunk lvl 5 got stuck playing its gravity field animation; when it happened the cuttletrunk couldn’t grab and lift me (even when I stood in the middle of the emitted field); animation still played after he was dead: