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It got better due to new hardware. Breaking sound shift is not always out of sync. I got the impression, the more backround graphics are visible the higher the possibility that this happens. If I pov focus on a tiny chunk of stones - it is mostly in sync.
I assume it is the DDR2 Ram (8G) which isn’t fast (?) enough, but it is a guess. :slightly_smiling_face:
I will check with other materials too. It is striking with stone, because the sound impulse is rather energetic, different to soil.
Although soil is sometimes vanishing a blink after it actually should do. It is not always same.

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I believe the first time I was being attacked by mobs but for sure the second time was when I was dropping down a water shaft under Aquatopia and without a light source I couldnt see and I fell out the side and dropped to my death. Thats when I held right click and let go just as the charging icon got to the max.

I notice over the couple weeks Munteen is crazy hard to be in without the “Bad Connection” window popping up every few seconds. It started with only doing it while hunting cutters, so I adjusted my resolutions to nothing and it was okay. But last few days nothing makes Munteen okay to be in. I am not having any issues on the other planets even with graphics turned up.

My titanium furnace looks like it has stalled but it’s still on so I have to come back later to pick up what I am cooking and some times it is still stalled . It’s at 8 % wear. It will shut off when changing to my alt. I get both scenarios often.

Well, this is sad…

I just returned home to check my Mixer, had about 250 Igneous Brick Mixtures in the works, and POOF! they’re gone.

… I don’t suppose you’ve got any more lying around at HQ there?!AnyBkiWHKvJZk3tHe8eKAcWNGraO

That would be the video of the hard-to-hit critter. You’ll see that (at least from my perspective as I shoot) I’m hitting the critter broadside but its hit points don’t reduce until we’re re-positioned.

Here’s the confusing “splat/sploit” noise.!AnyBkiWHKvJZk3yuFP93EWaYPNmX

The spitter shoots, doesn’t hit me, but when the projectile would reach the virtual plane of my shoulders, there’s a ‘splat’ noise even though I’m not hit and there’s nothing behind me to hit. (You’ll have to take my word on that. :smile: )

I was hearing the “sploit” noise when the projectile is less than 2m in front of the spitter. Sounds like its hitting something but it never hits anything. I do also hear another deeper thwack when i get hit though, thats fine but its the sploit that is very misleading

When I run down a roadrunner and I get a direct hit and it’s health go to 0 then back to full health and he runs off :slight_smile:

The part about you having DDR2 Ram is interesting. Is your machine particularly old? What CPU do you have? Are you getting decent frame rates during the game?

Thanks for the reply, we’ll add this information to the database. The issue still seems quite random with no surefire way of reproducing it easily.

Was it happening in certain areas and locations? Were there a lot of creatures around during those times too?

A few players have previously reported the issue in this topic, which can occur with other machines.

Assuming you meant that you were in the process of crafting Igneous Brick Mixture using Igneous Stones and Compact Clay, can you just check that it’s not currently in a smart stack within the Crafted Items section? Also, was the Crafted Items section itself full?

Thanks for the video. As well as the creature’s pathfinding looking odd (does the Wildstock always judder like that?), the other interesting thing in the video is seeing the creature’s health go back up after sustaining a few hits. We should hopefully have a fix for this in the next update.

Thanks for the video. I have passed this along to the person who’s in charge of the sound effects (although with the other feedback posted by other players) so she can refer to the feedback as she looks to rework the sound effects for the spitters.

Again, a few players have reported on this previously in this topic, but we should hopefully have a fix for this in the next update.

A very strange thing just happened to me. I took my main to Nasharil, where I have a build in progress, including a tall tower. I began climbing the tower, and was on the third floor, when I abruptly appeared to fall through the blocks and into the lava field below, dying. As I stared in disbelieving shock, my body suddenly appeared on a ledge on a mountain above, stayed there with a passing cuttletrunk for about ten seconds, then appeared back in the lava, stayed there for about ten seconds, then appeared back in the sanctum, without having pressed and held the mouse button to re-spawn. I touched no buttons at all, in fact. I wish I’d caught it on video.

hey people with second right on beacon should not be able to take stuff
please fix this to right 3 to take stuff

Yep, it’s as you said, I was making the brick mixture.

I went through all of the usual drills to make sure that the bricks weren’t MIA. No stacks in the mixer’s crafting mats, no stacks in completed items. Never seen this happen before, which is why I was so surprised.

So i was out and mining on vulpto and sudenly i was flying thru the air. this hapen to now twice.

Is it reproducible, and can you tell us the location (and idealy, beacon it so that no one can change it)?

Processor is an Intel Core 2 Quad 9650, which is the most powerful processor my motherboard can handle. Machine is roughly 10 years old. DDR 3 RAM supported though. Frame rate is sufficient because of the GPU. But in highly populated areas as Therka Market it gives in. Higher foliage details also require a more powerful hardware setup.

I think it wanst that same spot both times and i dont know where att when it hapend i cant see where i was and only way is to terminate the game and restart and then i ended upp at the surface. so no not reproducible and it has not happend agen.

Do you remember which area of the tower you were in before the issue occurred? What is the layout of the blocks like? For example, did you step on any sloped blocks?

By second right did you mean the Worker Beacon Permission (which is the middle permission)? If so, this is correct. However, the tooltip descriptions could be better explained, so we’ll make a note of this for the descriptions to be improved.

What does your Mixer menu setup look like?

You mentioned that you had some frame rate issues in Therka Market. We have made some improvements with Therka Market, so when these are pushed to the live game, hopefully you will get a boost in FPS. Perhaps that may improve the strange sound issues you’re experiencing as well.

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yes the middle one
so its not possible to let people build and keep boxes closed on on worker beacon?

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The tower is more or less circular. I was on the level 3, just beginning to climb the ramp to level 4. I was moving upward on blocks shaped with a copper slope chisel.

new player. macbook pro. game crashes on launch everytime.