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When cooking raw meat in a furnace (iron and titanium both do it) the cooking will stop itself when you switch characters. Happened last night and again this morning. Doesn’t seem to affect ores. Haven’t tested glue, berries or others.

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Sounds like there is some issue with the physics.

Can’t see (or hear) anything wrong with this. Is this occurring in any particular area?

Were you standing within a hole that was 1 block or 2 blocks high? I can’t reproduce this.

I’m not sure what you meant by “their movements seem to inhibit actually shooting them with a slingbow.” Can you clarify this a bit more?

This will be added to the existing bug report in the event that it somehow plays a part in the issue.

Thanks for the update.

Has this happened a few times now?

This might also be happening when making glue. I haven’t been able to confirm yet but noticed that my titanium furnace has stopped many times lately when there is still plenty of fuel in it. I was changing characters a lot but never thought that was what might be causing it.


Yes, I’ve noticed it a few times in the past, but since I don’t cook meat often I didn’t think much of it, but yesterday I realized I had a full smart stack of meat and I had to do something with them. My 5 titanium furnaces were occupied already, so I used my 5 iron furnaces at first. I put the materials in with Lamia. When I switched to Morwen a few minutes later, and went to use the adjacent crafting tables, I noticed the furnaces weren’t processing any longer. Checking, I confirmed that the furnaces were not broken yet and had plenty of fuel, and then I restarted them. I switched later to Bealle, and they had stopped again. This morning when I logged in, I still had 4 stacks of meat to cook, and since the titanium furnaces were free, I threw them in there with Lamia. Switching to Bealle, they had stopped again.

@Xaldafax The only reason I was able to figure that it was related to switching characters was because I had such a large amount to process.

Two bugs noticed:

  1. Monsters will regenerate health as attacked. I had a level 2 spitter take 4 shots from a copper bow in a row and regen all or almost all of the damage I did to them. Is this a normal behavior or a bug?

  2. Like the bug in that you cannot fix crafting tables, I noticed the same thing with a stone furnace and its stand. I was seeing no wear on it but it was showing as a yellow bar for health. I made some glue and when it had 4% damage I could then fix it and get everything to show as blue.

Side note update on the machines with <1% health issue. I had one that I could not fix like you all know about. But after I used it I was able to fix it completely for a workstation and compactor.

I’ve seen it happening with them and wildstock a few times - always at maximum sling range, so maybe thats the reason?

I’ve seen it at far range but this was right in front of me.

I have had the same thing mobs healing as I’m shooting them at all ranges on lvl 3. 4. and 5 mobs

Seems similar to a bug I reported earlier @vdragon, the one about the client predicting damage wrongly? Or not… Just a thought :grin:

This is what I found - would pertain to my idea of the client being wrong.

Hmm… I’ve only ever seen this (at close range) for elemental effects, like the “burn burn” effect for ruby for example.

I use the titanium slingbow so i will change that not all ranges just what i can hit with titanium slingbow

The lava on Nasharil appears to lose its color in a radius of plots around a player when that player is a significant distance above the lava. Notice the hard lines in the distance where the color reappears.

A little easier to see at night.

Also, twice today after going to the sanctum in order to afk for short periods (less than ten minutes) I’ve come back to an error message that says the servers are currently offline. Are we having crashes? The most recent was just now at about 1:05 UTC. The other was a few hours ago, can’t remember specific time.

Here’s the trench.

Here’s a critter in the orientation; it would be buzzing back and forth and point-blank shots at its mid-section still miss, even when standing behind it.

Thanks for the comments. We’ll add this to the database.

Hopefully when the fix is in the game, this should not be a problem.

It definitely sounds similar to the issue previously reported by @willcrutchley in this topic.

From looking in it, it seems that it’s affected by the Terrain Detail setting. What is yours currently set to and does changing it make a difference?

We’ve had reports of server crashes the day before yesterday (UK time), but nothing after that.

Would the ‘sploit’ noise be the same as the sound effect that plays when your character gets hit by a spitter?

Could you specify coordinates of the location where this is at? Alternatively, you may be planning to show the coordinates in the video if you choose to do so.

I can’t reproduce this one. Are you able to record a video of this? It would be particularly interesting to see how the creatures are moving, given that I’ve only managed to get the creatures moving to the sides instead of into the wall as shown in your screenshots.

I’ve noticed when I switch characters they will continuously swing whatever is in there left hand after the portal is opened until I walk through and click the left mouse button.

It doesn’t seem to happen when starting the game, just when switching characters.

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I’ll try to get all that into one or more videos tomorrow. (Hopefully with sound.)

As for the “sploit” noise, yeah, the shooting sound sounds the same regardless–but I can confirm that I’m not getting hit. :smile:

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There is a thing with sound timing. When I hit a stone block and the stone is about to break, the breaking sound effect appears a slight moment before the block is vanishing. I’m not sure if it worth mentioning since it is quite obvious. And I also don’t know if it is still a hardware/connection issue of mine.

Terrain detail was on Medium during that screenshot. Changing the terrain detail changes where the effect occurs, but does not stop it from happening. Here are screenshots of what all settings look like.






I got stuck in the defeated screen, I let go of right click between the time the icon fully charged and reappearing in sanctum and I never appeared in sanctum. Just stared at my dead body with the fully charged hold right click icon and my friend standing there walking around my body. I was unable to click anything, the only thing I could do was shut down the game and restart.

It’s in the bug database.

Thanks for the update.

Has it always been like this for you and does it only occur with these type of blocks?

Thanks for the update. It does look quite strange from a distance judging by the fact that you’re seeing this from a high position. We’ll add this to the database.

Sounds like you’ve had the same problem as @houdhakker2. Do you remember what happened before the issue occurred?