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Understood, but there was a possibility that you had simply missed the player. Sometimes the altitude can be confusing with the compasses! As you said: no comments were meant as offensive.

Honestly why assume that I missed the player when you were not there and I told you that I took the time to dig out all the area? For me when someone says they did something I assume they did it correctly and at most ask for clarification. I don’t assume they are wrong or made a mistake or didn’t have a very good reason for posting what they did. Added to that I look at who did the post and what other data they have provided over time and posts. If they are an experienced person I assume they probably know what they are doing versus a person that just showed up out of the blue.

Yes the compass can be confusing and that is why I took more time to check it out. And, no there was no possibility that they were missed when I followed the compass and logic to find them. The only possibility is that the game had an issue with how it was showing that player (giving wrong information) or was displaying a phantom player.

The reason I did the post was a relog didn’t remove them. Then I used left, right, forward, backward to pin point where they were on a horizontal plane. Then I dug straight down to find them and all of a sudden they were above me. So I figured I must have been 1 or 2 blocks off horizontally. I dug multiple blocks in ALL directions - left, right, forward, backward, up, and down to create a big hole. They were no where to be found. So I got out of the hole and moved around. I did this because I knew the compass can be confusing and I wanted to make sure I had the right data. Still it was obvious they should be right there in the hole because they showed below me and in front of me as I circled around it. So I jumped into the hole and they are above me as I moved around it.

I did a screen shot of me BELOW them because in a spatial design it was the most obvious one (at least to me) to provide the development team. Why? Because if I would have done one looking at the character, someone could assume I had not dug forward enough. Had I done one looking down someone could assume I had not dug down enough. But by being below and looking up I showed that there was not one above me since people can’t be in the sky floating (unless its the dev team). Why was this the best? Because the pointer you have on the screen moves the icon on the compass up or down based on where you LOOK basically and not fully where you stand. So when I looked up I knew they would be below me but that the developers should have caught that and registered by the length of the line from the icon to the compass they would only be a little bit below my pointers horizon. Hence above me because I was looking almost straight up.

Now, I will agree outside of doing a video, if there was a better way for me to provide the spatial information for the development team then they would have told me and I would do it next time. But considering the tools I have this was the best way to excavate the area and show that I was below the person since the screen shot showed clear sky above.

I did the post to the developers, so they have the right to question me and assume I did something if anything wrong. Normal users should not assume people made mistakes and instead they should be supportive in their comments and try to gain clarification for the developers. By not being supportive and instead critical in their comments and tone it creates an environment of isolation and higher-than-thou perspective – which is something we have seen people complain about this community.

Hand crafting doesn’t allow you to filter craftable items (like machines do).

Ok… That was meant to be a light-hearted joke… But that’s fine too I guess :persevere:

i am not sure if anyone else having this issues.
have anyone see short delay before character stop? if so then it the server not us
only long period of time of walking

Can you share details of the game log after you’ve tried to close it again?

Did you mean the game appeared to freeze for a short time?

The are not mine. I didn’t really try to close them. I just noticed they were there in the game floating in wild space and I was unable to go through them. You should be able to go visit them too since they were there like yesterday still.

game is not freeze when walking or running, just short delay to stop
felt like rubber banding

i cant see what xp i get and what drops on screen anymore is this normal?

I see drops and + Xp in top right corner.

thanks now i know its just me :smile:

Minor graphical issue on the right side of the health bar.
My interface scale is “small” and my Vitality Bonus is maxed out.

I seem to have attained a phantom settlement… on the wrong planet. Miners Bluff is on Munteen VII (which is correct on the first listing).

Edit: Logged in again this evening, and the Phantom Miners Bluff is gone, but now I have this one…

Another graphical issue on action/highlighted text on the tooltip, where it doesn’t line wrap correctly.

Unable to view the contents of a smart stack within a trade window. It just shows as empty.

Cuttletrunks sometimes still display their special ability if they’re killed while using it.

When a spitter fires at you when they are under water, and you are on land, their projectile moves in slow motion after it leaves the water too (the spitter projectile is just to the left of my target square).


They look like the same portals that @SolFall reported in a separate forum topic and I can see in game that anyone can interact with them, but they cannot be closed or passed through. This has been logged as a bug.

I’m not seeing anything unusual. If you get this again and suspect some rubber banding took place, open the Latency Graph and check for any abnormalities.

We should have fixes for these in the next update.

This is listed as a known issue.

Thanks for the report, a bug has been logged. Out of interest, what level was the Cuttletrunk?

Yes, it does look odd. Would you expect it to slow down more or disappear eventually?

It was a level 5 Corrosive on Munteen (I think level 5’s are the only ones currently on the live version that have a special ‘pull’ ability).

It did eventually disappear once it reached a certain distance, but in that particular instance it was gliding very slowly past me… so slow that I could have walked all the way around it quite easily.

I’m not sure what my expectation would be for it to be honest - having it speed up again would be a little odd too. For it to be affected by gravity and to taper off based on it’s current speed would be the ideal, but I would imagine doesn’t really add enough to game play overall to warrant the extra code.

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  • When a spitter shoots and misses, there is still a “sploit” noise as if it hit something, even if it’s just firing into clear sky.
  • When my (avatar’s) head is at zero degrees [normal to a normal from the ground] I can hear footsteps. If I look up, I can’t hear footsteps, even though my (avatar’s) ears are still more or less the same distance from its feet. This applies to the noise from grapple lines, too.
  • When critters are in a single-width trench and oriented 90 degrees to it banging heads and hinds into the walls, their movements seem to inhibit actually shooting them with a slingbow. I aggro-drag lots of creatures into my front-door trench in order to making kil–uh, I mean, “harvesting”–them easier. It doesn’t affect spitters as much as goorts, which seem to be trying to vibrate through the trench wall a 'la The Flash.

yep, those 2 portals are mine, i already posted it in another topic. they wont close and i’ve unclaimed the area in hopes of having the world regen it, but the area is too high traffic for that. :sob:

I don’t think the traffic is causing no regen honestly. There was a floor under them that disappeared recently. Even some sand I put went away from what I can tell… so the area has done a regen based on what I saw minus the portals. But I can’t guarantee.

On a side note for the bugged portals on Vulpto these portals are in a plot that is a couple plots away from another bugged plot that is showing as wild but should be showing as reservered as there is a beacon underground below it. Hopefully it’s not part of a bigger issue in that area.

You can take this off the bug list. Turns out it was pilot error. I figured out that I was putting an individual tool in an equipped slot, instead of an entire smart stack, and when you do that, the smart stack doesn’t auto-load into your hand. derp on me… lol

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Check to see if you accidentally hit the . key. It blanks the interface for screenshots. The first time I did that, I was hella confused, and had to hit every key on the board before I figured out what I had done.