Release 182 - Report issues here

Do you happen to know what world you were connected to? Therka went down a while ago but it is back up now.

I didn’t have a workbench issue–I had a “I’m running from a spitter and the whole dang world just froze.” My surmise is that it wasn’t specific to the direction I’m facing or with what I’m interacting.

For the other scenario, the button remained inactive for the entire duration of the dialog.

Do you roughly remember the time and day when these messages occurred? If not, let us know the details when you get the issue again.

Additionally, we did receive crashes from one of the US servers recently, so this could also be related and we will look at those.

Thanks for the information and screenshots, the hole is still there and is reproducible, so a bug will be logged. I’ve placed a Beacon there temporarily to stop regeneration if that’s okay, but I can remove it if you need this area later.

Hopefully, when the fix is pushed to the live game, this shouldn’t be a problem.

If this happens again, could you check your game log and submit it so that we can see if anything is wrong?

Normally the option should remain inactive for the first 10 seconds and then it should be available after that, but if you were forced to wait 30 seconds before the game forced you back in the sanctum, then that shouldn’t happen. Are you able to supply screenshots and / or a video for when it happens?

I think I could get a video but we’ll have to wait until it occurs again.

I have had a few instances where I can not set a location via a totem while in the Sanctum on the planet you want a location from. Reapall just had the same issue. We had to go back to a planet and look at the actual planet we want to grab a location on.

Is the totem location grab only work once during the start of the tutorial? Or is this a bug?

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It’s a new feature we plan on adding. The initial flow in the Sanctum was only intended for first time you play but we have since thought it would be useful to also use the Sanctum to pick new locations.


That would be great… in this case we could use other portals but in the early game I might be in the middle of no where and having the ability to use the sanctum to find a new spot on the same planet would be helpful. Or I could be in situations where it is not safe on other planets to be able to grab a location of that starter planet. So using the sanctum is critical.

I don’t need it, was just wandering through mining coal. Thanks for the consideration though, it is appreciated. :slight_smile:

I went through a lot of this yesterday but it wouldn’t manifest when I could manage to get video recording turned on. I did come to the conclusion that what I’m seeing is consecutive dialogs that last less than 10 seconds with a less than 1 second interval between them. The button never gets a chance to go green because it’s supplanted before that can happen.

The connectivity issues themselves were just local hardware in need of a reset, so this is just about how the client handles latency spikes and disconnects. During one of the sessions it reconnected during an attempt to get to Sanctuary and threw me down a hillside. :rofl:

After last patch i got strange shadow artifacts under mined drop.
Some shiny squares on the ground-block.

And my torch have got very shiny close to blocks.


There are two portals on Vulpto that will not close and or let you go through them in Unicorporated 1.0. It also is in WILD area…

Location – 1N / 755E

Ah, nice. Didn’t realise it happened with items too! Must be something to do with shadows

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Where did you have to look in order to bring that person right onto the compass line? Whomever it is looks to be lower than your current altitude.

To be honest, I was a little confused by the screenshot too :thinking:

I’ve now seen your clarification on your post, which helps to understand much better to what you were referring to (but don’t think the reply from brook-monroe warranted the snarky response above).


The screenshot was a little confusing. All it shows it that they are below you, not that they should be standing beside you. Basically, your first response was a little over the top considering that brook was trying to help your issue having been provided with a vague screenshot.

It wasn’t at all obvious where the individual would have been relative to you, particularly since the phantom person wasn’t centered in the compass bar.

If you were just looking for someone on whom to vent your frustrations, you’re welcome.

Numerous presumptions aside, I’m not scolding anyone. Simply pointing out that I thought your aggressive comment was unwarranted. If I’ve not piped up on other threads, it’s probably because they were about the game itself and not specifically at a player.

Anyhoo… to bring this back on topic… if you could provide some more info, such as the coordinates where this took place and the approximate time, I’m sure this will save vdragon some time in investigating the issue.

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Uh… hey guys? How’s it going? It’s been a bit since I’ve posted, but I just want to remind everybody to be as patient, thoroughly detailed, and polite as possible. Let’s remember that this thread is for reporting and squashing bugs, and that it is unnecessary to defend the game or various mechanics here. We all have the same goal in mind; to help make the game better. Let’s all get along and treat each other with the respect expected between adults, alright? Awesome. Hope you all had a great weekend!


That clearly is a glitch, if there was not a person there. If you encounter that again, or feel like reposting it with some more information, that would be great! :+1:

Yeah not the best responses by me and I’m not happy with that either. Trust me.

I just feel when people post bug reports and show they did a lot of investigation that we all should support that. If there is some confusion on a post then say, “hey I’m a bit confused… can you explain” versus comments that could be seen as offensive or they did something wrong in their investigation.

I know people didn’t mean harm by their comments and I hope the understood mine weren’t meant like that. I just didn’t need more people beating up on me…