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I’ve added that to our task list, and we’ll get to it at some point.

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That’s a bug / omission / **** up – with the name change to Condition it should have also reversed the number and bar as you describe. The whole point of changing the name was to make it a value that goes down rather than one that goes up. We’ll get that fixed.


Bug in gold hammer description.


Just to check, was there already a beacon plot in that area where the creature spawned?

Did you see it attack any other players before you encountered it? The expected behaviour from a Spitter is that if it cannot get to you, it will stop pursuing you but will still be represented as a red dot on the compass. However, it does look like that it doesn’t go into its attacking behaviour after you walked into its line of sight, so I’ll have a look to see if I can reproduce this situation.

I can’t reproduce the issue in some of the suggested locations. Do you have any other examples of where this is likely to occur a lot of the time?

Also, @brook-monroe are you able to upload the video again?

It depends how some parts are beaconed. Creatures can walk into beaconed areas or that some parts of those areas are not beaconed. As long as creatures are not spawned inside beaconed areas to begin with, then it should be working as expected. Having said that, I can check the excavated beaconed area if you can provide coordinates and a screenshot so I can check that this is the case.

It’s currently a known issue. Incidentally, @OmniUno did this occur after you switched characters?

Are you experiencing framerate issues even when there are no meteorites landing nearby?

Thanks for the bug reports. These have been logged.

You can’t cancel an item that currently in the process of being crafted, if that’s what you meant.

I’m somewhat confused when you said that you lost 13 small fossils because you didn’t choose to bulk craft them. Can you clarify what you mean?

Also, when a crafting machine is broken, crafting is temporarily halted. Did you try repairing it with a spanner?

Good spot! I’ll add it to the bug database.

Welcome to the team of sad owners of macs… Can’t play too here on my iMac with 10.11.6 version… I’m hoping that this new year brings us a new update that solves this situation … it is sad to pay 31$ for a game that you can not play … :frowning:

Iv had the same issue with my 2017 MacBook Pro with the same specs and unfortunately haven’t found anything to resolve it on the forums or elsewhere, the only semblance of a reason was from a Dev who said “the issues seems to be with the graphics card” after having a look at the crash logs.

But Mac’s and this game are pretty much incompatible atm, My wife and I have had some success on our iMac and MacBook air by reducing all graphics to their minimum, turning off V-sync and by playing the game on a smaller window as opposed to Fullscreen, and it does seem the smaller the window the better the performance.

It’s coming from Google Drive on an open-to-the-public link. Here’s another try:

Yes, there are 4 beaconed plots, enclosed by walls at the place that it spawned. My guess would be that the initial placement of a herd of wildstock spawning would be correct (in that it is not in a beaconed area) and that the rest of the herd are spawned in relation to that first one (as I said, I’m guessing here :wink: ), but there are not checks on the rest of the herd.

I was the only player in the area at the times that I replicated this, so I am unsure whether they would attack another player. I’ll try again tonight when I am online. I can reproduce this quite easily, just by staying in my house until the spitter loses interest.

I’ve not been able to reproduce it with the angry potatoes (hoppers) though, so beware :wink:

Nope its all the time. With minimum settings its bad but playable, with max settings its like a slide show.

Possibly. I’m playing all 3 alts daily - with one doing all my crafting (sole user of the furnaces).

EDIT: This might explain why it happens to me a lot more than others since I’m constantly switching to craft and then to another alt to mine.

I’ve discovered a bit of an exploit with regards to meteors…

I’ve been building up my place a lot on Septerfon recently and I get a fair few meteors come down in the surrounding areas.

I use my main character to clear 1-2 meteors at a time (depending on their frequency and how close they are together) and as soon as they are in the “Meteor Completed” stage, I loot, return to sanctum and switch to an alt … I then move my alt over to those meteors, which are still marked as “Meteor Completed”, and then I loot again. Essentially I am now getting double drops. (I don’t have a 3rd alt yet, otherwise I would be doing the same with them as well :stuck_out_tongue:)

This has enabled me to gain 6 full smart stacks of Oort Shards, 150 Tech Components, about 100 medium fossils and a whole bunch of various ores over the last 2-3 days (and that’s only by doing the meteors that fall nearby). Although I would be sad to see this stopped, I feel it might be a little exploitative!


I’ve seen a few “completed” meteors during prospecting as well as ordinary dormant cores. The completed ones that haven’t aged out have rewards in them. I assumed it was something to do with the possibility that it had been tamed by a crowd rather than solo, so as not to stiff those who didn’t break it open first.

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They eventually convert to the dormant state. The completed ones should still absolutely have rewards in them for people to stumble upon… I’ve found a few that way too.

Once looted, however, they should probably be account locked, so all of your alts can’t loot from the same meteor.

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Thanks. It’s a known issue and we have a plan for resolving it.

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If you attempt to save your current location, and hit cancel to the dialog (after entering some text), any subsequent clicks on “save location” do not open the dialog. Restarting the game works around it

Here are some screenshots showing the mobs behind moebius plaza and followed by another screenshot showing they are beaconed (despite how they look :sweat_smile: )

Another one:

Issue: Request basket shows “Not enough coin in request basket” even though “Total value of sales” is only 1089 when “Request basket budget” is 1200.

Has just tested. Sold 10 Rough Stones instead of 11 and it deducted 1100 instead of 1089.

I’ve added your suggestion to the database.

We are looking into this, as you stated that you have similar specs to @wittgensim.

Thanks, the video works, so I can add this to the bug database.

Oh, so there were possibly a group of creatures spawning just outside a beacon? Then it’s working as expected.

I was able to reproduce this, so a fix should be available soon.

Can you post screenshots showing the Latency Graph?

Thanks for the update, I’ll add this to the existing bug report.

Thanks for the report, a bug has been logged.

Thanks for providing the screenshots and information. As the areas are not completely closed off, creatures can still wander into them.

This is due to the tax system in the game. The additional tax being applied when you’re trying to sell 11 Rough Oortstones will result in a total number that will be higher than the Request Basket Budget, which will also explain why the deduction is more than expected when you sold a quantity of 10.

We’re currently updating the GUI design for the Request Basket to address this.

Correct, the main group spawned outside of my beacon in a non-beaconed plot… One of them, however, appeared inside my beaconed plot, which is enclosed within walls (so it couldn’t have just strayed in).

The most annoying bugs for me are without fail - game crashing when i try to chat when in trade, bombs making the game crash when fighting at a meteorite and how fast the dead mobs despawn after the fight is over. If you die, you are SOL some times :frowning: