Release 184 - Report issues here

Thanks for the quick reply! Here’s the log:

The crash is compiling a shader so most likely an issue with the Apple driver for the Intel Iris on that OS version, which appears to be pretty new (Dec 2017) so maybe they will patch it in a future release.

8 0x000000010f3a4099 USC::CompilePixelShaderOpenGL

There are some tasks to optimize for the Macs so we can check further our end to see if there is anything wrong.

Hi Michael, in case it’s useful, I had the exact same issue when running on macOS Sierra, the previous version.

What’s the best way to request a refund? I wouldn’t normally ask, except that I did check the minimum specs before buying a second copy for this laptop.

What’s the best way to request a refund?

Try this: Q: What is the Boundless refund policy?

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Something I forgot to mention is that I see this on the crashing laptop, even though on my working one all regions are available (and I’m currently playing on US West):

Could this have any connection with the shader crash?

Another thought is that the non-dedicated graphics card might be taking its RAM from the system memory, leaving less than 8GB. Are there any hidden settings on the JSON file I might try, to reduce usage? This is what I’m doing at the moment:

"DoFEnabled" : false,
"FXAAEnabled" : false,
"bloomEnabled" : false,
"distortionEnabled" : false,
"drawDistanceSettingsIndex" : 0,
"foliageQuality" : 0,
"godRaysEnabled" : false,
"headBobEnabled" : false,
"lastCharacter" : 30272 ,
"lensFlareEnabled" : false,
"lodSettingsIndex" : 0,
"objectLodIndex" : 0,
"perPixelLightingEnabled" : false,
"reflectionsEnabled" : false,
"resolutionScale" : 0.5,
"sfxVolume" : 0.40000000596046448,
"smoothNormalsEnabled" : false,
"textureBlendsEnabled" : false

Sorry for spamming the thread, but it looks like other people have had this same problem with my setup:

It seems to predate Release 184. What’s the protocol for bugs that probably aren’t part of a release? Should I make a seperate thread?

Getting hassled by the girlfriend to get it working so we can play together!

Re: the server list having only US East, I think you’re on the testing branch on steam (that’s a different set of servers)


As @nevir says, that is the Testing beta which only has a single spawn region.

Switch back to the Live version to join the main universe. (The Testing and Live universes are separate.)

The Testing and Live binaries are currently identical so best to explore the Live version. But it seems like the game current triggers a shader compiler issue, we’ll not be able to explore this until next week when the team is back in the studio.


Thanks guys, I’ll keep an eye on the forums :slight_smile:

Just so you’re aware, furnaces still bug out and stop smelting - repeatedly. It’s quite frustrating to have to babysit them :face_with_monocle:


I’ve had this happen once as well, when making glass. I did change to an alt shortly after starting it off though, and the other alt didn’t have the skill to create glass, so not sure if that had anything to do with it.

It has gotten to the point where my framerate is so bad I have to set all my settings to the lowest as possible just so the game is playable, I’ve even had to turn per-pixel lighting off, I can’t even tell what blocks I’m looking at anymore… but ~20fps is better than 6fps… I used to get over 30 before the meteorite update with full settings.
I’m running a 27" imac from late 2012 on 10.12.6 Sierra,
3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB DDR3 ram,
and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX 1024 MB graphics card.

[edit] Ok wow, even after changing all my settings to the lowest possible, i am still having spikes when my frame rate drops to about 6-10, i’m mining for coal near lava and using the grapple, but it dropped before I even shot the grapple, when i was looking around for a place to shoot it… I could start counting my frames per second manually… it’s still averaging higher with these low settings but it still drops down to a countable level. to me that is definitely not playable :frowning:

i think switching to an alt or just logging out ends your furnace production. it can be a bit frustrating if you need to build say 6,000,420 bricks.

A strange graphics bug I randomly noticed. When the torch is in a certain kind of view (only notice it like this) it shoots narrow flame streaks downwards. It was hard to capture since it’s kinda sporadic and fast. I captured this right as it was about to disappear.

Something I saw under water. Inky plant in its safe space :smiley:


I have to report a couple bugs,

first of all, whenever I walk over a flower, there is a good chance Ill somehow get stuck at that location until I destroy the flower, or the terrain below me; this is especially annoying since wildstock and spitters like to spawn in plains, where flowers like to go.

Second of all, I cant seem to cancel crafting a recipe without breaking the crafting machine, leading in to…

And third…Crafting machines eating Items when the crafting machine is broken, not just one, but every recipe of it’s type; I lost 13 hard-earned small fossils (copper progression) because I forgot I could craft them in bulk

please fix these soon! thank you!


I see that a lot in some places. For example:

Debug Information:
Game version: live 0.15.0 (53939933)
Username: brook-monroe
Worldname: use_c1_home
Player game position: -1,971N -2,157E (Altitude: 92)
Camera position: -2157.24, 93.60, 1970.74
Camera direction: 0.911, -0.412, -0.024
Facing: EAST
Player entity id:151396:
Health: 4118.518555/4118
Air: 100/100
AngleXZ (deg): 88.471
selectedIndex[0]: 0
1 color(0)
selectedIndex[1]: 0
Playing Time: 19:48
Player Trust: trusted
Plots: 280\288
Joined: 10
Client Local UTC: 1514818865.46
Synchronized UTC: 1514818866.86
Client WorldTime: 39202308.36
Server WorldTime: 39202308.36
Smoothed Latency (ms): 48.55
Latency Histogram (Total Session On Current World):
0ms - 50ms : 2644
50ms - 100ms : 1023
100ms - 150ms : 3
150ms - 200ms : 1
200ms - 250ms : 1
250ms - 300ms : 1
300ms - 350ms : 0
350ms - 400ms : 0
400ms - 450ms : 0
450ms - 500ms : 0
500ms - 550ms : 0
550ms - 600ms : 0
600ms + : 0
Total Points Recorded: 3673
Timestamp-Boost (ms): 125.00
Latency (ms): 40.87
Max TLMS: 56.263
Informed Server WorldTime: 39202308.176
Transmission Delay: 0.117
Delta: 0.180
Clock-Offset: 39201483.615
Messages Sent: 5.37/s
Data Sent: 725.48bit/s
Commands Sent: 5.44 cmds/s
Messages Recieved: 15.99/s
Data Recieved: 29.73kbit/s
Commands Recieved: 90.07 cmds/s
Buffered Amount: 0B
Messages Sent: 10928 (13.25/s)
Send Failures: 0 (0.00%)
Acknowledgements: 10927 (13.25/s)
Data Sent: 559.43KiB (5.56kbit/s) max(75.00B)
Packet Loss: 0 (0.00%)
Latency: 41.60ms max(91.44ms)
Chunk Data:
Chunks Received: 0.00 /s
Chunk Bytes Received: 0.00bit /s
Peak: 0.00bit /s
Rate Limit: 30 /s
Chunk Cache:
Entries: 275646
Hits: 15102
Misses: 177
Removals: 42
Memory Used: 1647.81MiB/2048.00MiB
Planet Cache:
Entries: 28
Hits: 6
Misses: 0
Removals: 0
Memory Used: 11.04MiB/50.00MiB
Chunks Meshed: [349, 349, 361, 234, 138]
Chunks To Destroy: [0, 0, 0, 0, 0]=0
Chunks To Mesh: [0, 0, 0, 0, 0]=0
Chunks Loaded: 0 chunks requested
Lod chunks loaded: 603, 657, 630, 448, 278
Physics Chunks Loaded (last second): 1632
Chunking Distances: [8, 16, 32, 48, 64]
Chunk Draw Distance: 64
Position: [-2154, 91, 1970]
Distance: 3.87198
Meta: 0x0
Liquid: 0x0
Color Index: 0 (51)
Local Block Position: [6, 91, 2]
Embedded Block:
Color Index: 0 (51)
Current Chunk:
Position: [-135, 123]
meshMinY: 1
meshMaxY: 92
waterMaxY: 15
Picked Location:
Game Worlds:
Status: Loaded
{player}: okay
FPS: 59
Frame Time: 16.90ms
Update + Render: 12.33ms
Render: 10.82ms
Render GUI: 1.85ms
Update: 1.51ms
Update UI: 0.30ms
Heap Working Set: 1245.836MB
Created Nodes: 2308
Unique Meshes: 943
UI: 0.08ms
New UI: 0.10ms
Weather: blizzard (1.00)
Grapple Speed: 0.000000
Target: 0.000000
Grapple Speed: 0.000000
Target: 0.000000
Focus: true
Lock: false
Threat Level:
brook-monroe: 1.000000

That shows the experience. (Or maybe it doesn’t. Preview looks good, actual view never works.)

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When mining in Vulpos as a lvl 19 near the outside walls of a cave, I hear mobs aggroing on me like mad, even though they can’t see/reach me.

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This probably has to do with the way the devs set up the enemy AI script. There is a periodic invisible sphere that is cast around the enemy that will recognize player positions if they fall into the sphere. Then an invisible ray is cast to each position that was within the sphere. If the ray hits an object with a collider (a block) it will recognize that the player is not in sight. It seems that some mobs do not have this second ray cast or will at least go in to a hostile state with it. This is most likely on purpose and Is ultimately up to the devs how they want the enemies to react.

The intention (obviously) is that it is possible to place single blocks with max attributes. I balanced it to be as fast it can be whilst still being able to place singles, but maybe I’ve over done it a bit. I can bring that back a notch.


I still want to split tool speed from block placement speed (it was an earlier suggestion)…
I want full speed when mining block, but then i place block so fast that it ends up all over the place.