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@dave, any thoughts on this?

Sorry to hear about that. Did you have the option to submit crash dumps when restarting the game?

no, the game froze both times and i had to Ctrl-Alt-Del it :frowning:

Going back to the post when you mentioned chatting during trading, can you confirm if the game completely stopped responding (i.e. the characters were not doing their idle animations when the trading GUI menu was on screen), or that you couldn’t exit the GUI menu after you ended chat?

For the other part when you said you had an issue with bombs, were they being unleashed by creatures near the meteorites?

I have now created a test where I am spawning 100 creatures a second. I have a beacon with a dodgy roof and floor (right on the edge of the beacon) and I still can’t reproduce this creatures spawning inside a beacon bug!

Do you mind giving me your house location (world and position) and the position where the creature spawned so I can test it in your house (with a copy of the world don’t worry!).


i don’t know if it helps but the other day I saw a wild stock fall from the sky in moebius plaza.

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Near the viewing platform? Think I have seen the same.

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It’s on Septerfon, here…

… and the majority of the other wildstock were spawning within the unbeaconed square here…

It was happening before I added the first floor and the roof, so you may need to obliterate the top half of the building before you can reproduce it

does it still happen? I can’t repo it after removing your roof :stuck_out_tongue: (don’t worry its a copy)

Uh-oh… wrong roof! Really sorry, I should have mentioned it was my alt’s house (Garizon) next door - it’s the smaller one building to the left in your image.

I’ve not noticed any appear on the roof when I have been running around

This one?


LOL @dave is that a pile of dead wildstock goats? HAHAHAHA :rofl:

what have you been doing? :wink:


Yep, that one… and… and… the slaughter! Maybe I should build an abattoir on that plot now O.o

It’s strange that you can’t get them to spawn inside the house though. I had it happen twice naturally, when the house was at that stage of being built, where one of the group would spawn right before my eyes in the middle of the room.


Right… I think I figured it out. Are you sitting comfortably?

So another player was near your build and they caused a creature to spawn underneath your build.
They then logged off and the creature was recorded (in case they log back in)
You then started to build your house.
They logged back in causing the creature to respawn.
But the creature would now be underground so it gets pushed up to the surface.
When we do the beacon check I was using the pre-surface position (which is underneath your beacon and so does not fail like it should)

It was the combination of 2 bugs:

  1. I did find a bug which let the creature spawn so close to you. So that hopefully should stop anything spawning while you are in your house.
  2. The beacon check now uses the final position of the entity after it has been pushed to the surface. This was only a problem when we were reloading the entity. Normal entity spawns already do this.

I think I’ll also increase the amount of blocks we search below the entity for plots from 1 to 3 so there is less chance of creatures spawning on a stray block above the beacon.


Hmmm kinda far fetched but I guess someone managed to lure a creature down to this cave underneath your build :confused:

Was there something for them to fall off of?

Maybe a dev accidentally spawned one… :stuck_out_tongue:

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there was a short ledge near by but I’m 82.3% sure it fell from the sky. it took about two thirds of its hp.

heres me again with friendlist issue lolz
when i go to give rights on beacons the list is divided in alphabet order
thats handy but the list is like 3alphabetised rows in a row :smile:instead off one big alphabetized row kinda anoying to fast check a list

also i can tell you that im still adding people each day and its not full
awesome job the list count is perfect now if i ever reach new max i can begin erase inactive friends so thats perfect now

it would be nice to see a number off how many i have (just for fun nothing thats really needed)

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Several times at the today hunt, the mobs info disappeared,

When you go to a [stone] furnace and shift click your fuel, it just disappears instead of adding it into the fuel tab!

Lost a stack like that…

All of a sudden my portals (and other machinery as well, perhaps) went silent.