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Slingbow mastery appears to have no effect, at least for levels 1-3:

  • on a level 3 world
  • Attacking a mighty cuttletrunk
  • w/o any slingbow mastery: 600 dmg (non-crit)
  • same damage with slingbow mastery 1, 2, and 3.
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Can confirm the same, I brought my sligbow mastery from 0 to 4 last night and have seen zero difference in damage output

although range seems to have improved

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Also you’ll lose the materials if you cancel anything in the queue

Can you explain what you mean by “3 alphabetised rows in a row”?

We may have a fix for this in the next update.

We have this listed as a known issue. You can retrieve the item by breaking the Furnace.

Thanks for the report. I’ll make a record of this so that someone can look into it.

What Slingbows were you using?

oh, sorry! Iron slingbow

Silver repeater

instead of it being from a to z its from a to z then from a to Z again

Iron slingbows don’t require any mastery, that’s why there was no difference

That seems pretty misleading of the skill, then - since it says “Increases Slingbow Mastery by ##, making you more effective when using a Slingbow.”

(also, hammer mastery does affect lower tier tools, including iron - for example)

that’s a general statement as iron is the only slingbow that’s not affected by mastery (sorry wood and stone as well)
I do agree that the descriptions for certain things need a bit of work, like a lot of the skills.
When you right click on a tool though, it will show you the stats of the tool and (if applicable) any debuffs from lack of mastery (in purple)

oho, didn’t know about that - that’s helpful!

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no it doesn’t, not anymore. having a tool mastery higher than the tool you’re using -used to- give you a bit of a boost/buff but they removed it.

[edit] no problem! :slight_smile:

Do you have screenshots and / or videos to illustrate the problem?

Just to expand on the comments made by @ctrl-64, once a tool reaches the required Mastery skill, further skills will not improve it any further. So while an Iron Heavy Slingbow requires no Mastery skill (as it’s set to 0), the Silver Swift Repeater Slingbow requires only 1 Mastery skill.

I’ll make a note of this in the database as a reminder that information for Mastery skills could be further improved.


Probably in here somewhere, but I didn’t want to read 300 posts to find out. I’ve noticed that the supply and demand feat doesn’t seem to track. I’ve sold a ton of stuff to request baskets with no results.

Just wanted to make sure it was in here somewhere. I’ve only been back recently and the skills and feats etc weren’t in the game when I left.

if I 'Shift + Left Click more than 2 items into furnace the 3rd item are gone for good

It’s a known issue - you can break the furnace for the items to appear again (seems the furnace has some hidden crafting slots)

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This one is also a known issue.

This New Portal @ Solum -630N -388E Altitude 57 Crashes the game for just about anyone nearby ><

Did you have the option to submit crash logs after loading the game again?

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Yes… and have done so with each crash also it’s fine on the other side O.o

@ Vulto 2853N -1206E Alt 65

Edit: Strange all seems fine now =/