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I fond this on solum it’s half of two different machines. I tried to break them Two times and it crashed the game two times. It’s at -880N 1,751E

That sounds suspiciously similar to my experience with another set of half-gone machines.

When i start my furnace and switch to an alt the furnace stop and i have to restart them. happens every time.

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Looked around and didn’t see this mentioned before:

I go to friends list and see there’s 7 friends online as i scroll though. I filter by Online, and there’s 4. Go back to full friends list and scroll through, there’s 7…

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oh storm i mentioned this before they told me its dificult to show them all they just show online on your curent planet

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Ok, but… they all show up in the main friends list! (so it’s aready showing friends on other worlds)… Just not when I apply the filter.


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The logic at the moment says that any creature that has not had a target for 10 seconds will respawn. This was done in case it has got lost in a cave somewhere far away from the meteorite (which slowed progress because players have to kill most of the creatures in the wave to complete it). I’ll change this time to 60 seconds so any creature you attack will not respawn for 60 seconds.

It also currently wont respawn the creature if a player is <15m away. I changed that now to be if a player/portal/warp is <15m away so nearby creatures won’t respawn while you are dead in the sanctum.


Awesome, thanks dave! I think thats what did it.
Cheers! :smile:

Thanks for confirming. I’ve added this note to the bug database.

I believe we should have a fix for this in the next update. Incidentally, I did go to the locations specified to find that the machines are still there. I can see that there’s not much point trying to break them as I would just end up getting the same situation.

It was previously reported by @Braindrop in this topic. Alas, it’s not a grapple / hammer hybrid, but a text error. This has been rectified, so the description should be correct the next time.

We do plan on making changes so that there will eventually be less holes on the worlds, but I’ve added this to the database for someone to look at.

A few players have mentioned that this has happened when switching characters, so it provides further confirmation of the issue.

I understand that you emailed over game logs as mentioned in another topic. Is that correct?

@Stormsoul, could you post a couple of screenshots (one with the filter and other without) to show this?


found the reply they gave me back here it is
reply from @vdragon : that’s correct, you can only see friends online if they are on the same world. Displaying all friends on different worlds would involve having to retrieve information from each world.

this is puzzling me to as in friendlist its possible so why cant you just delete inactive players on that list?

If I switch characters the forge stops burning materials. If I go offline it seems to keep burning. I don’t like having to restart my forge every time I switch characters.


I reported this, and so has other people apperently.

When i start my furnace and switch to an alt the furnace stop and i have to restart them. happens every time.
A few players have mentioned that this has happened when switching characters, so it provides further confirmation of the issue.


Hey, found a place in aquatopia shopping centre where you can get stuck, see screenshots for details, the first is exactly where i was stuck, the second to show where the shop is (in the centre of the shopping area, next-to Ye Olde Oort Shaard Shoppe)

Posted the shots in a PM to you. Since maybe some people on my friends list would rather it not be known that they have friended me :wink:

the Core feat level counters seem to be a bit off. I was doing some crafting with my 3rd character and saw the level 30 core feat achievement, but checked my level and I was only 25.
Didn’t get any screenshots of the message on screen but took some after:

Level 25 confirmed:

There’s an issue with a request basket. After opening and closing the basket four times, it finally let me add a single stack to sell. I sold it, and the basket is back to not allowing me to add any stone to it. Yes, it’s the right color and the basket is funded. This is in the Rock Shop off of Aquatopia shopping center.


Screenshot 2018-01-16 14.51.34.jpg2944x1091 1.18 MB

Screenshot 2018-01-16 14.51.49.jpg2944x1091 1.24 MB

sorry about the picture of the model… as you can see its PG-13 :P… (nothing is showing) i have two screens and dont want to go through the hassle of switching them :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway to the topic… as you can see from the sanctum the warp is over a lake of lava… it too me 20 bumps to get out of a cave yesterday (from being 10 blocks under ground) and i am going to see how many this takes…

Copied from my post Bump Warp Broken

@Stormsoul has sent some screenshots via PM. Looking at them, there’s definitely something odd going on, so I’ve added the information to the database.

I suspect this may be similar to the issues reported in this topic where players were getting stuck on chiselled blocks. We do have fixes for those, so hopefully it should also fix this issue as well.

Was there any point where you gained so much XP in one go that you ended up skipping a few levels in the process?

Was it occurring with a specific Request Basket or any of the Request Baskets in this location?

The pictures were not copied over correctly, but they are showing in the original post.

What are the coordinates of the location if you are able to obtain them?

approx -1,007N 821E (@Jenndragonfly plot on Nashril)

approx 523N 680E (@Jenndragonfly shop in Aqua down the hatch - Cave system)

Yep actually i was levelling my character by crafting. Got 2 levels at the time i think.
Also related, when you do get huge clumps of xp, the on screen text splashes are happening in the wrong order, like it shows advanced crafting 3 then 2 then 1, also it shows level 25 achieved. Then level 24 then level 23 if you were 22 before the xp…