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Yes in the current worlds there are some duplicate colors with different ids. Its a legacy of the old worlds and how the colors were allocated while the color palettes are still being refined. Future worlds should have not have the issue.


Thanks for the updated coordinates.

Using the given information, they lead to this location, correct?

In the background, there’s the door leading the place that you said where you couldn’t proceed any further due to the trapdoor being closed (or hatch, as you prefer to call it). It probably depends on the permissions set on the beacon and whether other players are allowed to warp into the beaconed area.

Back to the main subject. In terms of bumping the warp, if you select the option with the warp showing this area, it’s not likely to bump you to the surface as it’s quite a large area. You would have better luck if the warp was showing an area that is quite small and is next to a wall or ceiling for example.

As for the lava, there’s a possibility that the warp may still bump you to areas like this. It’s something that does need further refinement.

That’s the LOD kicking in, but yes, it does seems strange that parts of the Refined Metamorphic Rock has changed from grey to red. I’ll get someone to look into it.

Lowered graphics quality and it was fixed

The ‘‘Going The Distance II’’ Feat doesn’t add distance travelled when i am running, only when i am walking.

yes that is the cave that took me 20 bumps (it felt like) to get out of the single level cave… as for permissions i know how they work :slight_smile: the context was - @Jenndragonflyis a freind in game, i warped to her not knowing where she was… she was afk in the shop so could not let me out… then etc :stuck_out_tongue:

My point - it appeares that bumping warps are a bit buggy >>> so you are saying that even though a single level, maybe the cave was a bit too high to register?


The powershot feels abit broken. It’s suposed to charge up when you hold down the mouse. For me It’s more double tap, and very unrealible. Wrong stage and It won’t fire.!Av4uXZ2jqd6tiQoO7405Yup_xGQ
here is a link to my video that i recorded, it is pretty weird bug with a grappling hook. I thing the video covers it all, but let me know if isnt. The Boundless window is smaller because, when i tap the recording button it gets smaller and settings doesnt help it. THE BUG THAT I AM POSTING IS WITH THAT GRAPPLING HOOK NOT WITH THE WINDOW TY

There seems to be a required delay between releasing and holding down the mouse button again. If you delay for longer after releasing, it’s more reliable, but I agree, it can be a bit troublesome, so could do with a look. It’s also one of the reasons I duel wield, as I can switch buttons in between shots and negate the delay issue.

After looking into it, I can confirm this is working as designed. The game reduces detail the further away you are. In this case, it looks like some blocks were removed from view and shows the Decorative Metamorphic Rock as shown in the screenshot.

Thanks for the report, a bug has been logged.

For the Bump Warp option, the primary function is to move the warp to a safe location rather than trying to move characters out of a cave. In your situation, the game will just simply move the warp to a slightly different location not far from where the warp originally was, as it is a large area (with the exception that if your character is in a tight space, the warp can be bumped to a location further away). As you said that you’ve bumped it about 20 times, the game may have decided to bump the warp far away from this position, which could possibly have positioned the warp above lava in your case. Of course, a further bump should move the warp to a safe location as you might expect.

Powershot? Just to clarify, you meant one of the charger slingbows with the Slingbow Rapid Fire skill turned on?

Your link required signing in with an Outlook email address (which I do have), but there’s no video. Just a message saying that the item might have been deleted, expired or that there’s no permission to view it.

I’m using a ruby slingshot. and I have Charge attack. tooltip says to hold mouse button to charge it. but its more like klick two times. I found it to be better not learning that skill.

I have consistently had issues with my furnaces and crafting tables glitching:

  • Currently one of my titanium furnaces is stuck on cooked starberries. It’s been like that for a few days and I haven’t figured out a way to bump it out.
  • I have an iron furnace that will sometimes say it’s on, but not do anything. Even if I come back like an hour later. I saw this on the titanium furnace before it got stuck. Occasionally it will consume resources for one production when this happens but never give me the item produced.
  • The crafting table will do something similar. I’ve had it consistently just not start making something in the queue, or if I come back like 45 mins later it’s stuck at 0 seconds remaining on the build and won’t give me the item. Build should take about 2.5 mins. Mostly for stone tools.
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Not sure if this is a bug or WAI:

Planting a grass seed on a block grants no (0) xp.!Av4uXZ2jqd6tjD0B7vfq-76VpvZQ
try this one

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This has been like this for weeks now. It doesn’t regenerate. I even digged a hole in there when I needed peaty soil, that too has been there for weeks now lmao

i have set a waypoint about 20 times now and walked to it… and the quest is not completing…

Also can’t remove freinds-list (even when not in sanctum)

Waypoint - this cleared after about 30 sec of reaching my last destination… some kind of lag it seems? (19 times did not complete it - 20th did)
Screenshot concerning firend list -

Fixed upon reload

The waypoint one is very unclear, its not reaching the destination of the waypoint, its meters walked with that waypoint set.

Or at least this is how it was for me when I started.

yes thats how i remembered it from last time also… Though it changed because they lost the walk 100 xxx text… they should re add that imo

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So I have this inventory problem… and tried to test it and its repeatable. I lost about 2.5 stacks of gems this way.

Came in fresh from the portal near my new tower build. Ran upstairs put my stack/s away. Drag stack to shelf. Stack disappears from my inventory momentarily reappear in my inventory. Repeat process same thing happens. Relog. I appear in another location between the portal and my tower. My stack of gems disappear. Not found in inventory or shelves.

2nd time test. Repeat same procedure. This time stack appear to be on the shelf. Relog. Came back in the same place. Stack disappears, not in inventory or shelves.

As @Stretchious said in reply, if you delay holding the mouse button down a bit, it will work, so double-tapping will not make a difference. From looking at the behaviour, it could be further improved, so I’ll add a note to the database for someone to look at.

We do have a listed known issue about machines that sometimes stop crafting after finishing the countdown.

Also, did you by any chance create additional characters and swapped between them when checking up on machines?

It’s working as intended.

Thanks, the video works. From the video, your character looks like it was launching suddenly into the air after releasing the grapple tool (or did you initiate the release from the grapple tool yourself?). I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue, but I’ve added your comments to the bug database to ensure that this issue is being tracked.

It looks different for me:

When areas are not regenerated, this is usually because players are present, which would delay regeneration.

What location was the waypoint set to? Was it at your home location or a different location?


What’s the issue you’re having in the screenshot?

How many times did it happen exactly if you are able to remember? Was your connection to the game okay?

If it happens, could you open the Latency Graph and show the results?

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I don’t have any additional characters, just the one.

Is the same issue the one that caused my furnace to get stuck on cooked starberries for two days?