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I have an copper ore stack with 255 items in it. 99 is max right?
It probably came from looting an expired build. If it at some point in time was possible to have that many items in one stack, then I guess it could be an old problem.

It is currently sitting in storage. See screenshot for coordinates.


Unsure how to reproduce this one:

I was “killed” by a spitter (the durability loss tooltip showed up, and camera briefly jumped to death mode, health looked empty), but after a couple frames I was back alive and able to heal back up. Didn’t get sent to the sanctum.

Misprediction, maybe? Seemed weird though


@nevir did this happen directly after exiting a portal or warp? In other words: did you have interstellar stasis?


I think this is an issue of miss-miss-prediction and server authority as @willcrutchley suggests.

I’ve seen this when returning to a battle from the sanctum with low health.


I’ve definitely noticed that, if you die whilst still under the effect of Interstellar Stasis, that you are resurrected once you lose the effect.


Nope - I had been on the planet for a few minutes before that. There was a portal to a different server very close to me though (same or neighboring chunk, IIRC)


Hmm, that shouldn’t matter… Very strange! More mis-prediction by the looks of it then :joy:


If you can share an estimated time and world we might be able to see something in the server logs…


I think it was somewhere around 6-7am UTC; I forget the world I was on, unfortunately (super icy, steep terrain). There was a string of deaths prior to the mispredicted one, and I completed a meteor a few minutes after it


I crash when I try to enter my home. There’s a portal to my place near Therka Market Moebius Plaza behind the closed big portal. It’s inside the Glasfyre Inn. Crash dumps have been automatically uploaded to you.


@MoebiusXtreme, going back to those screenshots showing the Latency Graph, was this occurring on PC or Max?

Can you provide a few example screenshots and coordinates of the location where this is happening?

Thanks for the example. I can see it can be a somewhat annoying issue, so I’ve logged a bug.

Thanks for the screenshot, a bug has been logged.

Thanks for this. Could you also supply the coordinates as reference too?


For ages the client has sometimes required me to hit multiple hot keys to get some to respond.

For example - for #1 I have torch in left hand and hammer in right hand. If I’m on my weapon setup, which is #8 with slingbow in left and grapple in right, and then I hit #1 to switch to hammer and torch… nothings happens. I have to hit #2 which is shovel in right and torch in left… and then hit 1, which will then respond. This problem is long-standing.

With the newest patch I am also seeing hot keys being forgotten. I will put a spanner on #3, use it once or twice, then two minutes later I’ll hit #3 and there is only my torch in my left hand… the spanner is gone, still in my inventory, but not assigned to the hot key #3 I had assigned it to moments before.

This happens with almost all right handed items… from slingbows, to spanners, to hammers. Not sure I’ve ever seen it happen left hand. Don’t recall though.


All of a sudden I have been crashing in the Sanctum. I have provided the log, but it doesn’t seem to shed much light on the issue (it probably will for the devs :joy: ). Any help would be great :smile: @james @vdragon

Edit: my laptop was out of sync with the windows time server, and so was 5 mins ahead. Have fixed that, but didn’t fix my issue. I am restarting and will see it that helps
Edit 2: Argghhh windows update!!
Edit 3: Fixed! - I fixed this by forcing timestampBoost to be 0.5 in config.json. No idea why it messed up, as I never changed that value before, in fact I have no idea what it is!
Edit 4: NOPE! Just crashed again after leaving Sanctum… spoke too soon!
Edit 5: Even weirder: Can connect and play fine on the staging servers, but not live… :thinking::astonished:

Here’s the latest minidump, having just reinstalled the game.


Try validating your game files in steam. Knowing you, you’ve probably been hacking about in there somewhere :wink:


Done that :joy: @Stretchious


Randomly whenI die, I spontaneously come back to life after being shown the “You have been defeated” for less than a second, I can do everything as if i never died in the first place.

1849N, 1789E, Munteen VII < – latest occurance


not sure if its a bug or not implanted in game yet but cant place grass on Bevel Chisel blocks


its it your pc that shuts down or just boundless?


I believe I have had a similar issue where I spontaneously ‘lose’ the items equipped to my hotbars.

The items are still in my inventory, but they are missing from my bars. It seems to happen most often with smart stacks of tools, but that may also be biased by me so often equipping and re-equipping my tools to my bars. Iron Shovel and Iron Axe have been the biggest offender. Iron Hammer does not seem to be affected so often.


That is a known bug. Many of us hope they fix it soon…