Release 184 - Report issues here


Can you be more explicit about how this is failing?

  1. Exactly when does it happen?
  2. Before or After the Warp opens? What information do you see on the Warp entity?
  3. Do you ever see the world through the Warp?

Given your penchant for tinkering with Boundless’ internals I think the first step would be to make sure you’ve cleaned everything away and reinstalling. This would include any temporary files that get created that could have become unexpectedly corrupted:

Program Files (x86) / Steam / userdata / ID / 324510 / local / *
Program Files (x86) / Steam / steamapps / common / Boundless / *
Users / YOU / AppData / Local / Boundless / *
Users / YOU / AppData / Local / Turbulenz / *


I’ll try clearing everything again and report back.

  1. I have seen the crazy happen just before the warp opens, and after entering the server
  2. The warp entity is seemingly normal
  3. I am occasionally able to enter the warp for a short time before a crash

Edit: Thanks @james, clearly I messed something up, and clearing the temporary files did the trick! This will be good to know for next time this happens to be :stuck_out_tongue:


You flew too close to the sun!!


I’m getting misspredicted and corrected A LOT lately.
Blocks that i’ve placed disapper again. I get pushed around while standing still.
I’m standing safe, nope I’m falling. I’m dead, I live again.
I jumped down, wait no, I’m up.

It’s not making the game unplayable, but is irritating at least.


Same here the last few days.


Same here, And had quite a few more crashes in various places (though usually in built up areas). I think crash logs have been sent through he game.


Presumably you’re talking about the number keys that will select the items held in your hands. Can you show a screenshot of the items in your radial displays for reference and to show which items are in which radial slots?

In addition, what settings are you using for Item Selection Radial Switching and Primary Hand options?

What did you mean by bars?

Did you character die in any particular way when this occurs?

What are the coordinates of this particular location?

Can you check if there’s anything unusual in the game logs?


Vulpto -656N -1.188E


When i use a repeater weapon it continue to hit the dead mobs body. To get loot i have to release fire button and shoot again.



a scuttletrunk killme with its laser or charge


You’ve shown a screenshot with the coordinates, but for some reason, the place I went to was very different…

I can’t reproduce this. Is this occurring with any particular Slingbow? Furthermore, what Combat Mastery skills do you have?

I’ve not been able to reproduce this one either. How many times has it happen to you?


your screenshot shows -1E and not -1188


I just noticed that there are oort shards where my Iron hammer used to be in my hotswap wheel.
This could be a clue as to what is causing this strange behaviour of items in the hotswap being replaced with random (or maybe not so random?) items in the inventory.
The last few things I remember doing:

  1. I was at my base in munteen, grabbing shards to fuel my portals, I brought almost 2 full smart stacks.
    I’m 99% sure my iron hammers were in the top left scroll wheel slot at this point.

  2. travelled through a portal to munteen paradise then to the meat locker.

  3. At the meat locker I stood in front of my Portal to vulpto and fuelled it
    (took the full stack and swapped it with what was there (about 320) so I was left with a smart stack of ~320 and a smart stack of ~750)

  4. walked through the vulpto portal I just fuelled and stood in front of the portal to the fire caverns

  5. Removed the non-99 stack from the ~750 smart stack and added it to the ~320 smart stack.

  6. Moved 2 99-stacks from the ~320(~370 now) stack to make it a full smart stack.

  7. Fuelled the 2nd portal from vulpto to munteen fire caverns by taking the now full smart stack and swapping it with what was left in the portal (~410)

  8. Took the ~410 smart stack and added it to the other remaining smart stack to make a smart stack of 568 which is now in the top left scroll wheel slot.

I don’t think I went through any portals before noticing that my hammer had been replaced. It could have happened at any point during this process… it is still in my inventory but is only being replaced in the hotswap scroll wheel slot.
Hopefully this helps.


I dont undertand why your East says only -1 when mine was over -1000


Error 20 text overlaps:


I verified/repaired my game files through steam and had no problems since then.
I will keep an eye on it.


Silver repeater.
2 mastery + rapid shot.

It is not all time, but i see it from time to time.
Maybe it have to do with this other post:


I’ve known this behavior ever since i skilled rapid shot for the first time and that pre-dates patch 184 where my missprediction troubles started.

My wild guess would be that it needs a separate action to loot a monster. And rapid shot counts as one action even though it consists of multiple shots.


I’m trying to play over a really dodgy connection presently and the game is constantly freezing on me (as in stops to respond completely). It looks like something with the networking code leads to infinite loops. Unfortunately the game does not detect it as crashes and as such there are no error reports.

Additional details:

  • Happens when randomly running around - not connected to interacting with machines
  • Except for the random freezes the game is playable even with the jigsaw latency (as long as it bounces around below 600ms). Impressive!
  • image
    This spike caused the UI to freeze for a second or two but did not crash the game.
  • One time the game just disappeared without any error (stack overflow?)

Screenshot from the last few freezes: