Release 188 - Report issues here

Not a big deal, however;
While waiting for the servers to come online I decided to add another character. After naming the character you can choose which region you want to start on. But since all of the planet servers were down for the update I obviously could not get past this step.

The thing is that you cant do anything when stuck here. So I could not switch characters or do anything else. All I could do was alt + F4, and when I started the game again I was still stuck there. As soon as a server came online I could pick that and proceed as normal.

So, I think it would be good to be able to switch character in this scenario. Why? Because then I can check how I have allocated my skillpoints on those other characters for example. It seems a bit strange to be stuck like that. No biggie, but I think this could be improved.

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Found a sound bug regarding hunger: If your one character is hungry and you switch characters to one that is not the “hunger sound” still continues…

Few things that I have noticed

  • Building with maxed Dexterity and Attributes Bonuses builds two blocks even with fast click
  • Common Engine Recipes and Advanced Engine Recipes skills are still missing descriptions (CHARACTER > SKILLS > ITEM CRAFTING)
  • Advanced Item Recipes (CHARACTER > SKILLS > ITEM CRAFTING) description has information able to create healing brews

Modulair signs dissapear when breaking. no difference in with or without text. 1 or 2 put together

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The engines are in the game, and those skills are needed to craft them. The expert recipe skills are not in the game yet and will do nothing if you buy them.

I’ll update the text to reflect that.

Apologies for the confusion, and thanks for letting us know.


Had the exact same issue. Stomach Grumbling all the Time till i relogged.

Edit: Bug is Reproducable.

In furnace nothing happens after pressing start. When I swing my spanner at the furnace it crafts one glass and goes back to 255 hours till the next one.

Pulling the components out and using another furnace has the same result. Relogging also makes me craft one glass after going back to 255 hours.
Pressing stop and start only makes me lose coal and components for crafting the glass with no effect on the timer glitch

Coils seem to be the only new item still missing a tooltip. (Haven’t checked for brews/food).

Shop Stands display incorrect block colors but Buy Baskets function normally:

Clay appears green in Shop Stands, even when it is not.

All new weather effects occur inside of completed structures and also underground.

Please re-add the old glass texture at some point as a different block type. My build looked much nicer with it. Use current glass and then add wood in a workbench or something?

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Gleam also appears green in shop stands (default colour)

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Yeah, looks like it’s a bit cut off at the bottom, although you should still be able to add items there. I’ll add this to the database.

We’re going to look into this issue to find out what’s going on. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Oh, it’s understandable, even if you are just restricted to running around the sanctum. I’ll add a note to the database for someone to look at.

Thanks for the reports, I’ll add this to the bug database.

We’ll take a look at it, as this also affects the swinging speed of the tool as well.

We haven’t updated those yet.

What do you mean by this?

Does the same thing happen with the other sign types?

I think we may have a fix for the large crafting time.

Presumably that’s after you’ve finishing crafting them, or just after equipping them?

How are they set up? Are some of them selling more than one type of coloured blocks?

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Infinite repairs and it counts towards the feats.

Knowledge database and inside crafting machines. As soon as I’ve finished my first batch I’ll check while in inventory as well.

Just as it shows in the picture, they are all completely separated by block type and color. One stand per. Nothing else. Same for the clay and the gleam. Only one type/color will default to green for both.

Edit: Pictures

1 Clay Soil (Not Green):

Same Shop Stand with the 1 Clay Soil:

Not getting my feats

this last feat is broken btw i’ve sold plenty of coal

-you can use 19 red and 17 cream and it’ll make 36 red.
Another issue with gleam. I transformed 36 yellow to refine it and it came our cream. Same with blue.

These top are both red…

Now its blue. This is an issue cause sometimes it comes out cream sometimes it comes out right.

Strange contributors numbers, and ranking.

And it say over 127 thousand beacon and 4 million plots… Did not noticed the market grow over the universe…

Ranking 0.

Either no medium coal on nash or its broken

Check a Refinery. Very bottom of the list.


Also, when you do eat and fill your health back up the sound still persists and you have to reboot the game to make it stop.

Old/misleading information on description as all brews are now in Common/Advanced/Expert Brew Recipes.

Some blocks I’m guessing in someone’s shelf are messed up (back left in picture).