Release 188 - Report issues here

I am also missing 5 spark cores I made last night. They would have finished well before the servers went offline, but I don’t have them in any of my available storage.

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The extremely low drop rate on fibrous leaf seems broken to me. Even with full luck attribute the drop rate is insanely low from foilage and yukka plant (sp). Either please increase drop rates on foilage, allow it to drop from other plants (so people who want to play in the snow biome but are stuck with snowdrops aren’t screwed), or reduce the number needed to make sackcloth (essential component in all tool making).

whenever you put away the plotter, the lines still appear

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You can press B to toggle the lines, but you’re right, they shouldn’t stay after using the plotter


Yeah, i see here a problem too, the current “Leave System” has great Logic and Grinding flaws (There is a Thread about it already xD R188 - Where to find fibrous leaves? ).

About the Stomach Grumbling Sound Bug, i can also produce it wheni ignore the naturally occuring Grumbling for too long. Even if i overeat, it doesn’t stop till relogg and even worse it seems to “Stack”, so after about half an hour of grumbling i get almost constant noises

I know, it’s my thread. But I wanted to bring extra attention to it in a dev-sponsored thread so they’re aware.

They came out one red one cream I just lost 36 blue rip

I have also had the double block placing problem and have max dex etc.


I crash everytime I try to fuel my portals. Please Fix Fast.

Same! :slight_smile:

well, i need more prestige for a settlement, 760k are not enough.? :thinking:

They stay deliberately to help new players better understand their new campfire. Holding the campfire switches you into Beacon View mode.

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If I put an item into an atlas
and then grab a different item from a smart stack and drop it onto the atlas
it will put the second item in the atlas and swap places with the first item that was in the atlas leaving the wrong item in a smart stack

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When I try to look at beacon data, I get this error.

I feel this could be exploited to stack together items that can’t be normally.

Not all of my engines seem to be working. I have 25 hooked up.

I think 24 is max. I believe @Jiivita mentioned that in one of his videos.

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The the advanced power coils for the mixer keep losing their connection (visibly), but still work. These are all hooked up correctly and the machine reads the correct power output. The lines are just not visible though. I have knocked them all down and replaced and the lines appear, but over time they vanish:

yup 24 is the max <3

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Edit: nevermind @ctrl-64 already posted this ^^

When dropping a resource on the Atlas from a smart stack… The resource that is already in the Atlas swaps into the smart stack allowing for unusual smart stack compositions.

Drop a shimmering orb from a “orb smart stack” onto an Atlas that already contains copper… The shimmering orb goes into the Atlas and the copper goes into the “orb smart stack”