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the ultimate work around lack of inventory space :joy:


Furnaces Malfunction, giving wrong times which halts production.

Not sure if intended or already reported but the “Time To Collect Resources” Objective decreases the resource gathered upon usage of the said resource before finishing the objective (or getting crossed out).


In the image above, I’ve already gathered 10+ trunks but I decided to craft some of them. I find it weird because we have a “Trunks in your inventory 0/10” on the previous objectives and it is understandable if it happened here.

I think we got an excess “L” here. Hehe


I lost 10 sapphire slings. I had them crafted in a workbench and wanted to re-direct a bunch of engines to another machine next to it. So, I broke one block of that workbench and let the slingbows fall out. My inventory was nearly full and I only picked up a single slingbow. The smart stack of 9 magically disappeared.
The workbench is sitting against the wall and there is a floor below as well, so I looked outside the wall and on the lower floor to see if the stack was pushed in an unexpected direction because of tight space around the machine. To no avail.

I am aiming at the very workbench on the top screenshot and the other one shows coords.

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I’m with you there, I was crafting a ton of stuff before the update in preparation…
I had at least 5 or 6 machines going and i havent touched them since the update except to look inside and see what was left to craft but there wasn’t much in the outputs yet I know I crafted much more. :S

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That hurts a lot. :open_mouth:

In my case though, I actually saw all items in output - was just too lazy to drag it from there to my backpack, so I decided to break the machine and let it fall out lol. Of course no guarantee it wouldn’t vanish if I used mouse-drag option.

I also started two mass crafting of healing brew the night before the update and they were not in the machine when I got back.

Shop Stands…

Do not show the proper images for crafting machines. When hovering over it just shows as “Machine” instead of a type. Yes…there is only one type of machine per shop stand. No, there is nothing else.

Edit: Same for Storage Units.

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What feats in particular?

If the Shops are selling more than one item, then it should cycle through the items. However, in the screenshots here, it looks like the tints are clearly broken. I believe we have a fix for this.

It’s not listed in the current release notes, but it is a known issue.

I believe the eventual plan would be for the glass blocks to go through more revisions.

Thanks for the screenshots, bugs have been logged. Incidentally, do you remember if you received the corresponding Coin and XP for both?

It’s not listed on the current release notes, but it’s a known issue.

We should have an incoming fix for this. It’s a tinting issue.

Similar issues have been reported near the beginning of this forum topic. We do have a fix for this incoming.

I understand that @james was talking to you about this issue?

It does sound like it’s playing very frequently. We’ll look at varying it so that it doesn’t play as well.

Thanks for clarifying. I’ve added this to the database.

I suspect that it might be the Natural Crystal problem again. It will be removed at some point.

We are looking into the issue.

Whereabouts are you looking? You won’t be able to find them in ice/snow areas for example.

We have a fix for this.

EDIT: The fix is actually for a different smart stack issue done via a different method, but we’re still looking to fix the smart stack issue with the atlas.

It may be related to the prestige issues reported earlier in this topic. Check this again once we push a hotfix out.

How many Advanced Mixer Power Coils do you have altogether?

You have the same issue as @Cezzzy. We’re taking a look at this issue.

I think it’s probably intended, but I’ll check with @luke-turbulenz. Certainly the wording could be a little clearer when looking at it.

There is a known issue where breaking machines will destroy items that were in the process of being crafted, but if the items had already finished crafting before the machine was broken, then that’s another bug. Can you confirm this?

What type of machines do you have in the screenshot?

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Additionally, whereabouts were the signs located and what did you use to break them?

All of the Machines. 1 Shop Stand for each type. Workbench, Compacter, Refinery, ect. All of them.

Edit: The textures for the wooden Crafting Table and Workbench are also not correct for the type of wood that was used. It is just defaulting to a single texture.

yes, they were all ready to pick up - no crafting going on, so that might be issue with items trying to find some free room to drop?

Did not receive.

I have talked to james and it was because i was using an incomplete atlas. I have since used a full atlas bought from simoyd and the same thing happened.

I have 25 advanced mixer coils. 11 on one machine and 7 on two different machines. I have 25 advanced compactor, workbench and extractor, as well, but they have no issues. I can give you coords of my workspace if you need them.

This issue had been around for a while. If I shift click stuff into a furnace, it just disappears if it can’t stack. I think it is still in the furnace just not visible. I can repeat this every time.

If you destroy the machine, your materials will pop out. But this is still an annoying issue. I’ve personally only had this happen with furnaces.

Ok, good to know

Even the fibrous plants don’t drop fibrous leaves. Only yukka (sp) plants and very very rarely foilage. You need 5 fibrous leaves to make a copper/iron weapon/tool. But the leaves are WAY too rare as it is right now to reliably even make early game weapons and tools. It’s far easier to get the rare beans on a level 2 world than it is to get common fibrous leaves.

I get that things should be restricted by biome or whatnot but the lack of these leaves is a major roadblock in early game progression. People playing now have mostly stockpiled weapons and tools but I have not so it’s a massive detriment to playing.

I put the leaf into an atlas and there are loads on the world.

They are hard to spot in tall grass though


My brother and I were Farming for Phytologist on different Planets, he was on Vulpto and I on Alturnik or Nashtaril (The one without Lava). I mashed about 200 Fibreous Plants and got no Leaves from theml, Same on Septerfon and Therka for me.
We farmed about 8 hours in Total and got maybe 180 Leaves pP from that. But they only dropped from Yuccas and Foilage with a very Low Rate.

Were we just on the wrong Planets the whole time? Have we found the “Farm Gems from Cuttletrunks” Equivalent for Leaves? xD

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