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each of those dots is a plant? And without the luck attribute you’d need to visit 5 dots to get the required leaves to make 1 basic non-stone tool or weapon. That’s a ton of travel time for something that should be really simple.

If you guys think it’s fine, fine. But it really feels to me like it needs to drop from more sources, have a higher drop rate for the sources it does drop from, or require less actual leaves in the making of sackcloth. Especially if it’s “common”


Depends, some of them are in clumps and some are on their own.

It’s only Yucca plants or foliage that drop fibrous leaves, yes. Grab an atlas, add a fibrous leaf to it, and you’ll see where the plants are that drop them.

I don’t know what it is, but there’s a constant, weird, super-annoying groaning noise that started since 188. Anybody know what it is? No mobs nearby. It seems to vary from about every 5 seconds to every 10 seconds.

It’s the hunger effect. It is currently playing too frequently but it will be resolved in a future update.

Unless it’s a bug, it can’t be that - energy bar is at max and I have the “full” buff icon.

Yep, it is a bug. The only way to get rid of it at the moment is to relaunch the game.

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Aha, gotcha. Thanks!

Okay, even if i find a field containing of 200 Yucca Plants, im only able to craft 50 Sackcloth, thats just enough for 50 Sugar/Oats/Rice whatever… To Craft The Most Recipes you need mostly 2 “Sacked” items, that means if i wanted to craft 50 Cakes i have to find such a field… twice. If i then need to Recraft Tools after my Gathering Session, i have to Spend the Whole 50 on new Tools and Weapons… So i have to go find this field a 3rd Time. Now i want to get Bombs for a Hunt, that means 50 Cloth for the Ingredients and a few for the Bombs.

The Leave Situation is absolutely insane, i don’t want to run arround gather Leaves the one day, to be able to Mine/ Hunt the next day.

Edit: And like i said in another Thread, it just feels like Someone Spits in my Face if i run arround all the Time Grinding an Item, i just need To hold another item for a few seconds, it just makes no sense… Except The Oortians Like to eat them while Cooking…


The 1 in 5 comment seems unusual. I am getting the drop about half the time with no skills.

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My settlement hasn’t refreshed for over 20k prestige…it keeps saying load failed on: warden, planetary rank, plots, beacons…and no contributors are listed…beacon info is right…but the settlement details are not updated.

i used in all times totems, but @virresss did it with the hammer and its the same

Glue got a new Icon/Model with 188, but still makes the inventory sound of a glass vial when picked up.


I’ve noticed a few odd problems (I’m sure some of them have already been mentioned, but I’ll list them all anyway.)

  1. Beacon Prestige is multiplying by some mysterious number, throwing settlement and planetary prestige way out of whack.
  2. Engine recipes are marked “Not in game yet” in their skill tree description.
  3. When applying a resource “augment” to the atlas, it uses the entire stack of resources applied to it instead of just one (then releases the stack when required.)
  4. Removing an augment from an atlas by applying an item inside a smart stack will force-stack incorrect items inside player inventory (does not work when trying to apply from inside shelving.)
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As of today: I’m out mining (on Andoweem) and I’ve been getting exactly the drops I would have expected before the luck changes.

My character has all the Luck attribute and full Attribute Bonus. I haven’t gotten more than 2 out of a single medium coal node (I’ve mined over 100) and at least 100 hard coal and diamonds. No more than a single drop out of those.

Also note: i was mining yesterday on Vulpto and getting ~3 drops per from rubies.

Edit Mining on vulpto, getting two drops from high level nodes (fossil, hard coal, ruby). Not sure if these rates are intentional or not, but the luck was not completely reverted.

I understand that the settlement algorithm is being changed so that settlements connected by roads don’t accumulate other settlements, but it seems that “road” beacons, even those that mostly encapsulate just the settlement, are not counted towards the settlement’s prestige, nor as part of the settlement.

My road beacon, K’Vek Lake Community, basically encompasses all the housing plots, is associated with a small building itself, and has an arm that had started to reach towards Novellum in the hopes of directing visitors to other nearby settlements. I’d like to think that the majority of its prestige is in town since the arm that reaches towards Novellum is nothing more than empty plots while I waited to gather mats to build the rest of it. However, it is being treated as non-existent and while it has 18k prestige, it notes in its settlement details that it needs more prestige (10,000) to form a settlement.

Given the above, I’d like to see the following changes:

  1. Fix the statement regarding “road” beacons not having enough prestige, even though they do.
  2. Give some indication, or even be allowed to designate, whether a beacon counts as a “road” beacon or not. Can the community be trusted to self-police itself when making paths/roads?
  3. Allow “road” beacons to count as being part of a settlement if the majority of their generated prestige is with the general area (extents?) of a determined settlement.
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Maybe this has already been mentioned back when signs were added: It’s impossible to edit the “Additional Text” in a sign if you’ve got sentences that wrap inside the text edit box.

  1. Cursor movement is odd when pressing up or down. If I press up, it appears not to jump up a line in the box, but into the middle of a word two lines up (86 characters back).
  2. It really needs a scroll bar and to work with the scroll wheel.
  3. It needs to be able to support standard edit functions (highlighting, copy, cut, paste).
  4. Delete key is currently nonfunctional.
  5. Should be able to hit Escape to cancel editing the text. However, hitting Escape at just the right time (or spamming the button) will close the entire sign interaction, but the edit box is still somewhat resident - you can then go to a different sign, interact with it and the text edit box will still be open with the other sign’s contents.

Chat also needs edit functions.

I would like to second on the Fibrous Leaf concern. I’m currently starting a new character which will be a soloist crafter of some sort and this fibrous leaf is a pain as I make my way to copper tools. Add to it that my landing site is on an Ice Biome!

Ice biome is really noob unfriendly and I think we could add some sort of warning when choosing a landing site. I think I’ve discovered 3 regions and only found about 5 fibrous leaves. The slippery floor + spitter and sparse wood also makes it quite hard. I guess same warning goes to desert.


I agree - fibrous leaves are difficult to get for a starting character on home world - gets better later when you visit other worlds.

Bark is even worse than fibrous leaf although its a later stage of progression problem… You need quite a lot to make leather to make high tier tools and only tree trunks on ring worlds drop them. Drop rate is very low (every fifth block or worse) even with maxed Luck so its really a slow process to get them.


I’ve had two instances where every item in a shop stand’s inventory was gone and I had no takings.