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Hmm if that’s the case, it MIGHT be because I’m just rushing to achieve copper tools on my level (I’m just level 7 I think hehe). Add to it that I’m currently stuck at ice biome so I don’t have any knowledge of how it feels on lustrous areas.

Regardless, I feel like we still need some tweaking on this area. More abundant supply of fibrous leaf, reusable sackcloth but diminishing durability, lesser fibrous leaf requirement, etc.

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EDIT: I’m sorry my mistake - there was no bug and risotto lost.

I feel same that bark and fibrous leaves are quite hard to collect and meet current recipe requirements.
On 186 leaves did drop like 1-3 from fibrous plants and ink plants. Now those inky plants and fibrous plants give just great amount of other item. I also feel that sap would drop worse than before. But I have just used iron axes so I don’t know does higher level axes make yield better.

Tier of tools doesn’t affect drop rate - it’s only Luck attribute and world’s tier affecting it.


Okay, I have 100% drop rate so some sort of tweaking might be needed.
What I realized after posting is that before 36 leaves did produce 200 extract (at least some of extract did convert on update to sackcloth) and now it is required to have 180 leaves for 50 sackcloth pieces. So recipes are turned opposite but drop rate is not matching that well that change, maybe intended but feels little bit overwhelming as how much it is needed in the game (tools, food, cotton).
About bark and how much it is needed for recipes I feel same like with leaves.

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Yeah, that 144 bark for 50 leather feels steep. With the drop rate I have noticed its some 800-900 trunks to cut before you get enough bark. It’s a lot even for advanced player with a gem axe.

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Some recipes for the furnace seem to need three ingredients, some of the advanced stews…

Thats weird @Dunedragon :wink:

It looks like the Natural Crystal block issue again. All traces of those will be removed at some point.

Looking at the screenshot, was it possible that you interacted with the portal very quickly after leaving the sanctum? Or did you interact with it just after emerging from another portal / warp?

We’re still investigating this issue.

I’ve looked into this and can tell you that the type of text shown depends on whether you are the owner or a potential buyer. A potential buyer will see individual item names, whereas the owner will only see the item categories. I can certainly pass your feedback onto the designers. For now, can you confirm that you are the owner of these Shop Stands?

Do you mean you expect the colour to match the Crafting Table and Workbench, or that they should look like they were made from Ancient / Lustrous / Twisted Wood Timber? As they haven’t changed much since they were introduced into the game.

Were those items stuck in the queue due to the Crafted Items section being full?

Did it only occur with Medium Coal or with other items too?

Oh, you have 25 Coils. As @Swede and @Jiivita have mentioned, 24 is the max.

Could you submit a screenshot?

We submitted a hotfix for this. Can you check if it’s working okay for you?

You’re right. I’ll add this to the bug database.

Did you check this before or after the hotfix? If it’s still happening, please submit a screenshot.

I believe these have now been renamed Common Power Coil Recipes and Advanced Power Coil Recipes.

Any particular resource “augments”?

It’s been reported earlier in this forum topic, but we should have a fix for this.

That looks like a bug if you’re still seeing the message even after getting over 10,000 Prestige. I’ll add it to the database.

Some of these are known issues (although they’re not listed in the current release notes).

Was this before or after the large update from earlier in the week?

Yep, we’ll need to sort this out.

I am having an issue with the full atlas set I bought from Simoyd. :thinking:

All the atlas’s I bought from Simoyd show complete Regions discovered 50/50. However when I load something into one of the atlas such as soft coal whilst being on the world the atlas covers I get a blank atlas…

When I create my own atlas from scratch and load a resource I get a functional atlas.

I tried James’ suggestion and held the activate button for a good 2 min or so… (while drinking a cup of coffee)… nothing.

Yes, I own these shop stands.

Yes, normally the color of the item that was within the stand transferred to the displayed image.

The most recent hotfix has corrected all found issued with Shop Stands that I have reported thus far. Thank you.

I discovered I was mistaken about this… don’t mind me, just a crazy person sayin’ crazy stuff.

No, they weren’t.


(The following information is about the same that I experienced during testing and the drops feel about the same after multiple hunting sessions both on testing and post patch on the live servers.)

Creatures and Creature Spawns are quite low?

I just spent another 1 1/2 - 2 hrs hunting on Ring Planets and spawn rates felt sorta lowish. After clearing an area of everything in sight I would move on and travel around for a bit but would only locate the random pack of low level mobs. Normally Wildstock.

After not having much luck with finding spawns, I started portal hopping between the Ring worlds in the hopes of finding better packs and higher level creatures. During my hunting session I think I found no more then 8-10 Elites, and of those only a few were Elemental in nature.

Low level mobs almost never give higher tier mats, but are more common to find then I would of expected for the higher tier planets.

Mid level mobs have a decent chance of dropping the higher tier mats, but then you also have the chance of just getting 2 tallow or a 4 raw meat. Packs of Wildstock at this level are common enough, but it’s 50/50% if the whole pack will be mid level or have a mix of a few lower level as well.

Elite drops are outstanding, but again, they are so rare, it’s extremely difficult to effectively farm them.

There wasn’t a single meteor spawn near me during my entire hunting session.

As for the other drops, this is based off of having max Luck/Bonus Attributes so my Luck is 100.

Raw Lean Meat: 1
Raw Prime Meat: 10

Creature Sacs: less then ten total of various types.

Creature Shards: 8

Hide: Averaged about 1 in every 2-3 mobs. Rarely including lower level ones. About 75 gathered.

4 spitter eyes. That’s about 1 in 3-4 mobs.
36 Wild Stock Eyes. About 1 every 2-3 mobs.
1 hopper eye from the 1 elite Hopper (The only Hopper for that matter).
None from Cattletrunks.

Trophies and such: 11 Wildstock, 8 Mantels.

About 50 blood assorted.

Almost 100 Tallow, 50 bone, 100ish berries total of the three types and 120ish raw meat.

0 Gems/Oort. (As expected).

This is all from about 200-250 mobs, again, most of them lower to mid level.

Common and Uncommon drops are very frequent and feel ok. If there were more creatures readily available, farming for the more needed lower level materials would be in a good spot. Except Raw Lean meat. This is listed as Common, but I only had the 1 drop.

Rare item drops felt ok as well, but again, finding higher level creatures feels quite difficult. I used to have countless mobs hunt me while I was out looking for resources, but now that I am out actively trying to hunt them during testing and post patch, the planets seem to feel quite empty of life.

When I am able I will attend a great hunt and feel out what drops feel like during meteor events. I have a feeling that the drops are going to be quite great because it is a group event and there will be enough people to actually get meteors to spawn.



same with blood

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I was out last night on vulpto, I wasn’t hunting, but exploring new regions, but I did have meteors falling all around me. At least one per region. I didn’t encounter many hostile mobs and I don’t think I saw ANY elites, but it was vulpto which doesn’t seem to have high level mobs.

Just wanted to mention I saw a lot of meteors fall.
Since my mission was exploring I avoided the meteors though. I also found about 1 dormant meteor per region but didn’t get much of anything from them, typically maybe 1 oortstone and one tech component.

With a half empty atlas it was easy to find new regions. Finding new regions will be very difficult when the atlas is filled in unless they add region borders.

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Finding Meteors on Vulpto seems to be quite common. As I said in my post, when I’m out gathering resources, I see/hear them quite often. Being out hunting, I didn’t have any near me, though I did see a few out in the distance where other players were located. I wasn’t really trying to boundary hop to get them to spawn either, just roaming looking for packs of mobs.

Same for me.

I closed and reopened portals - no issues since

Other Items. seems intermittent