Release 188 - Report issues here

Please report all issues discovered in Release 188 in this thread.

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where only 150k prestige yestoday now it 20mil and I am also missing 25 spark cores from my workbeanch

Ayyy I’m hyped for this


Hey, have a look at your personal beacon list, it may be that your prestige has been multiplied. Had this issue on test, maybe it’s creeped back up

i’ve done that and it says the same

I think it’s a global problem with settlements right now.
My settlement consists of only 1 beacon and the beacon view is fine.
But it’s counted 19 times towards the settlement. (The settlement prestige is exactly 19 times the beacons prestige.)

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so, crafting that’s paused cause it needs power now won’t finish ever?
I have a couple of items stuck on 20+ minutes like compact coal.

Will they finish when power delivered, even though recipes changed?

Our Settlement broke down into 5 or 6 Settlements, 1 Town and a few Hamlets… Can we have our Village back? xD

Edit: Nevermind, the New Settlement System just doesn’t like straight lines anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone noticed a difference with the jump height skill? I feel like I have returned to jumping the default height rather than the what it should be for have 2 increased jump height skills.

(Edit: It returned to normal after I went back to sanctum)

Thanks for letting us know. We’ll take a look at it.

So the Spark Cores have just disappeared altogether if that’s what you’re saying? If so, do you remember what you doing at the time before the servers were taken down?

Will they start crafting after you place Power Coils down near them and are connected?

Where making them before going to bed, so that they where done when I got home from work today and just logged in and nothing where there I did check some other items but its only the spark cores there where missig. (did a mass craft)

Question on skills -

The following are still marked as not yet in the game:

Common Engine Recipes
Advanced Engine Recipes
Expert Tool Recipes
Expert Weapon Recipes
Expert Technology Recipes

Is that correct? It seems that power coils aren’t available until at least one of these is learned.

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Both Engines Types are in game. Expert Tools/Weapons/Tech are not.


Storage do not show lowest row.


My town in Andooweem, Tjentzu, is all under about 3 beacons beacon. 1 for sculpture by the water, 1 for warehouse, 1 for all the rest.
My beacon shows 439+k prestige

I looked at the settlement Tjentzu and it shows a total of 38+k prestige.
According to the screen I have 18+k Prestige.
The other guy 19+k prestige from 1 plot. He made a portal to his town Ineffable Isles from his one plot by assembling a bunch of meta bricks, gleam and the portal conduits. And, he is the owner of my town with 19k+ prestige and 1 single plot.

According to the screen he supposedly has 16 beacons in the town, and I have 16 beacons in town. Its not true. I have just recently combined all my plots in town to go under 3 beacons, so at least in that sense I know that the info is wrong.

And then there is this other screen shot that shows the town as having over 3 million prestige.

Something is not right here.

You cannot purchase smart stacks from a plinth anymore.

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vdragon said he already added this to their database as a bug. Sad that it’s not fixed :frowning:

Thanks… I’ve already used up my 3 free re-skills, and forgotten something each time. Now I have to wait a week before I can upgrade my inventory /cry

I had a stack of signs in the process of being made in the machines before the patch happened, its all gone. None of the mats were returned.