Release 188 - Report issues here

The Stomach Grumbling Bug isn’t completely gone for me.

If i ignore the Grumble for too long, it stays after eating again. I ignored it for about half an hour.


Don’t put a token or shards in a portal and then expand them, You WILL lose them!
All i have to say.

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I get this after using the plotter or unplotter it dos not go away I have to restart game to fix

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Looks like you have been using the atlas as well…

as per the release notes, its the “beacon view” which will both show the beacon plots and show the beacons on the planets-in-sky. B to toggle by default, and the beacon plotters turn it on when equipped as well automatically.


no I have not used the atlas yet I have only used it in testing not in live

ok ty that fixed it ok but when I am not using the plotter it stays on and I did not click B key. It turns on when I use the plotter but dos not turn off I have to turn it of with the b key

yes, thats intentional

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Beacon prestige has been fixed. (It was before that I saw it.) I haven’t checked the engine recipe names, but I’m assuming they’ve been fixed as well.

The specific resource augment I saw the Atlas use a full stack of 11 with was rough sapphires. I didn’t actually test it with others.

Without reading all 130 post, i will say that Stacks of any kind in a pedistal for sale, is unclickable.

If it has been reported already, ignore.

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when opening portal

Upon trying to port to a friend from sanctum

so…there’s the problem…same beacon…same settelement…108k vs 132k on prestige…and contributers, warden, beacons, plots, and planetary rank missing

And those walking thru don’t see the big notification that they are at my base.

You asked me how many total Mixer power coils I had. That was 25. As my original post indicated the machine they were attached to only had 11 coils hooked to the machine. The glitch seems to be when you “wall” power coils on top of each other in order to power two different machines. The bottom 11 were powering one machine and the top 7 were powering another.

There seems to still be issues with prestige. Here is a screen capture of my single beacon on Epsilo. The values should be identical for this beacon, but they aren’t. Additionally, based upon the “World” rankings, this should appear inside of the top 5, but it’s not listed at all.

Double block placement.

raised this a couple days back but just wanted to get an idea if it will be a while before there’s a fix and if anyone has a work around by reducing stats etc. that doesn’t reduce mining speed too much.

Problem: When I place a block if there’s space it will place 2 in quick succession. I have max agility Skill (both the agility skill itself and the boost to all the attributes that adds the other 10%).

I’m holding off on any big builds for now but there’s only so much mining and hunting a man can do :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance.


New portal - Time remaining wrong?

Had a quick look through the lists above but didn’t spot this, apologies if it’s a known issue.

I’m newish to warp portals and opened up 2 pairs of gates last night as I’m moving world, for the 6 block gates when I added 52 Oort it quoted 2 days and 3 hrs, for the 9 block gates I added 102 Oort and it quoted 2 day and 2 hrs. When I logged on this morning they are both closed?

I admit that sounded cheap to me, expected it to be about twice that but Oort is at a premium for me as more of a builder/miner. Is it out by 2 days?

In inventory, when using expand function (RMB) to equipped item, it picks properties of first item in the smart stack.
This might be something old reported bug but now that different items group more together in smart stack this happens and might have some confusion specially with atlases.
Below few examples for better explanation.

Image 1: Wrong details while using RMB to equipped item.

Image 2: Right values.

Image 3: Other example on different item smart stack.

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