Release 188 - Report issues here

On Nasharil, sometimes I get teleported to 511 altitude while slowly flying somewhere.

Also, when I move my screen changes to this!

I don’t really know what caused this, feels so random.
Usually returning to sanctum resolves the problem, sometimes not.

James had asked for coordinates via Discord; they are shown in the picture previously provided, but settlement (center?) is -959N, -944E on Solum. Helpful picture I drew up of plot usage:

blue = water
white = unplotted land
brown = road beacon plots
all others = plots owned by settlement members (same color = same owner)

As mentioned before, the majority of the prestige generated within the road beacon is within the settlement boundaries (brick pathways, lamps). For that reason, I think it should be considered as part of the settlement.

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Release 186 - Report issues here
This issue was happening again and d/c’ed me

Incorrect/invalid character being used in region name?:

Did you post this in another topic as well? What was the outcome?

Thanks for the reply, I’ll update the existing bug report.

Be sure to let @luke-turbulenz know of your findings once you’ve done this.

Does this occur with any other liquid types that are not inside a container?

Did you also report something similar to this issue in another forum topic? If so, what was the outcome there?

I’m not sure I understand you meant about ignoring the hunger for too long that it will persist after you eventually eat food. The idea here is that the hunger should go away after eating, although there is currently an issue where the hunger audio will keep going, even with a full energy bar.

If you add extra Portal Conduit blocks, then the Portal Token and Oort Shards should pop out of the block you’ve just placed on or next to the existing Portal Conduit. Is this not happening for you? If so, what’s your Portal Conduit setup like?

What are the coordinates of this area?

Thanks for following up. Yes, it does seem strange that Atlases will accept more than one augment, so I’ll add this to the database. But you can get them back by placing a different augment over the Atlas.

If you mean the issue about being unable to buy smart stacks from any Shop Stands, then yes that was reported fairly early on in this forum topic…

I cannot reproduce either of these. Can you share a game log just after your attempt to open the portal so that the information is up to date?

It looks like you both have the same issue as @TPranara. I’ve added the reports to the bug database.

Do you know if they were passing through many portals at once in quick succession?

What’s your setup like? If you can provide coordinates and/or screenshots I can take a look and perhaps create a similar setup myself to test this.

I’m tagging @olliepurkiss so that he can see this.

There’s no Portal Token in that screenshot. Did you remove it or did it disappear by itself?

I’ll add your report to the bug database.

A few players have reported this in the past, but as yet we have not found a way to reproduce this. Nevertheless, I’ll add your report to the bug database.

What channel were you using that prompted @james to ask for the coordinates? Can you link to the conversation or provide a screen cap of it?

Now, I know that you’ve already provided a picture, but could you also indicate in the screenshot provided below of which parts are not in the settlement?

You’ve posted a link to the post with the video showing that you were stuck in the air. Was that causing the issue in the screenshot here?

We do have this listed as a known issue, although it will be useful if you can provide coordinates of where this region name is so that we can check it to see that unicode characters have been added.

Yeah, thats what i mean. I ate completely nothing and ran arround Town for 30 Minutes while the Grumbling played. Then got back home and ate 5 Steaks to fill up my Energy Bar again, Even got the “Stuffed” Buff, but the Grumble still played till i Quit and re-entered the Game

An update on this.

I was breaking a machine and only picked up three blocks. The fourth was pushed down to the lower floor. Through a spark cord leading to the machine from below.
The situation with those lost items happened on top of the same set up. There were cords underneath the machine I was breaking and not much space to push the drop somewhere else because of tight machines set up and coils and the power animation and me standing and a wall behind. The same on the floor beneath so maybe the items even fell to the next floor below that, following spark cords line leading vertically through 3 floors. I only checked one floor below for the items. Didn’t go to the bottom level.

So maybe it is the drop from breaking blocks logic versus spark cords as they are not a full block?

Coils knocking down walls and connect to machines in another room…

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Ye I got stuck in the area out of nowhere. Just normal walking. and then it d/c


Red outline, behold my MSPaint skillz:

Epsilo - 2158N, 1246E

It’s intended how it works. Both block breaking and direction of connecting. So you need to be aware of how you place coils around machines.

When within distance of more than one machine the coils follow certain rules which one they connect to. Jivita showed it well in his video. Now it’s enough to break one block of that machine there and the coil will connect to the other machine. Replace the machine block and seal the wall then.

Hadn’t noticed that but I put the token in from the other side of the portal when I travelled. It does show the maths I was going by when I opened the portals yesterday evening. worked fine just seemed to have closed 2 days early.

I moved the machine with the coils away from the wall, but now some coils are wear down to zero, before i start to use the machine…

Yes. Coils lose durability when zapping through blocks and players as well as creatures. Diamond spanner needed now.

sorry I haven’t done much mining/collecting yet. I’m not sure. I only noticed blood :S

Placing this purple refined meta and crafting meta deco 1 will outcome in a diff color.

Seems to be no recipe in the Extractor for Large Fossils.

There are no portals at my base. So…walking into territory of my base…no settlement information is presented to anyone.

I was able to get them to stop glitching by separating the “wall” of power supplies that were glitching. Originally, I had them in the orientation in the MagicaVoxel capture below (light blue = mixer. Different shades of green represent their corresponding power supplies). I was able to fix it by making a new configuration located at -732N -1881E on Epsilo, Altitude 33 (it’s under water).

There is a recipe titled, “Ancient Vital Essence.” The fossil has changed roles in this update: