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Ah silly me, its cause it needed power which i haven’t setup on the extractor yet…

Another bad character region:

[Bug]: Being resurrected with a revive augment causes the grapple reel-in (default R) to not work. Can still click to shoot the grapple, but can’t reel in. Re-equipment or dropping and picking up the grapple does not fix it. Returning to sanctum and going back to the planet fixes it. Reproduced with 2 different people.

[Balance]: Also, when revived my food buff is gone. I’m not sure if this is intentional or not, but I think it’s a pretty big deal. If the expensive resurrect does not keep the expensive buffs I fear it may not be used at all… Please make it keep the buffs.


I’m getting an odd bug with horizontal portals with 45 degree slopes above them… Sometimes the portal takes me to its destination and sometimes it drops me in a pool of lava several hundred meters away!

Side A Solum - -628N -388E Alt. 57
Side B Epsilo -1561N -1606E Alt. 73
Lava: Solum -211N -129E Alt. 18

this has happened to me 20ish times tonight… I removed the slopes and could not reproduce this… However I have another portal that is set up just like this and has never had this problem… but that one is Solum to Solum :thinking:

The floating text only appears when I repair a machine that has no coils attached.
I have 24 lower tier coils attached vs zero coils.
See images.

… 1 step closer to Witch Space…


Actually there is one of Mobiu’s that does that to me all the time. In the Plaza If I run through it wrong it drops me under the plaza with no way out other than to Sanctum it.

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The reduced penalty is a pretty big reason to revive. But we might consider letting players keep their positive buffs when they are revived.


The penalty although annoying is not worth the 108 alloy it takes to make revive augments in bulk. Most of the debuffs I find are hard to notice and are more so just minor inconveniences if anything. I cannot for example find myself wanting to make the Shielding Pies for Chill, Blast, Shock, etc because I do not really find them worth making instead of other pies that require the same amount of resources.

Dont get me wrong, I love the recipes and the amount of items it takes (Because the buffs are WELL worth it) However the shielding chill, blast, burn, etc I feel holds little weight when it comes to hunts currently. The revive although a fun mechanic I feel doesnt hold much weight due to the death penalty debuff being barely crippling in any way. Please allow us to revive with our hard earned buffs!

TLDR: Please make your debuffs more noticeable/crippling or else I dont see anyone prioritizing your cleanses and shields. I also vote for keeping buffs upon resurrection. >~< ty

[Bug] Also I lost 20 queued Alloys after accidentally breaking the machine while it was being used in the mixer. We were putting coils on them and needed to move them and we all assumed all the queued items would drop. ^^;; but they didnt.

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It is all about balancing at the moment. The more we add the more we need to go back and rebalance things. We are getting to the point where we have enough items in the game to do a full balance pass on combat, etc. The atmospheres and the forge are one of the last elements to be added to bring this all together.

I think we are going to stop people breaking machines and shop stands with items inside them. You have to empty them first to stop errors and other problems like this.


Thanks for the update, I’ve added this to the database as well.

I’ll add this information to the database as well. If this happens again, could you share a game log so we can see if there’s anything unusual?

@james wanted to ask which parts are split into different settlements. If you can highlight those on the screenshot as well, that would be great.

Also, regarding the issue where you had over 10,000 prestige, are you still getting the same message about needing more prestige?

Thanks for the location details. This will make it easier to check the name later when the text is fixed.

What are the coordinates of the two portals?

I can’t reproduce this. Are you able to provide a video showing that this occurs?

If you can list the coordinates of your base, I can go and take a look.

From going to the coordinates you’ve specified, I take it you don’t have the layout in the screenshot any more? By arranging the Mixers and the corresponding Power Coils, I get this:

Do you remember approximately how long it took before you noticed that the visual effects disappeared?

I think you may be the first person to have reported this particular region name. Thanks, I’ve added it to the existing bug report.

Thanks for the report, I added this the bug database.

That’s very unusual, but a video is provided, so I’ll add this to the bug database.

I can’t reproduce the issue with the Workbench if that’s what the problem is. What’s your Workbench setup like?

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I already got 3 Cases of “Loosing Plots”

The Mayan Pyramid in Aquatopia lost 4 Plots on its back and is gone Wild. (Edit: I spoke to, moebius the Pyramid was on Purpose, sorry)
Our Portal Room on Vulpto lost 1 Plot and Someone Stole our Conduit (thx :slight_smile: )

And while i fixed my streets i got from 261 Total Plots down to 260 because the System doesn’t like my nose i guess…

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  1. The red outline is for the plots owned by my beacon “K’Vek Lake Community”
  2. None of the plots are split into separate settlements. Rather, “K’Vek Lake Community” is not considered part of the settlement at all; nor does it count as its own settlement.
  3. The message regarding the 10K Prestige is still there, yes.

Where do I find the game logs?

The only time I got it to error like this was after adding someone to my steam friends list, then trying to port to him. (This is before either of us restarted steam, but after we had both reloaded Boundless.)

When smelting metals int he furnace, they sometimes freeze after making only a few bars and need to be broken before starting again. There is always a hidden bar inside when breaking when this occurs.

old issue
cuase off new update i put all therka beacons together on one beacon
but this beacon owned by moebs has stopped producing good footfall
in comparation with my smaller alts yabobeacon 10plots on plaza
i think it bugged its over 200plots and it makes 10times less then the 10plot plot
wo are in same high footfall spot

im playing longtime and have big friendlist to the max and in this time many players have gotten rights to build there and where putt off again
i think they dont get resetted to make footfall again after i unright them this is kinda rong as i put hard work into maintaining my plots and portals ingame for longtime

i think this is a bug a bit unique to me but in futur a pain for very involved players off the game

!!!would removing all my friends reset my beacon!!!

fun fact for those who read this i never owned a milion in cash lol
i dont see the point off it :slight_smile:

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My location is 2131N. 451E. Alt 87. Solum.

This may just be because of the last update resetting some of these feats, but I’m getting weird numbers vs completion bars on some of my feats for crafting.

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Future ref… how to do this??

This might be a 188 thing since shift clicking into stacks over to storage/inventories is now a thing and it didn’t seem to happen before.

For reasons mostly I can’t figure out, things keep removing themselves from my hotbars. I feel like it’s happening when I shift-move things from my inventory to a secondary inventory (machines/storage).

I’m not touching the stacks of the thing that dissapears. For example I’ve a torch stack with a Diamond, cloth and standard torch in. I generally don’t do anything with that stack except have a torch in each hand, but for some reason both removed themselves from my hotbars(circles).