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Stuck in this small area. I get stuck for some reason but I can get free by destroying anything under you or sometimes nearby. did close and open the game and it still happens…

video on youtube of it just uploadet it, maybe you cant see it yet.

It looks like you’re stuck in the plant, which has happened to me a lot. Stop pressing movement keys, wait till you’re done rubber-banding back, then look down and destroy the flower/plant closest to you.

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Hmm not really an issue but I find this misleading.

“Common Decorative Recipes” is under “Equipment Crafting” which for me, doesn’t make sense. We don’t equip glass or bricks, etc. I believe it’s best suited at “Item Crafting” so then at least the term is more generic.


Took me more time than necessary to find this skill.



since 15/03/2018 i ahve this screen:

and all of its claims ands prestige is not counted in Hash Village beacon list and prestige. tried everything unclaimed all plots destroyed all beacons then reclaimed all no results :confused:

Looks like I’m also not getting some feats, specifically basic crafting feats, are stuck. I’ve clearly fulfilled the requirements, but it’s still stuck as incomplete.

I have tested several times now since my last post. And sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt.
Behaviour can change from different times I am there, but when I use the spanner several times during the same test the behaviour is consistent.

But it seems like the floating text always show on the machines without coils.
With my machines with coils it works sometimes. So could be related to something else.

Anyway, here is my setup.
Front view; Left to right, Extractor, Mixer, Refinery (24 advanced power coils), Compactor (24 power coils), Workbench (24 power coils).

From the other side of the wall: Some machines do not have coils yet.

The ones with coils have 10 coils above, 7 below and 7 on the side.
Sorry it is kinda cramped, so hard to show everything in one screen.

Just noticed a similar thing when I repaired my compactor coils (just got the correct spanner).
One coil correctly displays “FULLY REPAIRED” each time I use the spanner. Another does not.
Screenshots while using the spanner on two different coils:

I had some hope that this update would improve the performance of this game on MacIntosh but the brutal LAG continues :frowning:

My beacon is not receiving footfall profit. I had mentioned that my beacon location was not recording prestige correctly in an earlier post on this thread. Now i’ve noticed that I am not receiving any footfall traffic coins. I have seen 5 different people in my establishment in the past hour and not a single one awarded me any footfall and they are not on my beacon as permissible individuals:

Have you altered the screen resolution scale? A lot of the Macs have high resolution displays but lower end GPUs.

I assume this is a hunter trophy in this request basket.
It seems it’s icon is bugged a lil bit.

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I set up a beacon in a cave I carved out in Andoweem, and camped. I was on the surface when I logged back in, and trying to go to the beacon leaves me on the surface. Shouldn’t my beaconing have kept it from regenning and kicking me out? The beacon is named ‘Andoweem Deep’ if you want to take a look.


If the place where your beacon is is two high, that could be causing the issue

Do you mean ‘too high’ or ‘two blocks high’? In either case, it’s only about 6 levels up from the mantle, and is resting on the floor.

You need some free space over your head. If you have a room there with just 2 blocks from floor to ceiling you will not be allowed to warp there. So he must have meant two blocks.

Ahah. Yes, that’s the problem. Ok, I’ll tunnel down and fix it :slight_smile: Thanks.


Two blocks high :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am having a problem where our little town wont show

up right… I keep getting "load failed as an error on my beacon.

Yes I altered to several screen resolutions and It works the same way.

We had our first “too many meshes in this chunk to place block failure” yesterday. We chose to build up rather than out so that we would not get in the way of other settlements. We don’t notice any degradation of performance. Is there any way that this threshold can be increased? We have chosen to be extremely efficient with our engine placement and we’re afraid that the game does not want us to be.

Being too high often doesn’t help either…

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