Release 188 - Report issues here

I’ll get around to everyone’s issues eventually, there’s quite a lot to go through.

You’ll find in the FAQ I’ve quoted below:

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The Description & burn time for “Improved Beacon Fuel” do not align…

It fuels for 12 weeks / 84 days


the Description states 60 days / 8.5 weeks

Beacon Fuel 3Beacon Fuel 2Beacon Fuel 1


I dunno if anyone has mentioned this but I tried healing bombs and they can be a little annoying at times. When you heal someone they go flying, same goes to the caster. They have so much knockback it doesn’t seem right.

What are the coordinates for all of these aforementioned areas?

I’ve let @james know about your replies.

We have a fix for this, so let us know if this is working okay when the game is updated with the hotfixes.

Were you changing characters when this occurred? There is an issue where the Furnace stops crafting after changing characters.

What are the coordinates of these locations where you have different beacons per character?

You’ve hit the same issue that @ChimeraGaming reported earlier in this topic.

It’s kind of hard to picture this. Can you show a screenshot using the example inventory items you’ve given so that I have a better idea of what’s going on?

It’s an understandable explanation, so I’ve passed your feedback to the designers.

It’s the ‘Load Failed’ issue that a few people have already reported in this forum topic. We should have an upcoming fix for this.

I’ll add a bug to the database. Did you also not receive any XP / Coin either?

Thanks for the screenshot, I’ll add this to the bug database. Can you also provide coordinates of the location so that I can check out the layout in detail?

We have an upcoming fix for the prestige issue. After the fix goes live, check this again and if it’s not working, then let us know so that we can take a look at it.

Thanks for the report and screenshot, I’ve added it to the bug database.

It’s been reported in this forum topic already, but we have a fix for this.

Could you submit a screenshot and coordinates of the location so that we can see what the layout looks like? Currently, the limit is 512 in a chunk.

Good spot. I’ll add it to the bug database.


Okay, the Vulpto case is at: -1.100N -1.980E Alt: 65, we replotted it but this Plot was randomely gone and someone stole our portals. (The Part with the Beacon in it was still up and running, My Brother owns this Plot)

And the Case where i just lost one of my max Plots was while plotting and unplotting the street at Therka: 1.137N -1.188E Alt: 65… I unplotted there something and didn’t got the Plot back :stuck_out_tongue:

Could be i was changing chars, will let you know if it happens when i keep the same char.

Hard to say. With my main character, I doubt I’ve completed any of those feats since the update, because I largely don’t craft with him. My alt, Craftr, however, is newer and could’ve conceivably completed these feats post update and I just didn’t notice right away. I messed up all my reskills (confusion around the engine skill descriptions not changing right away), and didn’t really notice until after a ton of crafting and trying to find ways to get experience.

My assumption would be that I haven’t completed any of them since the update, but I’m just not sure.

Here are the coordinates to my machines / coils.
-2,054N 1,370E (Altitude: 110)

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Couldn’t see this listed, but surely others have seen it - It isn’t possible to buy Iron/Silver tools at the moment from shops. You can interact with the pedestals and see the available items but you can’t interact with the tools in any way to buy them. Gem items aren’t affected at all, and I think Gold was okay as well. Were sales of these put on hold pending the Fibrous Leaf update or something?

Are you sure they weren’t just in a smartstack? there are issues with buying smartstacks or items from smartstacks, but not single items @TeressaWSEC

Ah ha! That was probably the problem, thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for the coordinates, I’ll pass these over to @Tobelawe to investigate further.

Was it more than one category of healing bombs that you have used?

Thanks, I’ll check it out and will try and create a layout similar to yours to see if I get the same issue.

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Hi Raziels01,

I have looked into two of your case so far and can give you this information.

Firstly I will explain the missing plot case. When you lost the plot you were level 44. A player at level 44 with our current plots balance should have exactly 260 total plots. Looking at the analytics data (data we gather tracking players) I can see that you indeed had 260 total plots all through out level 44. If ever we displayed to you that you had 261 pots, that is a bug. I don’t think you have lost it, it’s more likely a display error.

The issue where a plot disappeared. I’ve looked at the build and would like to ask a few questions:

  1. Have you yourself placed portal block in your portal hub?
  2. When did you realise the portal was missing?
  3. Was the portal you are talking about the one under the red gleam?

Ive found a bug to do with spark generators (sorry i cant remember the correct name and not in game). I have a set of 5, so 5 slots for coal. When I drop compacted hard coal into the first slot it just disappears immediately, no matter how many pieces I put in and with no spark generated. The other 4 slots work fine.


Hi Tobelawe,

Allright the 260 Plot Thing Makes Sense to me, it was on Patch day and i got like 144k eP logging in, that was maybe a little too much :P.

Concerning the lost Plot on Vulpto:

  1. HarryHotpans claimed the Plot, Raziels01 placed the Conduits (for all 3 Portals)
  2. I can’t really remember, but the first post adressing the Problem was posted like 10 Minutes after finding the Problem (post 171)

It was the one to the right, leading to Nashtaril. The other 2 were active in the unplotted area O_o (But most of the room was gone)

No, I’ve only used sapphire healing bombs.

I can’t reproduce this. What’s your Spark Core layout like? Further, what does the coal layout look like in your inventory?

I looked into this and can see that only these bombs are affected, as there are no problems with the Copper equivalent, so I’ll add this to the bug database.

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Have the resource drop rates gone back to pre-188 levels again? Just testing some mining and only getting 1 item per tier 3 block (Diamond, Hard Coal), 2 items from tier 2 blocks (Titanium), consistently. Before today, 188 drop rates had gone up a decent amount, which made mining more attractive.

Edit: Added block types. Note this was Andooweem (tier 2 world).

I can’t reproduce this. What’s your Spark Core layout like? Further, what does the coal layout look like in your inventory?

Here you go - my layout + how I’m splitting into equal stacks and then dragging in.

@philelliott I had the same issue. Turns out the drop rates on T2 worlds are just that much lower than T3. It’s intentional.