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while watching @virresss live stream a odd bug happened when he tried to open a portal it gave a missing portal connection error on the top right


@vdragon Sorry for delay. Your’e exactly correct. It’s when I am building that I notice it most. To me it’s ridiculous that standing there chiseling burns far more food, than running across the planet fighting and killing.

I also have a decent stamina pool, being how I kept upgrading it because building uses so much. I don’t think we should even consider how slow it is when we are standing there doing nothing. Doing nothing isn’t playing the game. When I fill up on a expensive pie, I want it to last longer. The hunger depletion is double what it feels like it should be when we “play” Boundless.

My last large project, is actually small compared to most of the vets monster builds. And even so it cost me 50k in persisting pies. That sucks. It’s making me wonder if we really only have time to do one profession in 1.0. As it is now, I don’t have time to make my own food, so I am buying it all the time. And the cost of the pies is enough that one kinda breaks even over the cost of just buying more tools.

How do you guys feel about all this, when your on a larger build? Food buffs last long enough to justify the cost? Hunger rate too fast, just right, too slow?


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll add these notes to the database and I’ll get @olliepurkiss to take a look.

If this happens again, it would be useful to share a game log just after it occurs so that we can see what’s going on.


On Solum trying to use a totem and warp augment to grab a location from the Sanctum and I am unable to get the location to take. @Havok40k has tried to do so as well and it failed.

I have tried on Therka Sanctum with same results. I also do not have a full locations section - only have like 10 bookmarks.


Not sure if this is an expected action in the game or a bug.

I am hanging with a grapple in my left hand using it. I have another item in my left radial wheel. I move the item from the left wheel into the right wheel and my grapple disconnects and I fall. It disconnects the second I try to remove the other item from my left hand.

I think we should be able to move items in and out of the radial wheels without it disconnecting the grapple that is in use in that hand.


actually I think that’s intended. it makes sense too, if you’re holding onto something with your hand, you have to let go of it to grab something else…
Try this:
instead of grabbing the item from the radial wheel, grab the item from your inventory :wink:


good point… tried and it your way and it didn’t release. So I will leave it up to developers if my sequence reacts like they want or if they see the issue that will be caused.


Just to check, this was done with an existing character as opposed to a newly-created character?

This sounds similar to what @PendragonTheNinja reported in post #133. This should be fixed in the next update.


@vdragon odd thing I just noticed. When I click Quit, the message says that quitting will return my character to the safety of the Sanctum. When it really just quits and closes to desktop.

I gather it means to say it’s going to quit, but, “hey just letting you know, your character will also be waiting for you in the Sanctum when you sign back in”.


Yes existing. I’m level 50. Not sure Havok.


Also lvl 50.


When you put it that way, the message does seem at odds with the game functionality, so I’ll add a note to the database for someone to look at.

I’ll add a note to the database.


Here is two bugs that i have had some truble with for sevral months i know the block bug has been reported by simoyd but dont know if he ever got back with the exact cordinates for a block that is buged so here is one and a video of it.

First Bug: alternate dimension
His is a bug where you fall on to a block and then warp to altitude 510 and and just see white sky i call this a alternate dimension XD. its hard to repreduce. but it hapens to me sevral times a day. its some what fickering back to the oridginal potision. you can also grappe out of the white sky but it will go back when you land on a block.

Second bug: Block Bug
So when i Creep and walk back at same time as you build in the sky. You some times you stuble on to a block that wont you move on it or you fall thru it.

World Munteen VII 224N 479E altitude: 97


Thanks for the first video, I’ve added it to the existing bug report.

For the second video, I can’t reproduce it in the location shown, but that’s probably because it looks different:


oh yeah i totaly forgot about the bug and cuntinue building sorry :frowning:


Really minor bug.
It’s not obvious on the screenshot but the box doesn’t scroll up past this point. I can’t see the first sentence I wrote there.

I can still edit the first sentence without seeing it, and if I add a linebreak in it I can then scroll up all the way again.
I get the bug both when entering the text for the first time and when editing it later.


It’s a known issue.


I keep getting ‘error: 13’ whenever I try to load the game. I feel like this is probably an issue with my computer rather than the game itself but I wasn’t sure where else to ask. Any ideas? :slight_smile:


I was out and mining on andoweem and now I’m stuck. I can’t move. but I have a nice view of the cave system and planets. there seems to be something fun on that spot as I can quit the game and it’s still happening. see the video. I tested to clear chunk data too but didn’t work :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know but this is probably time sensitive as the ground will regenerate soon.

@vdragon @lucadeltodecso

De bug info


Debug Information:
Game version: live (9fb57968)
Username: virresss
Character: Questing-Knight
Worldname: aus_c1_moon1
Player game position: 161N -192E (Altitude: 32)
Camera position: -191.74, 33.45, -160.61
Camera direction: 0.866, -0.315, 0.389
Facing: EAST
Player entity id:6386275:
Health: 213.000000/4704
Air: 100.00%
AngleXZ (deg): 114.214
selectedIndex[0]: 6
1 color(1)
selectedIndex[1]: 7
Playing Time: 02:19
Player Trust: trusted
Plots: 77\525
Joined: 3
Client Local UTC: 1531474954.36
Synchronized UTC: 1531474954.11
Client WorldTime: 55867819.68
Server WorldTime: 55867819.68
Smoothed Latency (ms): 207.63
Latency Histogram (Total Session On Current World):
0ms - 50ms : 0
50ms - 100ms : 0
100ms - 150ms : 0
150ms - 200ms : 261
200ms - 250ms : 70
250ms - 300ms : 0
300ms - 350ms : 1
350ms - 400ms : 9
400ms - 450ms : 3
450ms - 500ms : 1
500ms - 550ms : 0
550ms - 600ms : 0
600ms + : 1
Total Points Recorded: 346
Timestamp-Boost (ms): 500.00
Latency (ms): 201.68
Max TLMS: 297.963
Informed Server WorldTime: 55867819.326
Transmission Delay: 0.100
Delta: 0.352
Clock-Offset: 55867625.992
Messages Sent: 2.14/s
Data Sent: 198.35bit/s
Commands Sent: 2.14 cmds/s
Messages Recieved: 16.52/s
Data Recieved: 12.76kbit/s
Commands Recieved: 73.96 cmds/s
Buffered Amount: 0B
Messages Sent: 8 (15.57/s)
Send Failures: 0 (0.00%)
Acknowledgements: 8 (15.57/s)
Data Sent: 464.00B (7.22kbit/s) max(58.00B)
Packet Loss: 0 (0.00%)
Latency: 194.03ms max(194.16ms)
Chunk Data:
Chunks Received: 0.00 /s
Chunk Bytes Received: 0.00bit /s
Peak: 776.59kbit /s
Rate Limit: 60 /s
Chunk Cache:
Entries: 2612
Hits: 0
Misses: 4673
Removals: 1
Memory Used: 11.68MiB/5325.00MiB
Planet Cache:
Entries: 22
Hits: 2
Misses: 22
Removals: 0
Memory Used: 6.35MiB/346.00MiB
Chunks Meshed: [614, 450, 308, 256, 57]
Chunks To Destroy: [0, 0, 0, 0, 0]=0
Chunks To Mesh: [0, 0, 0, 0, 0]=0
Chunks Loaded: 0 chunks requested
Lod chunks loaded: 864, 684, 504, 416, 145
Physics Chunks Loaded (last second): 0
Chunking Distances: [12, 20, 32, 64, 64]
Chunk Draw Distance: 64
Position: [-192, 33, -161]
Distance: 0
Meta: 0x0
Liquid: 0x0
Color Index: 0 (45)
Local Block Position: [0, 33, 15]
Current Chunk:
Position: [-12, -11]
meshMinY: 23
meshMaxY: 91
waterMaxY: 0
mesh blocks: 1
Picked Location:
Game Worlds:
Status: Loaded
{player}: okay
FPS: 60
Frame Time: 16.67ms
Update + Render: 4.47ms
Render: 2.73ms
Render GUI: 0.91ms
Update: 1.74ms
Update UI: 0.29ms
Heap Working Set: 813.656MB
Created Nodes: 2136
Unique Meshes: 1073
UI: 0.37ms
New UI: 0.05ms
Weather: _seeds_02 (1.00)
In cave: 0
Underground: 55
Grapple Speed: 0.000000
Target: 0.000000
Grapple Speed: 0.000000
Target: 0.000000
Focus: true
Lock: false
Context: DUI
Threat Level:
Questing-Knight: 1.000000


Is it still happening?

Thanks for listing the coordinates for the location. I went to take a look at the area you have mined and it does indeed occur pretty much every time. I have beaconed the area for now.

@lucadeltodecso, do you want to take a look at this area?