Release 196 - Report issues here

I’m not sure what happened to your original post, but I have checked your in-game issue and I seem to be hitting every wall, so it is an issue and has been added to the database.

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That’s probably a minor hotfix for the forge crashing.

Do we know when the boon swapping bug will be fixed? Forged a few items last night and boons would land as one thing and then auto switch to another.


The issue with graphics tearing and seeing through walls appears to be resolved by the latest patch.

OK so I may be wrong on this, but am reporting it just in-case:

I was checking through the recipes.msgpack file and couldn’t find the recipes for mega calming and aggravating brews and was wondering whether they were implemented (maybe someone else has seen the recipe idk)
anyway, if the recipes aren’t actually there I guess its a bug, so here, I reported it :stuck_out_tongue:

i don’t know if the mechanic has changed but V no longer changes active viewing

New Full Up sound still loops just like the old one did.

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another notice is should wildstock be allowed to get a full headbutt if they are dead? (the sliding stop killed me)

Must be a mechanic because as long as i can remember, but i just thought i would mention before release, thanks

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This annoyed me when it first killed me too but it makes sense. The animation changes and looks odd but it’s still charging at me. IRL if I shot a bull that close and it didn’t lose momentum, I assume it’d hurt. :slight_smile:

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Keyboard configuration changed. It is M now.


In case of current feats are gonna stay like those are now there is few feats that seem to have same goal on same path. I did notice following ones in Basic Explorer Feats.

Running(T4, T5): Speed runner IV and Speed runner V have same goal amount: 1M.
Creeping(T4, T5): Professional creeper and Master creeper have same goal amount: 100k.
Swimming(T4, T5): 1,000,000 leagues under the sea and Mer-creature have same goal amount 1M.
Climbing(T3, T4, T5): Mountain climber III, Mountain climber IV and Ain’t no mountain high enough have same goal amount 100k.
Traveling(T4, T5): Going the distance IV and Going the distance V have same goal amount 10M.

The tutorial objective energy to the max asks you to eat until you get the well fed buff, but it completes when you receive the full up buff. I think its a typo as there’s no way you would have good enough food to get well fed at that stage

It appears to be fixed in the latest release.

It’s logged in the bug database, but there’s no fix for this yet.

Thanks for letting us know.

I’ll add a note for someone to look into it.

Well, I can see that the video is constantly showing the text on screen (and you did previously report this before), but I got the impression from what you wrote that there was a sound issue during this period in game as well.

@schasm is correct. If you took off all the health from charging Wildstock, it would still have a bit of momentum before it falls dead.

Thanks for taking the time to check all these. They have been added to the bug database.

Thanks for the report, I’ll add this to the database.

Yes, it was confirmed in the patch notes.

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Yeah sorry I noticed it right after I posted.

Seems like the hud notifications (the ones that pop up in the middle of your screen) say you were given a level coffer when it was actually just a feat coffer (at least, completing the novice lumberjack feat made this happen)

Indeed. The repeating sound is captured by the video. Sorry for the terrible sound balance, just turn it up a bit. I mute my mic part way in so you can hear it. Again sorry about the sound balance :S

Soil harvested does not count towards the Soil Examination objective “Harvest Soil” unless the soil does not have any grass growing on it.

Similarly I could only get the Harvest Grass objective to increase by breaking the soil below the grass and collecting the block.

So the totem does no damage to blocks on higher tier worlds (tested on epsilo) due to the block armor. Not sure if this is intentional or not.

When I am opening the first warp in the Sanctum, I see my friends list, and for my online friend, it says ‘Open Warp cost 0c’ on green button, but won’t let me warp. I understand why it won’t, but the fact that it implies I should be able to is confusing, and may confuse and frustrate new players.