Release 196 - Report issues here

Okay, I did some testing and figured out what was going on with tools becoming randomly unequipped from my hand. A tool will become unequipped from your hand when:

  1. Another tool is moved directly from storage to create a smartstack with the tool, or to add to an existing smartstack containing the tool
  2. Another tool within the same smartstack is moved directly into storage

Tools do not get unequipped as above when they come from another slot in your inventory. Storage includes at least crafting tables and storage blocks, I assume all non-inventory storage would have the same effect though.

Seeing some issues with Journal Objectives not updating: so far, A Plot for Permissions/Assign Permissions to a Beacon Member; and A Spot of Gardening/Plant Grass Seed – I performed actions, still have not given me credit in aforementioned objectives for those actions, as of 5-10 minutes later.

Edit - A Spot of Gardening did update finally, it looks like it wants a fair number of grass seed planted, but doesn’t state a count, like most of the other objectives I’ve seen so far, so was confusing.

Note: A Chopping Good Time – not really an issue, but it seems logically like this should go before ‘If you Build it, They will come’, as chopping lumber for sap is required for If You Build It… (to make glue to make shelving).

Seems like some of the Objectives don’t track travel, for example, for the Iron mining objective, I traveled to Omegasus V, to qualify ‘travelling to a world that is rugged or more inhospitable’. While on Omegasus, a couple of other Objectives appeared, with the same requirement ‘Travel to Rugged or more inhospitable world’ (Components of Archaeology, Mining Survival Challenge I), which did not track that I was already on a rugged world, and therefore should have qualified for that objective task (so looks like I would need to warp off and warp back onto Omegasus to check off the task).

So far the only thing that has happened is the game froze when my level 5 reward box was opening. I had to reboot the whole pc.

On several of the Objectives (e.g., A Less Common Coal, Components of Archaeology [2nd task list]) with multiple tasks, some of the task texts are overlapping to the point of being v difficult to read.

More work still needs to be done on the settlement algorithm. We had a hard time on testing trying to get 3 simple beacons to line up and create the settlement. Even a group of plots 3 wide still was not joining until we played with things.

When i star a new character, I find the start a little odd.

When i done the first tutorial i get the message that i learn the basic and can now do what i want, and i get the objective to do a objective from the list.

But the only objective i get in the list is the builder one (place 32 block in your plot).
I need to place and remove the blocks for next objectives to be available (build a furnace, i think).

I want to start with the first objective for all paths, so i can chose what i want to do and not be forced to place/remove blocks to continue.

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Can the AIR supply bar gradate from light blue , to yellow, then to red? It would make it a lot more noticeable and pay attention to it more. All white my eyes kinda see past it sometimes, and I am deeper than I had air to make it up alive.


Twice now my game crashed when one of the reward boxes was starting to open. At level 5 reward, and now level 11 reward. This time it crashed to desktop. At level 5 it froze the game and I had to reboot the pc.

I reported the crash dumps both times.

Its been mentioned, but the compass needs some help. I suggest that the N.E.S.W. letter be above the bar instead of on it. Then the icons can stay and won’t clutter the compass. It is a real pain to see what your direction is when in a town or near anything players. Impossible actually at times.

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  1. If a slot is empty on the left hand, (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) and I select it with that number, then I try an’ select a new hotkey number to change tools, it won’t change, I hafta use the mouse wheel to get it unstuck.

  2. If I split a torch stack then try’n place the new stack into my right hand, it takes the entire original stack with it. I have to split the stack into the inventory first, then move it, I can’t just split then place in right hand.

@james @Steggs101 @vdragon Level 12 reward coffer just crashed the game. So this is 3 crashes so far on opening New Level Reward Coffers. The other coffers do not crash it. It crashed to desk top just before it opened up to spill its goodies out. It appears on screen and starts to shake , then the split second before the doors open the game crashes.

Mind you, I never had Boundless ever crash ever before.

Does this make me an honorary Dev? I accept.

on a more serious not - I’m level 10 on testing. I’ll go level up to 12 and see if it happens to me.

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The text on the Volume Crafting skill (Epic 1 skill) seems to be inaccurate. Bulk crafting seems to be available without the skill, and the skill only increases the queue limit up to 20, not by 20. If it increased the limit by 20, then we would be able to have a queue of 30 crafts.

Edit: I was able to bulk craft on any machine without the skill.

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My bad, will fix.

I didn’t crash when I hit 12. Probably just a fluke

It isn’t the number of the level. It is the Level Reward Coffers that is crashing my game. 3 times now. Can’t be a fluke.

Must be something funky specific to your hardware. I’d look for a crash report and you might need to also list your system specs

It’s intended change.


When I opened the level reward Coffer by clicking Quick unlock or Unlock All, whatever that option is called, then it doesn’t crash, if the Reward coffer is mixed with the other coffers. It seems to only crash if the Level Reward Coffer opens by itself and using the full animation.

I know that bugs don’t always hit everyone. This is the first time I’ve had a consistent bug in the entire time I’ve played Boundless. It can’t be anything on my side. I upload the crash dumps every time it happens. When the coffers open, it has to be the least strain Boundless has to offer my pc.

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