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ooh - I can’t be totally sure I’m not using quick collect every time. Its very possible that I am, lol

Next time I level up on testing I will try to remember to collect it the slow animated way and see if I crash too

Also: Saying its something on your end doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong - it could be a driver specific error or something particular about your cpu or gpu - that’s not your fault, and it doesn’t even mean you have a bad pc or anything like that. Its just one of those things if its only effecting one person, there must be something on their end that’s interfering with it.

Sometimes certain overlays can cause it too, for example: I cannot use discord while I play minecraft, it always crashes immediately if I try. If I close discord - no problems. Why? I have no freaking clue. But that’s something weird happening on my end, probably. Or it could be a compatibility issue between two programs running at a time - thats why we’d sometimes need system specs. I used to work IT so I’m familiar with this stuff

I notice that if you tear down a Beacon, it still remains in the beacon list. It shows a bid red icon that it’s inactive, but I cannot remove it from the list. The X at the top does not respond. And there is not a delete from list option.

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As far as I remember, it takes a while before the beacon can be removed. I think I had this happen and the next day the usual “Remove from beacons list” option was there.

Thanks for the report. It does seems that the text is not matching the names of the coffers, so I’ll add this to the bug database.

If you’re mining a block that is made up of a soil block with a grass texture on top, then it will display text on screen stating that it’s a grass block (e.g. Barbed Grass, Verdant Grass). This similarly applies to soil blocks with no grass on top (e.g. Clay Soil, Silty Soil).

It’s intended.

Can you clarify this further? Are you doing this with a brand character or an existing one? If you’re not able to warp, does the menu give the reason why?

Thanks for the report. I’ve added this to the database.

Seems fine to me. What permissions are affected for you?

This seems okay to us on our end. For the task that requires placing down a grass seed, it will now only be necessary to place it down just once, so the fix will be on the live game soon.

I can’t find any reference to such an objective, unless you meant ‘A Chopping Great Time’.

If you started with a new character at the beginning, the initial objectives will ask to gather tree trunks, which will require mining them. You may have gathered sap at some point anyway.

Are you actually testing this on the live game? As that world isn’t currently available on there. Or on the testing version?

We couldn’t find any crash dumps that were from the live game, but we did see some from the testing branch that references your username. Was it on that version where you were getting crashes?

We have bugs in the database for the objectives that you have mentioned. If you have any other examples, please provide screenshots for these.

If you like, provide coordinates of the layout you’re trying to achieve and I’ll provide an aerial shot for you to illustrate what kind of layout that you’re going for.

I’ll pass the feedback onto the designers. As far as the compass is concerned, that’s already on our to-do list, but I’ve added your comments onto that.

Thanks for the report, I’ll add this to the database.

Just to clarify, are you trying to split items from the inventory and placing it into one of your hands? If that’s the case, then no, you can’t do that. The item you place into your hand has to reference the inventory slot, so you have to split the items separately from within the inventory first.

Yeah, that’s what I was doing. It’s a quality of life thing, no biggie. I understand the technical reason.

Yep I get that but the word “harvest” in the objective implies cutting the grass from the soil, but that gives you a seed and no increase in objective. “collect grass blocks” or similar would make more sense, I think.

We just changed things up because it wasn’t worth the time. Basically it was a 2x6 beacon and another 5x2 beacon in a row that connected to another 2x4 or something. It wasn’t until I made the beacon 2x4 three wide and switched plots will the 2x4 person that all of a sudden it was a settlement.

We had nothing like long roads of 1 or 2 wide plots. So I don’t know how the algorithm was already getting confused and not linking us when we were even had 2 plots free between us. This was the simplest of towns with a very basic design of just a 4 characters trying to build initial houses and get them connected. If you are interested it is ]i[ Marvoni Gateway Primis on testing @ like 30N 15E or something.

Ultimately, though, I still feel the overall approach you all have developed to settlements creating is not the smartest and can lead to challenges and issues that might never go away. You cannot really account for all city designs using some code with all the variables that people bring into the mix for designing a city.

A different model or method (like just selecting on your beacon which settlement to join) seems like possibly a better way to approach creation of settlements. It certainly gives people more power on what they join and don’t join. Like maybe I didn’t want to be part of the settlement in the first place but bam I am anyway. It would be nice if you all would consider other ways and post some ideas (at some point) so we can have discussions on if changing settlement creation would be better for the game play aspect.

Maybe you can pass on that viewpoint to the team working on this and see their thoughts (obviously after the release rush)…

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It is so unplayable and thus can not create a new beacon fuel :frowning:

@vdragon , yes on test only.

i opend a koffer in test server and it made me crash just now i filed crashdump thing

Same to me, when I pressed e for the tutorial messages, while opening a coffer. Don’t know if this is happening because of combination. I created dump and send it also.

The Message that “repeatedly placing blocks and picking them up again does not give you xp, and or extra resources”, is currently incorrect. I totally keep getting xp when I picked up some blocks that I was changing for a different color theme. I had already placed, them and recieved xp when I changed them out.

I did not get xp for placing down a block though.

On Test server.

Correction, and edit. I just realized I never actually set my new beacon as Home Beacon. So It would not let me delete it out of my places list.

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Which machine did it occur on? Also, did you submit a crash dump at the time?

Can you go into further detail? Was this during the tutorial or at another point in the game?

Okay, so this is actually about the working of the tasks. I’ll add a note to the database for someone to look at, since the word harvest implies gathering something, although those tasks can be completed by mining blocks but not collecting them.

@james and @lucadeltodecso, what do you think?

@Xaldafax, is this the area in question?

Seems to have caused various crashes, so we’ll take a look at the crash dumps submitted.

Thanks for the report, I’ll add this to the bug database.

Yup… The area in question was the dock. If you really want I can draw out how it was at the time of the problem. Let me know.

Also do note, last I checked (yesterday) that tower in the bottom right is not part of our settlement even though it is 1 plot away from Sulfer’s area…

The crash happens on every machine with “content” in german “Inhalt” means -> If you click on it…«crash»
This crash happens only in the german version. Have the language switched to english … so everything works fine in english. (System: macOS Sierra v10.12.6 )

Where i can find the crash dump?

If you can draw it out, that would be great.

As you’re crashing on the Mac version, you won’t be able to submit a crash dump in this instance. However, we have been able to reproduce the issue and has been added it to the bug database.

However, if you do get another crash on the Mac version, follow the instructions below:

@vdragon, if I remember this was the design at the time we were trying to create our first settlement.

  1. Havok red box.
  2. MrGamer purple box.
  3. Merly yellow box.
  4. Xaldafax blue box.

At first we had no settlement. Then Merlyn added the 4 plots up beside MrGamer thinking we should get a settlement and nothing happened. This doesn’t feel correct. We should have had one earlier because we all were within 2 plots of each other as solo beacons.

Finally we changed it again and added 2 things and all of a sudden the settlement was created:

a) MrGamer took over the 4 plots by his build to be a wider box.
b) I added the 3rd row of plots over the water (which I haven’t highlighted right now) and closed up the gap up to Xaldafax’s blue plots.

Lastly, as we stand as of last night when I changed again, everything in the black box is our settlement (basically) but the white box is not even though it is only 1 plot away.

@Xaldafax sorry for being off topic,BUT I would of laughed soooo hard if the drawing he asked for was going to be a paper with crayons used to make squares. For Some reason I just pictured that and laughed.

Or like a rough torn cardboard with a black marker, hahahaha. I wonder what vdragon would have thought.