Release 196 - Report issues here

Please report all issues discovered in Release 196 in this thread.


@james Release 196 post is missing James :confused:

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It’s there now.

The new new binding for holstering items is not listed in the Controls for rebinding (had to reset controls to default just to try it out)

In spanish version, the coins cant see. :scream:


You can’t delete a character when you only have one character. If new players start with one character slot then this can be a problem if they want to start over.

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We’ll add a note to the database for someone to look at.

What you said was a little baffling at first, but looking at the screenshot, it doesn’t show the total amount of coin, so we’ll get this fixed.

This will be taken care of. See the post here: Character Name

I’m not an expert on color names, but it seams like the color names missmatch. :smile:

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We have a crash of the game when we click on “content” on the machines (German version) :disappointed_relieved:

I thought there was something up with those! :joy:

I’ve been disconnecting when I use my forge on Elopor. I made it through several rounds, then I started dcing with each round I try afterwards, with the round failing to complete as well.

When you forge an item and only have 1 centraforge article (paste, gum, etc.) in the content of the centraforge, and you want use this, in the moment you press the round button, the server disconnect you. i attach few pictures.

One of our youtubers — @fleshka — collided with problem at copper mining objective. Destroyed copper seam blocks not counted in objective. Test branch.

No I would go near to where they fell, but not close enough to trigger them, and just wait for them to go dormant. Then I’d run over and harvest the rough Oort. Only thing I might drop were blocks to protect me from any hostiles that wandered near me.

This seems to be something to do with language setting and new 196 update but since I did report problem here before 196 report thread was created I think I should reply here.
This decimator/thousand separator shows up as  when language setting is on Auto-detect. When I set it to English it shows like before 196 (separator is comma). :slight_smile:
This thousand separator is much in numbers in the game (prices, tool details sheet, character sheet) so able to fix it that easy was nice but might still cause some other players problems.

So where ever that thousands separator data is fetched is shown wrong on my system when game language setting is on Auto-detect.

@Steggs101 Why did You move my answer to @vdragon to an old and closed tread (from 195 issue to 192 issue)?

Should it not be moved here?

New release today? I just got kicked out and then Boundless updated.

It start here.

Thanks for clarifying. I think we’ll have a fix for this at some point.

Thanks for the reply. Although I’m still not seeing the issue myself, I’ve added it to the bug database due to the screenshot you have provided as proof.

Correct colour names will be fixed in a later update.

Thanks for the reports. We have had multiple notifications of the server crashing, so we are aiming to get this fixed quickly.