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Im sure its probably been mentioned but objectives and feats arent retroactive. What i mean is that you only get credit for it if the task is active.

To be specific i did many objectives like beacon and fuel before the objs were showing in my list and had to redo them. Doubling up on tasks is detrimental to the player opinion of a game theyre just starting out in
“Buuuut i juuussst diiidddd thaaaatt…”

It would be nice if players didnt have to complete them one by one in order as they progress in order to get credit for the. Because of this it has cost me extra resources and cubits for plots . Major bummer when you feel like youre on a roll and then nope gotta redo that thing again.

The cubits part too tho. I didnt want / need to buy 2 more plots when i had previously bought five. Didnt want to have to recraft beacons either. Luckily i had an extra when i needed to extend beacon with plotter or id have had to destroy a beacon (was using 4) and lost the fuel … though i did still have to recraft one because the obj didnt recognize the four i already had down.


lmao, female character has voice of man

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I think no. 4 is because there might still be one last copper ore in the process of being melted so even though you’ve swapped them over it still has to finish that last one. When I swap them over I’ve always had to wait for that last one to finish before hitting the start furnace button again for the iron to start.

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You could of just un-plotted them and then re-plotted them, no need to buy more if you didn’t want them just yet.

Playing with an Xbox 360 controller - seeing PS4 controller prompts everywhere.

Server down?


Also seeing this.

Down for me too :frowning:

Same thing. Maybe some fixes?

Few of us are currently having problems with servers. Is this our end (3 different routers so would be surprised if it’s us. Can’t connect to any worlds.

Yep not just us

Same here -.-

i cant connect too

Having this issue. Doing objective “Energy to the Max” where it wants me to collect an objective reward coffer and level reward coffer. I only had a level reward coffer.

I believe the achievement “to mine ore, not to mine” is broken. Only counted a few blocks mined when I clearly have much more.

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Had a problem at the start which later resolved itself in that my friend and I both appeared completely black rather than our chosen colour.

At least one of the EU worlds has gone offline, I was playing on “Lamblis” and according to Discord I’m not the only one with this issue

Yeah same on the EU world I was on, now says can’t connect to world.

Finata world on EU is also offline

I think the whole EU server is offline