Release 197 - Report issues here


multi crashes over and over now.

At first Beckon went offline or showed it was full, then after that my game is crashing left and right no matter where I am at. It’s not affecting everyone, but it’s getting many people.


I think I have narrowed down when the crashes occur on the ps4. It seems to happen when I go near a large portal hub in my town (Ultima Aquahub on Finata). It’s happened 6 times today and every time it was when I was near or in the portal hub.


We’re aware of the server crashes and are currently investigating.

As with my previous post, we do have a patch that should contain many of the fixes that have been reported in this forum topic that’s getting close to 700 posts, so apologies if I haven’t replied to every single issue made here, although most are duplicates of earlier posts.


Ok than you, hope they can fix it soon :frowning:


new bug in 198

I’m currently on Alcyon and the Resistance buff is not displayed cf screenshot



Hi guys,

We’re changing the way we handle bug reports on the forums.

Inbstead of having one megathread per release, we’d like players to report issues they see in the Support category as it’s own post.

The reason for doing this is because the megathreads are extremely difficult to keep track of, and we’d like to be able to easily see how many people are affected by a certain issue just by looking at a single thread.

If you have posted a bug here and it has not been responded to, please feel free to create a new thread in the Support category, if it’s still happening in Release 198.


Tool masteries adding action speed to all equipment