Release 201: Quality of Life and Bug Fixes!


Unfortunately, the laws of physics and the universe we live in make this very difficult. Due to the speed of light (and internet speeds) it can take a signal from your location to our servers up to 250ms to be received.

Every other MMO fixes this issue by having their servers much closer to the players so you don’t notice this. But we wanted our game to connect everyone worldwide which means that I can play here (in the UK) on a server on the west coast of the US (~150ms) with very few problems. We try to start players on worlds nearby to them but portals make it very easy to end up on a server on the other side of the world.

What this ultimately means is that when you shoot the server doesn’t even know about it until 250ms later. Which is why we need to cover it with a pause.

Another insanely complex solution would be for the server to rewind history back to when you shot the creature and kill it there (also undoing any effect it would have done to you) and then playing time back fast forward to the current time. This would result in a really cool effect that each time you kill a creature the timeline splits into 2 and the creature world die instantly for you but later on for everybody else with the corpse in different places for different players. Now imagine what would happen if 2 players shot that last hit at the same time… :confused:


or if after the point of time reversal, the creature had even killed other players or removed blocks from the world etc etc.


According to common knowledge, if timeline splits so much, you just have to get back in time, and don’t let Biff Tannen get that Almanac…


Ah man giving away ones age by laughing at this :rofl::rofl:


Oooo time travel … does that mean we’ll be getting hover boards in the next update? :grinning:


Brew Container 2 instant health potions give 1,500 HP. I may be wrong but i believe before the patch they would give 2,000 instant Hp


Whole universe would cease to exist. The end of everything, the big collapse :smiley: (the mob would still be magically alive :D)


Loving this kind of clarity for changes, definitely an improvement from previous patch notes.

However, in future patch notes can we get the same detailed information about recipe changes instead of this:

Ideally listing the old recipe and the new recipe, or even just a list of what is added or removed from a recipe.

I’m curious if there is some kind of reason or intention to not having a comprehensive list recipe changes or if its more of a logistical thing.

Loving the bug fixes and adjustments over adding new content, especially finally being able to see machine durability again.


Changes should be provided AT the release. If patch notes are to be delivered early then we should NOT be listing specific changes that can give people an advantage over others.

Anyone demanding to have information that is specific to items that can be stockpiled etc before a patch is doing it to get an advantage over others or try to offset the patch changes.


Not sure to be honest. Lambis is where my gather/hunter character resides. I see quite a few Roadrunners and seem to be amassing Adrenal Glands steadily now. My character is doing ok on lvl 4 planets but what type of spitter drops the eyes, Not seen them drop on toxc spitter or a strong spitter yet on the lvl 4 planet - is it lvl 5?

Oddly I did get a Burn Shard drop from a splitter on Lambis the other night , I guess it’s the luck skill that caused it maybe, just weird to see it drop.


I appreciate the response and feedback @dave. I’m a developer as well with some game industry experience albeit a small studio who mostly did outsourced work from larger studios so I totally get where you’re coming from on this one. However, there must be something else at play here as in games such as WoW, FFXIV, Aion, Rift and other MMOs that I’ve played, even with a latency of, say, 100ms, creature deaths are still relatively instantaneous whereas, in Boundless, even if with similar ms, a Wildstock that takes a killshot from me as it’s about to charge but hasn’t charged yet, will go ahead and charge and hit me a full second later and I’ll take the damage. There must be something client-side that other games are doing to mitigate this very issue such as detecting the death client-side.


The death is detected client side but it’s not resolved until the server says so.

It does seem like any easy problem to solve. Say 2 players are attacking a creature - both players land a killing blow on their clients at different times but before the server can notify each other. So it’s easy. Both clients predict the death, predict the location, predict the drops, predict the harvesting, predict the drop locations, etc. It doesn’t matter that this is all happening in 2 different locations for each client as the killing blows were different. Easy.

But what happens if the creature explodes and modifies the world? 2 different craters?

The server must have authority to maintain integrity of the sandbox.


You’re kind of making a mountain out of a molehill here, my dude.



So. 1,214 Spitters defeated. I must have not gathered any eyes yet given your math. Maybe just one eye. Let’s check storage.

Well then…

Something tells me you’re not fighting on the right planet, friend. :wink:


Counter-point: It’s listed as a common crafting ingredient. Can we really call anything that you have to go to T5+ to consistently farm “common.”


Why is it that everyone assumes that if it’s not a problem with them it’s a problem for no one?

Last night I killed ~250 spitters, did 3 meteors on t5 worlds, and I received 1 spitter eye over 45 minutes.

I’m guessing you’re either:

Doing group hunts. This should not be required at all. Forced raiding for progression is what drove many of us away from other MMOs.

A highly geared / or maxed out player. If you reference my earlier comments, I said that this change had 0 impact on players like this, cause they would never use the ingredients in question.

The market speaks for itself. Go visit all the large name stores. I also spent a few hours filling request baskets. There isn’t a store out there that has these. Whoever did have them were bought out by players who got on immediately after the patch. The ones that do have them are charging more than shimmering orbs… required for BOON 3!


Leave your facts out of this lol. JK. :rofl: That’s a good haul.

I have barely any as I haven’t been going after spitters of the right teir level. Way to many 1s and 2s and not nearly enough 3+s. That’s not a game issue, that’s a me problem. I focus more on killing hoppers and running from cuttletrunks.


I dunno, my builder farmed 25 in an hour solo on besravona last night. Iron bombs (which work much better after this patch, thanks @james !) and some health pots and porridge, no armor, 3 vitality, no bomb mastery. Certainly far from optimal gathering stats, yet I got over two dozen an hour. I do have max luck +all stat bonus, maybe that’s the missing factor to successfully hunting for spitter eyes?


I’m not making it up: here are my totals. I’ve used a few of my other eyes for crafting. I’ve never used a spitter eye in my crafting.


It’s not a common crafting ingredient. Some of the “ingredient rarity” descriptions are not accurate.

I have done a single group hunt from the beginning of the new universe. I do almost everything in this game myself. These Spitter eyes are almost entirely from hunting on T5 and T6 planets solo.

I do use personally forged Diamond Slingbows, yes. They certainly help a ton. But I’m not talking about the recipe change and whether or not it affects me. I’m simply confused as to how you aren’t getting Spitter eyes if you’re miraculously killing ~250 Spitters in 45 minutes of play.