Release 201: Quality of Life and Bug Fixes!


Miiiiight be related to…


I see the intent but for example now shop owners that wanted to sell prepared ingredients but weren’t cooking top food recipes themselves because of the extra point cost/skill pathing can’t make the product to sell any more. It was relatively low cost to get Food L1 and make some ingredients either for later in your character’s progression journey, or to sell. Now many items are locked behind sometimes 5 point Epic skills.

Not sure decluttering a small part of an otherwise necessarily cluttered UI feels like a bigger benefit.


Another undocumented change, now buying plots (i believe anything with cubits) show which toon will get the plots (items too I presume), and in such big font that you just can’t miss it :smiley:

I didn’t see it yesterday.

Although change is very good, it would be nice to be documented too :wink:


For me, I think notes every change in detail is very important to any online game especially for MMO.
I can tell the difficulty to do that, but as a company you guys should make it perfect.

As i mentioned before, this is a release game, so i think you guys should make it more professional to show everyone you guys are ready.

I know players in the community are very patient also willing to give you guys the chance to improve the game.
But it will be better if you guys can make everything perfect compare to other popular MMo on the current market.

Players has right to know every single change to plan & prevent the issue before the patch release.
Especially both “bomb” & “forge ingredient” change will affect a lot of players in the game.


Absolutely agree, I think with the time I can allocate to playing, I’ve come a fair way as a solo player, spent a lot of time grinding for power coils etc to recently get forging, and now this happens, ughhh smh


Exactly why I quit playing with the update that nerfed bombs and added all the extra ingredients to recipes. Just saw it had an update an wanted to see what it was. They really arent giving people a reason to come back.


Now that I’ve had a chance to play, I wanted to give my feedback on this patch. Overall I think the changes are good, specifically:

Cooldowns : I think the fist is perfect now, and I really hope you don’t nerf/balance it by making it slower. Maybe a slight decrease in base damage, but it already lacks in range compared to the slingbow. Are there plans for gem/elemental versions of fists?

Boons: I agree with the recipe changes, but I think the boon points should be doubled for each pure boon, and another recipe added or adjust another with the same cost as the old pure boon (not requiring creature drops), and maybe add 50, 100, 200 each of the quirk and defect points per tier.

Atlas changes: Are great, I’m glad the fog isn’t obscuring the landscape as much as it did before, and it’s easier to understand.

Things I don’t like about this update:

Food recipe changes: This eliminates new players from the supply side of the economy, as before they were able to craft these intermediate recipes and sell them to other players who would then cook the higher level recipes. Before they would only need a single point in food crafting, and now they need between 3-13 to be able to craft these recipes. I applaud trying to streamline the knowledge tab, but I think making a cleaner UI is a better fix than moving recipes to higher levels.

Some additional thoughts/issues:

  1. The grapple skill still doesn’t adjust damage on fists, I know it’s been said this was in a development build, but any ETA on when it’ll be released?

  2. The AoE boon and magnet/auto-harvest boon can be applied to fists, but still doesn’t work. It would be nice to be able to use these.


I think devs should consider removing the animal-part component from the Pure, Imprefect, and Unstable boon compound 1 recipes, and double the vital essence cost of Pure Boon Compound 1 if they think it is too cheap.

Eyes are a pretty high cost of admission for forging. I just started forging in the last week or so. I now have the power and resources to use the higher level ingredients, and I think the spitter eyes for Pure Boon Compound 3 is fine; but there should be an lower bar of entry for those who want to check forging out and find out if they like it or not.

With the most recent change, Pure Boon Compound 1 requires the same amount of spitter eyes as Pure Boon Compound 3. As spitter eyes are the rarest of the ingredients in either of these components, this makes them basically cost the same. That means that in addition to the high cost of having the eyes to make Pure Boon Compound 1, there is an opportunity cost of those eyes not going toward a Pure Boon Compound 3. This results in every 1st or 2nd level Pure Boon Compound essentially costing you a 3rd level one which means it is NEVER a good idea to craft Pure Boon Compound at level 1 or 2. A recipe is poorly designed if it is never a good idea to craft it.

When I was first learning forging, Pure Boon Compound 1 was a great tool for learning what is a somewhat complicated system. It doesn’t grant enough boon points to do much (especially if you aren’t at full efficiency), but I was able to experiment without worrying about the defects and quirks. I also think that granting easy access to Imperfect and Unstable Boon Compounds 1 would let players play with the risk/reward of defects and quirks at relatively low stakes. In my opinion, these three compounds should be the gateway into forging rather than the bouncer keeping people out at the door.

I think it is important for forging to have a base set of ingredients that are low cost and low effectiveness. For me, these were Pure Boon Compound, level 1 pastes, and Setting Resin. This was a simple set of tools that allowed me some flexibility, but very little power at a low price point. If the devs are removing Pure Boon Compound 1 from that set of early learning tools, I would like them to think about what they expect beginning forgers to use.


This isnt true, the reason we dont forge many lowtier tools is because the resources are expensive and limited, and the tools dont last nearly as long or provide nearly the same amount of value as higher tier forged tools. To give you an epic forged hammer consistently, give me the materials i need consistently


It really never was. Its far better to craft the compounds that give 600+ boon points as they will give you the best boons


That’s exactly what I said… the profit isn’t there, because the same mats are used on higher end gear pieces that turn much better profit. I was told specifically by several forgers they would just rather forge high end tools because it costs the same mats as forging an iron tool. Being supplied with the resources consistently wasn’t a problem.


Thats not what i said. Being supplied consistently with materials IS THE PROBLEM. I mean seriously i could dominate the market of low end tools and make plenty of profit if only people supplie me consistently with materials, otherwise it just makes more sense to forge a tool that will last longer and do more base damage with the limited supplies i have


I completely agree. I just started learning the forgeing process. Actually started a new toon just for this purpose. Now that I have him close to being able to start using the Centraforge effectively for iron tools you pull the rug out from under me.

I honestly have been enjoying the game up to this point but don’t have 8+ hours a day to play and grind out all the resources. I am one of the few streamers left playing this game live at a mid to low level. I play mostly solo to show my viewers all aspects of the game so they can decide which path they would like to take. It is my style to show and teach the games I play on stream. However with the balance changes in the last two patches it is making it difficult for me to do that and to recommend the game to my viewers. Because of this I am seriously looking at my options as to what to show on my stream after I return from TwitchCon.

I ask that the devs reach out to the streaming community. Get input from them and work with them and see what can be done to help the community grow not shrink.


You’re really going around the same bush as I am here. Those same mats which you are saying is not being brought to you consistently are the very same mats used to forge lower tier gear. You just said it yourself, why use those mats on lower end tools? They won’t produce as much profit so you’re using your mats on the higher ends as a result.

The game has a low population. We’re not able to sustain the gathering needs so crafters have to make a choice on what items to use those mats to forge with. As far as mats being brought in consistently, they are. What you are seeing right now is where we are at, so decisions have to be made. You’ve already said what your decision as a crafter/forger is. As a gatherer, I’m still going to be bringing the same amount of mats in, they’ll just be getting used on higher tier items instead of lower tier. Gatherers can’t magically gather more mats. Whose to say even if gatherers did bring in more mats, that you’d forge those lower tier tools?

As it stands, high end forged tools get bought up within a few hours after being put up. Fury’s last round of hammers have lasted a little longer than usual I think but I think that also has to do with some folks not gathering as much due to broken regen.

It’s late, and I’m frustrated I can’t play due to PS4 lag issues that happen every night but I do enjoy the game even though I feel like there’s a lot to be worked on and they don’t have enough time/manpower to do it.


really super added spitters eye to low end forge ingrediens and say its still easy???
i kill 1000+ spitters strong stout and mighty and have 10!!! eye OMG this authors need all new ppls go yway i think patch to patch NOT improved gameplay and fun only NERFED all good.Now many recipes needs many and many ingredients and really stupid.Testing authors how is EASY hunt strong or mighty spitters on t4-5 planets with dualshock gamepad??? hahahah mighty spitters use AOE spreed bomb attack shot bombs with huge AOE range and dmg use multishots and all time jump around player 80% abilities is guided i think Authors dont know how is EASY hunt spitters eye hahahahahah.this game is on way to hell now.What next ??Stick need trunk +glue+ hide and 1 stick from All tree ? or stone hammers need powers in workbench and enriched agent?TESTING this change on PS 4 too pls before say its easy OMG.


I recently started learning forging. As a beginner I used a wood shovel and then stone shovels simply aiming for the loot magnet boon.

As a low level player this really helps my hunter character with QoL of not having to switch out to my totem every kill to whack the body so I can loot it and it gave me a sense of accomplishment as a fledgling forger.
I even managed to sell some in my shop :slight_smile:

Next I wanted to make the 3x1 shovel to aid in my collecting peaty soil faster but now that could be an issue with the recent changes to forging.

Hardly ground breaking forging abilities and as a new forger I don’t expect to be able to make the impressive 3x3 hammers. There are definitely areas where low end forging is useful and shouldn’t be restricted to “end game” content only!


It seems to me that they are balancing things. Which means some things get easier and some things get more difficult depending on where they are on the scale. Making things consistent is a good thing for me, even if some things get a bit more ‘expensive’ Since this is newly launched, I expect this kind of fine tuning.

I don’t understand the hysteria that this seems to generate. Negative feedback is welcome IMO, so no issue with that. However, the ppl who are so quick to take their toys and go home seem a bit ‘unbalanced’… see what I did there. I kill me.


Updated OP with @Jiivita release intro video.


This is a side effect of an increase in the requirements for that feat. Your character had completed Crushed and Compacted IV in the previous build of the game (with a requirement of 5000 items compacted). This patch upped it to 10000, but because you already received the award for this feat we display your progress as “10000/10000” with the green highlight to reinforce the idea that it’s already done, and you won’t be getting the reward a second time. It is a little confusing, but it will fix itself as you continue compacting items! :slight_smile:


You’re correct. All of the existing tools have no cooldown and were unaffected by this change. The Fist weapons, however, had a 1.5 second cooldown on top of their action speed which has been reduced and folded into their action time.

Speed of Fists changed somehow in the last Update