Release 201: Quality of Life and Bug Fixes!


I am a solo player. my town rank 30 on Beckon i built alone across my alts, on a tier 3 planet fighting a level one meteor i have left with 6-10 eyes(i dont keep track of this kind of stuff, but i guess i should from now on), its just luck. That’s the thing about RNG, right? Random number generated.


After speaking with the design team I’ve corrected the OP with regards to the Boon Recipe adjustments. These are in fact bug fixes and should have been marked as such, as the previous recipes were quite simply incorrect - the best Boon Compounds should never have been the easiest to make, this didn’t make sense in terms of progression at all.

Additionally I’ve spoken with the rest of the team and asked everyone to go through and double check that every change they submitted for the latest release has an associated patch note. As a result of this we discovered further adjustments to food and brew crafting levels, which have also been added to the OP.

It’s our responsibility to maintain the long term balance of the universe, worlds, resources, economy and crafting hierarchy. This includes fixing bugs, removing exploits and balancing the universe. Sometimes things will get easier and cheaper, and they’ll sometimes get harder and more expensive. With a better internal process in place, we’ll be able to communicate such changes with you all before they happen, and hopefully we won’t need to make changes to patch notes like this.

Recipe Revamps
DEVS: Forging, could you give us your thoughts?

How do you miss this many notes and changes?

I’m serious. How do you feel it’s acceptable to make these types of changes, without notifying players ahead of time at all that you’ll be making these changes, and why you are making these changes, and how you feel it’s better for the game?

You post a thread that you’ll be updating the game… an hour before the update, which will take at least an hour. Then, you post patch notes that are incomplete, missing several key adjustments.

You NEED better communication. Both internally, and to your customer base. I like your game, but this, it’s the type of stuff that will make me quit.



Thanks for reading everyone’s complaints and delights. Thanks for doing your job as a community liaison.



Thanks for herding the cats! :sweat_smile:


Erm. I don’t think they’re the best. They’re the only chance you get at mitigating some of the RNG horror in the forge process, yes, but unstable etc. are better once you can deal with their side-effects.

Or does the dev team rate removal of some of the annoying RNG element as a great benefit that makes them the best ingredient? If so, design aims seem a bit weird/punitive.

Do the devs play as players and progress through the game in a fashion like a regular player does?


Update 202? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the explanation… makes a lot of sense.

Can you clarify the planet tiers you hunt on? Sounds like there is a big balance issue or the need to expand the spitter levels that drop eyes.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but the recipes had been in place since release, no? Seems a little dubious to call it a bug after so much time has passed… I don’t really have much opinion of the change really, but let’s call it what it is, a balance update.


Why can’t there be an endgame system? There is nothing in the game, especially at earlier levels, that requires forged items. It makes much more sense as a way to progress past top-tier items then as a parallel line of progression to base materials.


After doing 3 meteors on T4 planet, and killing just a few other mobs, while discovering few regions for atlas i have 3 spitter eyes in inventory. It get much better on T5, but I believe for entry level forging having to travel to T5, or really grind spitters on T4 it’s a bit too much. On the other hand, Pure boon’s are mid-tier level supposedly, and the quirky ones are the entry ones… ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I think one of the problems is the devs don’t realize just how annoying the quirks and defects are on the tools and other gear. I know myself and the people I have played with don’t want debuffs on gear. It is a stupid concept. Forging is already bad enough cause of the RNG of it.


We can agree to disagree about nothing early game needing forged identities. The forge system should be a ground up system that scales as you hit higher levels. And we do have end game content already in the form of high tier monster hunts. We have end game content in the manner of gem farming. We have endgame content in the form of material farming higher tier planets that drop more materials reliably on some things, like reactive lam for example or shimmering orbs.

What is this fascination with forging being an ‘endgame’ system? Is it because it’s new and that’s been what vets have used as their shines new toy/tool while the new players worked through the system?

What is the argument for not letting the forging system be useful /designed for low/mid tier players as well?

For example maybe iron tools could only get the below aoe boom, silver/gold could be horizontal, etc etc

I understand that gem gear used to have a functionality similar to that but they were chunked for a forging system with an insane amount of rng unless you dump tons of mats in to it.

I think this discussion is something entirely different from the changes made today. New game. Lots of changes. Lots to talk about and discuss any time an update is made.


I feel like I need to, once again, remind people that the vast majority of gamers don’t visit forums, or even pay attention to patch notes.

So if they gave us the recipe changes ahead of time, a small number of people on these forums, which is already a tiny percentage of the player base, would be able to stockpile while the majority of players would get screwed.

You can argue whether or not you like the changes, but this is the best way to roll them out.


Or you could just put the notes in the launcher like every other game on the planet?


You’re not wrong that the majority of people don’t visit forums. However you are wrong in what /how people utilize he information.

I’ve had many discussions in hubs with folks about things that were on the forums and they don’t visit the forums. They’ll make a comment and I’ll respond with a discussion about a similar forum topic. They may not move to the forums but the in game discussion is enough to educate even more people who just happen to be stopping by for a bit.

Just like in EVE and WoW a smaller subsect of players read patch notes. However as I noted above, many of those people go on to spread the patch information to the playerbase. It’s not going to bother me in any way what the devs end up doing. They’ll do whatever they do with or without regard to how we feel about it. Communication isn’t going to make it worse though, I can guarantee you that.


Nice listing of recipe changes!
I hope future patch notes would be on recipe part like this so that I am prepared before and don’t need to start wondering why I can’t craft something like before :slight_smile:
Boon changing makes sense I did usually use only pure ones because of other recipes were more expensive and had negative effects that might have been interesting to check out.


In my situation, I usually don’t.

This morning I logged into the game and suddenly all of my crafting recipes were unavailable.

I was forced to come here and figure out why I couldn’t do the same things that were possible yesterday. This was a pretty, at first annoying and then, upsetting experience.


This is an MMO. MMOs change constantly. Some are game breaking mechanics, some are game enhancing mechanics. You’ve gotta read the patch notes or ask someone that does. Otherwise you’re wasting your time. Thats like going to an outside event and not checking the weather first to see if it’s goin to rain. At least ask someone lol

That could be the difference in wasting 2 hours bomb mining after the nerf and coming back with 0 resources or realizing ahead of time its been removed.


So I was in Lamblis looking at the resources tab and saw “spooky bean” listed. Is this new?


Is this just an update to the Character page correctly showing the % for a potion/food, not a tooltip update the displays the effects of a buff on a player?

When I eat a meat pie I see no difference with this patch. Just curious.