Release 201: Quality of Life and Bug Fixes!


The day I have to work in such environment, is the day I resign. Nothing personal against you. Just… having to create ton of documentation instead of thinking and coding… yuck. There is actually a great manifesto.


Also just found out that levels 1 - 3 compound mascraft require 18 spitter eyes.

For level 1 compound really? I’m sorry but that’s <edited by Steggs - Watch the language> up.

Guess I’ll give up forging…


In their defense they may even communicate and ask our opinion TOO much. Maybe. Most games just put stuff out. They really have no obligation to ask our opinion on changes ahead of time. because at the end of the day its still their game.


Who would even want to make level 1-2 if you already need to start saving for level 3 smh.


I do want to make sure my post didn’t make it sound that people couldn’t be unhappy. I’m not happy either with some things, etc. So I completely get the disappointment and wanting to voice opinions and push the developers toward making improvements that help everyone and not feel like it is only making the game harder. I’ve done my fair share of providing critical feedback.

My point was more about people that cannot contextualize and communicate their disappointment in a way that can be actually heard by the developers. There are plenty examples of this throughout the forum. But, I look at your post and you actually helped show how you were hurt…

I don’t know how a forging business could be wiped out by these changes so maybe provide some feedback at that level. Maybe if the developers can understand that better then they can make decisions that will help the game even more. I think if we had more posts on how people play the game it will help versus just posts on “nerf = bad”.


A simple solution to all this would maybe be to give regular Tier 1 & 2 Spitters a small chance to drop eyes when defeated and Tier 3, 4 & 5 Spitters a much greater chance to drop them. Something like this would give newcomers (like myself) to the game especially, a chance at getting their foot in the door when it comes to forging. There has to be some kind of happy balance to be found somewhere here.


Thanks for this. To put things plainly, I’ve kill approximately 2000-3000 spitters. I have 2 spitter eyes to my name (I don’t sell them, and I don’t drop them) over 40 hours of play.

For 1 mass craft I need 18. This makes it all but impossible for me to ever be able to craft boon 1 or boon 2, unless at my current rate I play another 360 hours. Currently I’ve spent probably close to half a million coin getting coils, machines, spark, ect ect setup to forge, with the idea that I can forge low end items. Most of this was earned by mining rock, gathering resources, and selling items via trade. None of it was free (“footfall”). 2 days ago, it started being a reality and I could craft the items I wanted. Today, it’s not. I’ll need to spend approximately another quarter million to craft Boon 3, which has materials you can actually gather at the right quantities. Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, I have no idea if they are going to nerf boon 3 as well. My trust in the development staff is broken.

Unstable boons are terrible, and not a suitable replacement. They often times ruin the items, since it takes far less defect points to get defect, then it does boon points to get a boon. Making a useless item cheaper, doesn’t matter at all.


Right, tell your pals in the cubicles that the atlas change is awesome and under no circumstance are they to mess with it again.
TY :smiley:


Pure boon compounds arent even that good, for a measly piece of a wildstock eye you get an extra 400 boon points per compound


Out of just 2 meteors I attended in a group, I had at least a dozen spitter eyes, and 6 horns, and other trophy’s.


Im gonna play around with the unstables a bit on copper and iron tools, 0 power. Oddly enough rng is usually in my favor :flushed:


if you are getting the horns and other trophies then you are doing higher level meteor. I am not at the place that i can do that yet. My toon can just not take the hits from those mobs.


All the nerfs are really hurting people that play solo, semi solo, or in very small groups. There are a lot of us that prefer to play the game that way.


I think the point here is that forging isn’t friendly st any stage to low/mid tier players. They’ve had many chances to make forging a system/tier wise system but they continue to seemingly pingeon in as a high end/end game system.

It should not be like that. Lower players should be able to use the forge system with readily available mats, with less power and efficiency as the current forging meta goes. As it stands right now no one really forged a lot in low/mid tier because the profit isn’t there. Low and high end tools use the same forge mats. If the forger increases their profit exponentially by doing high end tool forges, why would they use those mats on lower?

TLDR: the devs have a great system here that could be used from early to end game and they are failing to capitalize that.


i used pure 1’s cuz they where so cheep and allowed me to get a little boost to my tools i did not want to go higher tier cuz of the high power and skill requirement now i will prob not forge till i get the high tier point cuz why im i going to risk my tools with unstable boons when with pure 1 i was lucky to get 2 effects.


Off topic but does everyone there get drops or you must hit them/kill them? What about pure healer or even just tanking? They get creature drops for taking hits from them or healing those that kill them?
I never group because i was thinking i’d just lose out on drops


If a corpse spawns for you, you get da lootz. I tank and just run around looting for most of meteors since I’m not a huge dps or healer.


So if you pick up corpse no one else gets then, unlike meteor box?
In the immortal words of Alice Deejay, i’m better off alone.


Everyone gets the monster loot just like a meteor loot.

It’s just client side so when you collect the loot it’s gone from your screen but not other players.


Ooo, fantastic