Release 203: Bomb Augments!


Nice. So I am guessing you move the bomb augment over the bomb to attach the augment to it. I am actually very curious how this works.

@Steggs101 Can we possible get a new creature in the next content patch? I think that would awesome for meteor hunts! :smiley:


Revive augments work like warp augments in basic use. You just target a player


thanks for your feed back, maybe i’m wrong, when i first saw posts about the signs, it was already fixed because i tested it and it was there. Maybe i saw thoses thread the last week idk. :smiley: Glad that is fixed for everyone!


Is there more fixes than listed?
I was able to complete item in forge that was stuck there since 201 and forged light sources aren’t blinking anymore. Awesome! :slight_smile:


Oh…this makes me happy.


I ran into this, too. The game told me my beacons were about to expire. I sent all my dudes to their respective beacons and everything seems to be okay.

It also auto-popped some settlement feats for me.


Great, now I have to waste coobits to respec to slingbow for delicious augments. Damn you WS :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Updated OP with details of hotfix 203.1.

Hopefully this update should fix the majority for PS4 crashes. :crossed_fingers:

Game needs to update, but no Update?

W00T fixes


No love, for PC people.


Jk jk, put your pitchforks away :rofl:


Because PlayStation is the best place to play. :smile:


fights the overwhelming desire to go off topic :exploding_head:


I agree, that’s why always get most, and the juiciest bugs :hugs:


Yes because the almighty PS4 race is strong and we can take it :muscle:


lol PS4 is holding the game back, as it can’t compete with PC power.


This is all sarcasm of course lol i know PC is going to perform better overall. We cant even get test servers :confused:


lol but I do like playstation, I grew up on them. But games like this, which requires a lot of CPU power will be gimped in the long run. Honestly, I see a future if it follows the MMO status. Where PS4 support will dropped in the future, for support of the PS5 (only 1-2 years left until release)


Updated OP with details of Release 203.2 which only contains an improvement for PS4.


Anyone selling gold bombs and bomb augments?


I really don’t know how code for PS4 differ from PC, But looking at my AMD CPU usage when playing boundless:

That small lengthy spike is when running through portal hubs.

I believe it’s RAM that’s holds down consoles. I got only 2 x 8 GB sticks of RAM in my PC, and the GPU has just 8 GB. But maxed out graphic, card ram usage is just over 2GB, while the game beside that uses almost 8GB. And PS4 (pro too) has only 8 GB ram overall (+1GB for OS not included in that 8).

But if it’s ram the downside is that Boundless can keep as many chunks in memory as it can on PC. I don’t think that PS4 is what holds back Boundless.

I mean consoles are notorious for keeping the game industry back, but it’s not such a big deal in case of Boundless.