Release 203: Bomb Augments!


I don’t want to miss it anymore, very good. Thank you for that!

Can we also get this to apply when picking up blocks?
When building, my top left wood or stone stack is always a mess.


I think PS4 shares RAM between CPU and GPU, which makes for a pretty constrained environment


Dunno when this decided to happen, but for some reason when you change the tint of an outfit item and just press ESC to exit out of the outfit tab and inventory, the tint sticks without needing to apply it. The tint is also visible to others on some outfit items such as the recent Gourd mask.



I found a small problem here. If you have a slingbow in one hand and a grapple on the other hand, and the grapple has more range than the slingbow, when a mob gets in grapple range(but not in slingbow range), the crosshair turns red make me think I can shoot but of course when I shoot I don’t get a hit.
I hope I made me understood.


At least the majority. I only recently have been able to and ive been using a keyboard since i started playing 2 days after launch on my ps4

Also im still occasionally experiencing my grapple letting go. Its not as frequent as before but still an occasional thing when i switch my opposite hands item


Could anyone tell me, how can i rotate blocks yet?


With a hammer, brake it, and place it again :frowning:

Hope one day we have a new tool or something like shift+click with chisel, but not for now.


But the patchnotes says the chisel can now rotate blocks.


This is for beacons, campfires, locks and skuls. Not blocks yet


shopstands as well. Unless they have a sign attached and then the stand will rotate but the sign will stay where it is :stuck_out_tongue:


I have both pc and ps4 version. Pc is hands down better. Better graphics and controls. Runs faster too.


Yeah because ps4 has a limited performance :wink:
And on PC you can make the graphic smoother, because of much more performance