Release 205: Atlases++ and Signs++!

If I bought an atlas with 50/50 discovered but I havent discovered all of them will it stay the same when I refresh the resources

Updated OP with details of Release 205.1.


I want my old atlas back… prices are even lower now =( i can make anything on my own now, no need to shop, and i think that im not the only one. Does this mean that shopkeeping meta is over, or close to being over?..

IMHO it never even started, All stuff was always so easily accessible (i mean gems were harder to get than fibrous leaves… but still) that there was not need to do any trading, at all. You could, but it’s just the same part of the game, like cosmetics are… it’s still the same game without them, nothing in “core” really changes.

The most valuable resource is time, and each player only has so much time to spend gathering, so as long as people have more of one thing and less of another, there will always be a place for buying and selling.

I think you can put the lack of sales down to the abundance of stores.


“I think you can put the lack of sales down to the abundance of stores.” - quoting Pseudonym84.

Not only the abundance of shops but also the pricing of items. Example seen a shop sell non buffed diamond tools for around 20,000 c, and another sell the same item for less than 8,000 c. Such vast fluctuations in pricing make it worth the effort to go planet hopping looking for deals.