Release 207: Body Paint and New Elemental Worlds!


I’ve read that before but I haven’t got a clue what a ‘chunk’ is…

Anyone know?


a chunk is apparently 2x2 plots horizontally. Not sure how to find out what chunk is what, i assume debug menu may help


Am on PS4, no debug menu :slight_smile:


Unless they have investors giving them the runway. I work in the industry also, and your model (or proposed solutions) are not the only ones. I believe they have mentioned many times already that they are doing this as a slow burn - they are in no rush to satiate the people burning out early (as would lead to an unstable/rushed mess).

So many threads/posts are from people panicking about the pop numbers, yet look at some facts - have the team been desperately appealing for shares/help yet? - nope; That alone should start to make sense to their direction. They don’t want the numbers at the moment - why? Ask that question (If you’re in the industry, you’ll know why).

All the content will come in time, and the stability also…

Consider also the other factors in development (If you’re an industry head) - Staffing… as they scale they can’t just plop a new guy in, as the learning curve moves into months. So imagine the complexity of a new AWS dude landing in the mix - the impact and improvements will take months to trickle through (along with a host more bugs!)

I guess my counter is that you’re not really looking at the larger mass of factors, and expecting - albeit demanding more from a team focused on crafting their product carefully (which this product oozes). Thankfully, they won’t rush, thankfully they are treading carefully.

I had a discussion with someone last night about this burning issue - and there is a polarization of viewpoints. You’re obviously not happy with the pace of the larger content, and passionate about the game, and some are very happy with what’s there and the direction etc… The solution might be that @james gives the community access to the development milestones to appease the stressed out players that are so into the game that they are consuming the content faster than it’s created, while being ‘kept in the dark’. It would also help the community to educate new players on the expected content - let us be your ambassadors, community managers… give us the knowledge to inform these people! (unless these documents are already in the wild?)

The team must have milestones, and would be a pity if they feel as though they want to keep it secret - maybe a middle ground can be found to title the milestone cryptically enough to keep all parties happy?


Updated OP with details of the latest hotfix - now live.

Scheduled Update - 23rd November, 09:30 UTC - Hotfix - COMPLETE

thank god (or the one who made this) for this limitation!

horrible enough as it is now to move over ultima hub with 20fps on my laptop (where most other areas are stable 60)


yay! we are no longer " Fashionless " :rofl:
hope we will have clothings soon too.


I am, unfortunately, on the same page as Dhusk. The game promised a great deal on the steam page that won’t be viable for months, if not a full year. I’l come back, but there’s just no meat on this game’s bones as of yet.

I mean, we don’t even have any lore on why we undertook the Great Transmigration or even who we are - neither of which would require coding of any kind and both of which would help flesh things out.

Still have great hopes for the game, let’s see if they pan out.


In Boundless, the mobs raid YOU!


I love the look of the body paint but YIKES! 1200 Qubits?? too rich for me :sweat::nysad:


1,200 cubits can easily be farmed in a day…besides try supporting the game with real money once in awhile.


I paid that 1200 for each of my four chars. But I remember a shock upon discovering the cost. Didn’t expect more than 500-600 per one.


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