Release 207: Body Paint and New Elemental Worlds!


FWIW, personally, I was attracted to Minecraft (and Boundless) for its paltry RPG aspects plus the sandbox. There is enough there to give you some structure and goals:

  • Why should I build a base? Ah, to protect myself and my junk against creepers/zombies/etc
  • Why should I go mine iron? Gotta upgrade past these crappy stone tools
  • Why should I go mine diamond? Gotta upgrade past these crappy iron tools
  • …repeat
  • Ok, now what? Go make a nether portal, and start gearing up for the ender dragon
  • Slay mr dragon. Ahh, I’m satisfied.
  • …wait, but my base needs more tweaking/automation!

The amazing thing is that for each of these progression steps, there’s a huge amount of gameplay building/expanding a base, exploring the world, farming/crafting, etc. But having some guidance through that really improves the sandbox experience, at least for me.


I’m understanding more. I played TONS of Minecraft, but before the dragon ever existed : P. I always liked to mob farm, but that didn’t really involve killing them, but more building a bigger and better mob farm building : )

I miss redstone so much!

And minecarts and boats.


Can you link to the advertisement of the stuff that you are speaking of? I joined a few weeks after release date




Redstone was a form of endgame on its own. Like building is in Minecraft and Boundless. Redstone is my favorite aspect of Minecraft, and I still hope so dearly to one day see some variant of it here.


and hoopers!


I’ve passed the time in this game with building. It’s really fun. However, there’s only so much that I can do before getting really bored. My main build is around 1.4M prestige right now and I’ve basically just been adding random things to it for the last month. I can’t really bring myself to gather any more materials or build anymore for now. Maybe that’ll change in a couple months.

Boundless was pitched as a sandbox MMORPG from early on in EA and throughout. We were all lead to believe (it was even displayed proudly right on their website) that there would be titans, private worlds and other such RPG and generally “replayable” type end-game content in the game. We are no… where… close… to any of that and what really put the nail in the proverbial coffin for me was @james roadmap that listed out little more than incremental improvements on existing systems. I suppose the mention of farming was interesting but what he said about it was so vague that it leads me to believe that it is a LOOOOOONG way away and that they’re focused on just polishing what they have for now.

My status for next few (at least months) will simply be ensuring my beacon and portals are up. I don’t want to lose what I’ve built but can’t bring myself to log into the game anymore than just doing one hunt every few weeks to get some Oortstone.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I’ve had a great time in Boundless to date. I still love Boundless. However, I can’t bring myself to log in anymore because I’ve exhausted everything this game has to offer and, without sounding melodramatic, I know of countless hardcore players who are in the same boat as me right now.

My biggest fear is that the company is riding the initial income wave they got from launch sales and gleam club and that they actually have no intention of delivering titans or any really big, replayable end-game features. Further, that the money will run dry in the near future (around Summer 2019 at the latest) and the game will go into pure maintenance mode without us EVER seen any of the end-game features they got us hyped about

I hope I’m wrong. I genuinely do and I have no evidence to back up what I’m saying above aside from having been in the game dev industry myself for some years and knowing very well how things work.


They’re scarce as a lot of it was in the original forums but I did find the following promo from years ago that shows off what I believe it a titan:


Thank You ! Love the paints


The fact that they have been here for years, and STRONGLY developing it, and STRONGLY active with the community for the Entirety of those years, proves they are not going anywhere. Fear not padawan.


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I agree, this should definitely be treated as high priority. If at all possible, even a hot fix today is needed. Trying to do anything that uses a lot of energy has become incredibly tedious, to the point I’ve just given up a gem mining session because of it.







That’s not how the game dev industry works unfortunately. They got their initial launch cash flow and it will have already started dropping off and over the next few months will drop off almost entirely with just occasional pick-ups on PS4 or Steam. Do you know how MMORPGs bring in new customers regularly? Expansions and massive patches packed with lots of new features. Do you know what Boundless isn’t doing and apparently isn’t planning to do?

I’m not purposely trying to be combative here. I’ve worked in the industry. I know how things work. The money dries up quickly unless you do one of a few things:

  1. Release regular DLC/expansions/major content patches
  2. Re-release the game as a remastered/HD/whatever format to get a fresh influx of capital
  3. Release to an entirely new geo


Your math is off. That adds up to 90%. Lol

Did you count losing hair as the missing 10%? (Kidding)


Unless the game is simply good. So many ps4 players are not hardcore mmo players. There isn’t a lot of true mmo’s on consoles. So the initial influx had the curious, had the new ps4 players, and then a lot of hardcore “how fast can I do everything and get bored” players.

A lot of players didn’t realize that this is a casual crafting game. But it’s in their inventory now, and they will be back. Because building stuff is fun. It’s also one of the least toxic communities out there.

The other thing to keep in mind, is they just released a patch with new stuff. So they are adding to the game regularly. You said they need to release regularly. They do. But It’s not everyone cup of tea. So many kids just like killing people in games. This has none of that. There is still double the players than we had in the alpha. So The people who like this style of game stays. The other players move on until they get the itch to come back. But every game has an increase when it launches ofcourse. then naturally there is a drop for a time afterwards. It does not mean the game died, and the devs used this as a money grab. That actually insulting to all the backers that have worked hand in hand with the devs since the beginning.

But yes the industry is like that for the 90k ■■■■ games from India, which Steam, rolls over and over until I want to puke seeing them advertised every single day, like their a good game. And most of those games has zero devs anymore or support and majority bad reviews. And they were quick cash grabs. But you don’t have to be here long to realize this isn’t one of those. I’m surprised you can’t see the difference just by being in this forum, a forum which all those other games don’t even have.


This hasn’t changed, apparently its 500 per chunk. Spread out your Spark Wire, Machines, Benches, Storage and Coils over more plots horizontally.


Seeing as machines are worth Prestige, and a fair amount at that, there was an issue during beta with people carpeting their base in furnace bases and such, which would lag out everyone in the area.

There are some locations that make my frame rate drop even now with a 500 cap - and I have a pretty beastly PC.


Except it’s not a casual crafting game. It’s a hardcore economic sandbox with rpg elements. According to the marketing material I’m supposed to be traveling between planets to take control of resources, buying low and selling high, charging people to access my beaconed off areas of the world and becoming an economic power house through my store. I’m also supposed to be traveling to distant worlds to defeat exotic wildlife, killing ancient oort protectors and grouping up friends to raid giant flying titans.
During my downtime I’m supposed to be focusing on my craft because to be a master crafter I need time, skill and a well equipped workshop so I can become known as the best crafter in the area, which will help me become to economic master I was talking about before.

Nothing about this game was marketed as just casual crafting


The remaining 10% were low percent regions, based on almost all of our ancestors travels from Africa, into the Caucasus(I’m white). My math is 100% correct, as those numbers are based on DNA tests. If you read a little further down, you would see the remaining 10% in a picture I posted of the actual results.

Edit: This picture, to help you out.