Release 207: Body Paint and New Elemental Worlds!


You guys sure do have some low hanging fruit there to attempt such a brazen fix!


We’re lucky you’re in the UK, if you were in America we wouldn’t see a fix until you all had come out of your turkey coma next week :wink:


Awesome job, guys! Thanks.


This woulda worked great for arenas. You should take that bug and make it into a feature. No XP, no loot. Just pure unadulterated fun :hugs::sweat_smile:


We eat turkey at Christmas over here, but im mostly looking forward to being the only person down in Guildford celebrating St. Andrews day next week! :tumbler_glass: #NoHaggisEmoji


Did you see the roadmap James released? Nothing you mentioned is even on it. Titans, temp worlds, private worlds are all at least a year out. So enjoy your bug fixes and modest tweaks to existing systems for the next 12 months.


Well it’s lucky they didn’t advertise any of that content as being part of the game when they released it then… Oh wait.


What’s haggis taste like? It’s illegal here in the U.S due to the fact it has Sheep lungs? Which they say is a health risk.


@OdinsRavens learn something new everyday. Never knew it was illegal to export haggis to the USA! If it’s St. Andrew’s day next week then we should have a Scottish day in all the work canteens, though last year they butchered stovies @rossstephens :(. I’m a quater Scottish but stovies are a must every winter when you get in from work on a freezing cold day!


lol You’re from the UK?

I am grade “A” American Mutt.

Europe West 32% (German)
Ireland/Scotland/Wales 28% (Irish)
Great Britain 20%
Scandinavia 10%


I did and we will get an update every 2 weeks so it might go way faster then you expect


The math confuses me - is it 28% Irish and 20% British? (Britain includes Scotland and Wales. Well, for now!)


It’s lovely! I had a vegetarian haggis in Edinburgh once which was also good.


It’s based on region



Aha thanks, interesting!


Also as for me specifying like (Irish, German) that is because I am 100% sure that is where my ancestors came from, in that region.

I can track them all the way back, through the “viking era”. My Ancestors, on the Scananavia side, were Norsemen who helped found Dublin, Ireland. They then later migrated to the U.S. Where they shortly after, went to war against the British Empire. Of course the further back in time you go, the smaller the amount that remains. The low confidence regions for example, are mostly the same for a lot of “Caucasians” because it shows my migration period from where we ALL came from in Africa.



This breaks my brain. Vegetarian …haggis


Surprisingly good! The whole menu/restaurant was fantastic though so I’m not sure it’d work if it hadn’t been an excellent chef.
Trying desperately not to OT the whole thread, has anyone seen Elemental mobs on Flan? I was trying to get the related objective for Elemental Wildstock/Spitters on a Turbulent world and in the end just gave up and went to Serp. I wonder if Flan has that spawn bug where they wouldn’t pop as before. If so I’ll do a support thread but thought perhaps it was just a run of bad rolls.


Honestly, idk I mostly see them everywhere on T6 worlds.


Cool well when they actually introduce any of the replayable end game content they advertised for launch then I’ll return to the game. My bet is fall of 2019. I think the incremental updates James discussed in his roadmap will consume the next 10-15 updates.


Question before you leave…

Would you be happy if they improved the building and or grind time for building as the endgame?

Or are you only looking forward to the RPG elements?

Guess I’m trying to understand because I always felt like sandbox games like these attracted players who like to build.