Release 207: Body Paint and New Elemental Worlds!


You mean this one?


If you warped to another player it would spawn an extra 10 or so creatures around them. There was no need to walk through the warp either so you could just warp to your friend from the sanctum multiple times and each time they would get more creatures around them. We kept it quiet because it was a good exploit for grinding creatures and also because you could easily grief friends with it.


I’m curious on the cool down time for skill resetting. First one instant, then is there a 24hr wait till the next reset is available?

I’m wondering cause I want to try my hand at forging finally using my lower level axe/shovel character. Instead of having to get an alt just for forging. In which case, i might find that forging might be too time consuming and that would waste cubits on an alt that’ll never be used.

Thank you!


So long as your inside your home beacon ut should insta switch. Otherwise its a 15 min wait.
At least thats how i understood it to work.


It’s a bug.


Awesome thank you so much for the quick response!! Very much appreciated!


Can someone explain to me how all this goes to a test server and still comes out glitchy. No im not being a ■■■■. I honestly would like to know. Are the servers that different that things like the well fed buff stuff are overlooked? Or was it that something actually changed from the testing server to live?


I’ve noticed significant improvement of performance on my potato laptop at work. Need to test it on better PCs at home, but the increase is significantly noticable.

Oh, and the energy bar finally works as it should, and I don’t need to carry whole stacks of food with me any more…


was reported 5 days ago :S


Ty sir. So a case of not doing a last quick scan of bugs reported. :pensive:


The issue was reported and added to our issue tracker with a “medium” priority. We push a release once all “high” and above issues are resolved.

This issue was likely miss prioritised as a medium instead of high.


Ty for the walkthrew of the steps james. It helps to know how all the gears turn :blush:. You guys are doing great. Just was curious.


WTB actual content


What about being patient. I rather have a ton of bug fixes and a little new content now and a smooth gameplay in 3/6 months with then new content being added (titans, temporarily world, private worlds etc)


Thanks for the info. A lot of respect that you guys are so honest and open with these dialogs! You have a lifetime supporter just from that perspective. Aside from the fact I’m addicted to this game! Lol


This patch is great! If you have the means, buy body paint and gleam club to support the devs!


Thanks Devs!!!



Why are they needed now? I keep starving


It’s a known bug that’s been fixed. They’re looking into pushing a server side update.


Probs get that out tomorrow morning, very risky doing it when almost all the office have gone home! But the test seems to be working. So Green to go in the morning :call_me_hand: