Release 209: LED Blocks, Forge++, and Oortmas!


Hmm gonna have to do some “testing” when I get home…


My new forge engine just for this update. The engine is so powerful it needs it’s own comfy chair to operate it safely.


That is super cool - I saw it instantly as an engine!


Good to know :slight_smile: Still though even cutting the color requirement in half helps.


Wow, awesome use of the skulls there too, they just blend in as a component of the engine



@james Curious as to why wait until the 18th for the winter event? You might make more money if it went most of the month. I actually have neck surgery on the 18th and, where I am praying one, I am not paralyzed afterwards, and two, I can get on and get some winter eventing done before it ends.

Obviously don’t move the date on my own accord, but maybe for a bigger picture.


Aww, I misread this and though it was an overhaul of the Character Select page. :confused: I and I’m sure others would welcome similar tweaks to show more info on that page. In particular sometimes I want to know which character, e.g. has most money or free plots.

(Thanks for the rest of the update!)


The low-end forge component changes are very much appreciated and I’ll actually get into some low end forging over the next few days/couple of weeks. :slight_smile:

However, sorry to bring a potential negative to this… It seems odd to me that the addition of Reactive Lamella to T3 planets is a bit underwhelming; that I could see, there was less than 0.1% distribution in any of the eligible T3 planets? One of the planets, I think Gloviathosa was <0.01%, and the highest planet I think was 0.06%.

I haven’t remembered to look at what it might be for the T4 distribution, but if it’s similar-ish I’ll likely just keep looking where I’ve looked before on T5-T6.

I would just like to understand the intent here; if the addition of T3 Reactive Lamella is to aid low-end forgers actually get started, shouldn’t the distribution be significant enough to find at least a couple of the mushrooms from wandering around for some minutes on grassy areas on the T3 Lush/Coal planets?

On the other hand, maybe the distribution is so low only because they were just added but more will start spawning around? It won’t matter to me in the long run… but clarification on this would be nice, anyway. :slight_smile:


I think it has something to do with surface resource regeneration. Seems like people have been talking about dropping percentages on the new planets fairly often when it comes to mushrooms and other plants. So I think it may be related to just how quickly it’s getting harvested.


The spores have only just started to settle on the planet and the species has yet to spread its influence! GIve it time and the wonders of nature will do its thing :evergreen_tree::mushroom::mushroom:
…Yeah, this is because of the regen, should start to see it spring up soon enough


Lmaooooooooo chill! :joy:


best reply ever


High end crafting just got a lot more complicated, but finally deconstruction resin and other ingredients have a purpose. 8)


Thanks for the clarification, much appreciated. :slight_smile:


Does this mean the Awkward Miners will become active again?


Wish they would adjust the other gem types so topaz / amethyst do not suffer so much efficiency wise and even sapphire / ruby suffers a little bit with the increased efficiency because of their flexibility.

Don’t see a reason to separate them like this as it just encourages the use of diamond tools more often and math is annoying when trying to figure out how much boon points we get at times.

Also can we not see when peoples quirks and such trigger as we did before this update and it will get annoying even more if a lot of items get quirks now.


Agree on this alot. I was experimenting with topaz all rounder crit monsters pre patch. But now it’s shelved because of efficiency lacking on them for no reason I can understand…


Well the reason this could be an issue is… say there is a type of Gleam that is rare and comes in small patches so grinding large quantities takes a very long time.

Using this method, you could put one in your inventory, make sure it’s in the first slot, and then fill the rest of the mass-craft slots with a type of Gleam that’s /super/ common, thus the output being a whole mass craft of the rare Gleam.

Honestly this isn’t an issue to me because I’d love any opportunity for rare Gleam to be less so… but I can see it definitely being looked at as a bug since you’re mass crafting a specific color without nearly enough of that color.


Could be a big deal if something scarce is added for sure