Release 209: LED Blocks, Forge++, and Oortmas!


I heard they said it has to be majority color will be the output? Like 51%


They will see it better if you do this:

Might help it not get lost in here =D


The snowy ground is pretty. Looks especially neat on the sides of meta stone.


yeah, me too; instantly thought Merlin and Spitfire :sunglasses:


Why did you break the only way to forge?
I thought you gave to the players and you took away from the players

people and so little, and you want to became even less. Good luck with that

gone to play in other


Ah, you have brought balance to the force! Also, loving the LED’s, busy planning out a little something different using them :grin:

To the forge nerf-herders, i must remind "If you end your training now-if you choose the quick and easy path, as Vader did-you will become an agent of evil."

Give the changes a try!


Can we not have the quirk graphical effect trigger each time we switch to an item that has active quirks on them show up?

It makes swapping items around annoying at the least.


@james Could it be that the Ravenous ingame description is wrong? I already failed a stack of hammers because i trusted the description. Its ingame the complete opposite of what is written here and what is reality.


When will Boundless Battle Royal be released?


I would guess between never and never. That genre is so saturated with titles that just jammed BR into their game to hop on the bandwagon, there are already too many to choose from.


how about AOE5?


Twas a joke.


plz I want Boundless royale so bad.


Oh no. I’m down! “Oortnight”? =P


Oortnight dance build challenge tm


Updated OP for details of Release 209.1.

PSA: Small update at 10am UTC - COMPLETE

not had a crash since last patch, hopefully they don’t start again


Was there also a change made to spawning rules with the latest patch? I am seeing mobs on built ground in the middle of a big town for the first time since ~launch.


I’ve noticed this as well on my build


I’m not enjoying the event; embarrassment can build too quickly and its so easy to lose multiple meteors this way. Is there some buff we’re expected to put on to increase our resistance to embarrassment?