Release 209: LED Blocks, Forge++, and Oortmas!


lvl1 Snow Meteors really aren’t that tough solo. Just use the forts that spawn, and play “keep away” from the spitters. Just run around the fort, and peek and shoot

Also, dual wield snowballs, usually you can kill them before they even turn and shoot.

Any lvl meteor gives the same rewards, so avoid lvl3 and try to find lvl1.


Kept only finding lvl2 meteors. Both of us would die just after it started as we get knocked out by elite and mighty spitters. We were dual wielding snowballs. The forts spawn in useless places. Snowballs only do 200 dmg and it takes forever to take down single enemies. Add on snow blindness from all the particles and everything being white and it just makes it an overall frustrating affair.

As there is no defense against embarrassment, it’s not like regular meteors where we’ve at least got some armor to repel damage.

Again, not fun for us at all; makes it hard to enjoy any of the seasonal content. Maybe this event is intended for people who enjoy meteor hunting and/or are good at it. I guess we’re too casual for it.


Agreed, it’s not fun when elites come out. And the snow-blindness… I want a bright purple crosshair!

I’ve been mostly skipping the lvl2’s and stopping when I see lvl 1’s. In the between times, i just hunt the santa-hat monsters.

Using that method, I’ve stockpiled plenty of canes.

If you have to stop at a lvl2 or higher, maybe try building up, to a platform? I havent tried it, but they shouldnt be able to hit you when you are decently elevated.


Updated OP for details of Release 209.2.


Thank you very much! Snow battles are so funny :smile:
Just little entreaty: could you increase red candies drop per meteorite by a little bit? How much candies we must obtain by snow battles’ design?


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