Release 211: Empires - CONTINUED

Easy. See below.

Scale down = reduced. We don’t know the specifics, it could start scaling as soon as the 2nd visitor. Only the Devs know.

Geez. I know what Scale Down means, Mr Smarty pants!

Anyhoo. It’s obvious the system still needs tweaking. The reduction in footfall we’re seeing is too significant and there are too many unhappy campers. (Unhappy campers = players).

I don’t believe the devs want unhappy campers. Do you? :wink:

Bomb mining? :slight_smile: It wasn’t as lucrative as speed hammers, but was still culled.

It’s a different story when we’re talking about the game’s economy and the only source of generated coin in the game. The bomb mining issue didn’t break the game. This issue has the potential to break the economy and therefore the game. If it wasn’t for the sink that’s been created with the Helix buffs, it might be a different story. But only sightly different. :wink:

Basically, it was easy to work around the bomb mining issue. Not so easy when there’ll eventually be no coin left in the game to circulate.

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My other half wants to quit now, she is pretty casual, and the beacon footfall kept her happy to keep building and expanding. Now it just makes her too depressed to look. @james Some of us can adapt to earn coin, but the footfall nerf is hurting all the wrong people!

It’s not a nerf.

Details here:


This is what I don’t understand (and she can’t get her head around) - Is that she has several little shops selling different things, and request baskets… fairly well connected to malls etc - and the footfall is giving her what looks like under 1k coin a week. She’s noticed a drop off in sales, and doesn’t know what to do… she can’t grind like myself to sell items that can pull in the sort of coin to maintain building, mining etc… The changes to FF just mean I have to put in a couple of more hours effort… but for a casual like herself, she’s screwed… no income from FF, and people appear to spend less now? or is it a population drop off?. My FF dropped but about 30k across my properties, and get about 3k now. Just seems very odd - and wonder what impact this will have across the economy.

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20c diamonds @Salvatory?

What was today’s update?

If we receive 25-30% of what we used to receive… It IS a nerf. I dont see any other way to look at it. I used to get over 1.5k nightly, I got 544c over last night.

All beacons over 10k, And its at a mall. Usually 1-2 people wondering around.

I have 1 odd thing happen over the night that i just seen. @james

544c beacon was completely emptied last night before i went to sleep, the 8k coin one had just shy of 1k, it was 864c or something close. Both the beacons touch and usually get close to same traffic. Before update the 544c got more coin daily.

Are the traffic being gathered per account or per character? The 8k beacon is first the others would touch coming in from a few main portals.

I can’t follow what you’re describing here.

Both of these beacons are in exact same area, receive almost exact same footfall. yet one gets7.5k and one gets 500c over the same amount of time.

What is their configuration? Who owns them, etc.

Are they owned by the same character?

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both same settlement, and owned by 2 different characters

Is the home beacon where the portals are, and the other the hall of shops?

one has 2-3 portals on it and the other has the whol mall hallway up to it. If they come in a portal and walk just a few steps they touch both

Seems to me people just are using the portals more than they are going to check the shops. But James may find something more.

(I don’t really get a lot of foot traffic in my shop there)