Release 211: Empires - CONTINUED

Release 211.1:

  • Fixing client crash when looking at settlements with the highest settlement level.
  • Fix warping to locations being broken in last released after was sorted alphabetically; in particular the warping sometimes worked, but would usually end up opening to the “wrong” location.
  • Fixed not getting any footfall for a new visitor!!
  • Fixed client crash when viewing the character screen when under water.
  • Fix a server crash evaluating guild settlements against non-guild settlements.
  • Fix for new guild member not being added to guild chat if Auto join enabled.

Release 211.2:

  • Fix to the settlement evaluation to make the new plot-base system better replicate the previous chunk-based system. This was a major cause of unintended settlement changes. Read this for more details.

Release 211.3:

  • Fixed settlements leaking into wild plots adjacent to settlement areas and guild settlements from leaking into neighbouring plots of beacons in the same settlement that are not part of that guild.
    • This fix brings the plot-resolution result much closer to the pre-release chunk-resolution result. If your settlement is still fragmented you’ll need to search for the beacons that are genuinely not touching now.
  • Further footfall fixes: There was an issue causing too little footfall to be awarded if the owner of the beacon had visited within the last hour approximately, and also an issue causing “too much” footfall where repeat visitors were actually being forgotten about and generating footfall as though they were a new visitor again!
  • Fixed crash when switching primary guild to a guild you have been evicted from.
  • Fix for client crashes with >8 status effects (eg during hunts and guild buffs).

Release 211.4:

  • Fixing client crash on Guild control screen when inspecting the guild member list.
  • Fixed bug where guild members can sometimes see aligned beacon details.
  • Fixed another bug in the new footfall behaviour which reduced payments based on the number of visitors to any part of settlement, rather than only the beacon owner’s plots within the settlement.
  • Fixed another bug in the new footfall behaviour which failed to ignore visitors with permissions (who don’t give footfall) to the owner’s beacons in the settlement when counting visitors in the last 24hr.
  • Changed the behaviour of footfall so that we look at “time since last payment was made” from a user to a given beacon owner in the settlement, rather than “time since last visit was made” so that users who frequently visit a beacon will still give footfall every 24hr rather than only if they stay away for longer than 24hr first. Equally, we now also look at “number of payments made” rather than “number of visitors” in the last 24hr.


  • Fixed an issue where subscribing a second character to a guild channel would remove the first character from the channel.
    • This will not automatically correct any characters who have already be bumped from a channel. In the future we will create a migration to correct and confirm that all guild members are correctly tracking all guild chat channels.
    • If you want to have all your characters on a guild channel today then you’ll need to leave and rejoin the guild. Be careful doing this if your original character is a Director of the guild. You’ll need to make sure that you can regain your Director permissions, either via another Director, or by giving your Alt the permissions temporarily. CAUTION - this will remove any guild buffs.

There are still some outstanding known issues that we’re working on:


Thanks for all these fixes, I’m sure it’s stressful and busy.

Are there plans to stop settlements being listed twice on world rankings if they align with a guild?


And can you now rename guild settlements? What happened with footfall we lost in last 24 hours?

Also, just checked, I have 256 coin in one beacon even tho I’m supposed to get 80 per visitor?

Also 192 in another, also should be 80 per visitor. Missing a 0 perhaps since they are multiples of 8?

Good stuff. Nice work devs in so little time


@James actually just saw that I received 1c for a visitor!

As you can see the footfall is not wokring as before, they changed it. you will receive less footfal if your area is having a high traffic or if the same character visit often under 5 days.

but 1c seems a bit low.

I had zero footfall coin yesterday and it shows this today:

I guess some visitors don’t count as a whole person? lol :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

Well remember, under the new system each person doesn’t count for the full amount until 5 days after they last visited. You’ll get reduced coin for frequent fliers.

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I would think with the servers going down it would have been reset so everyone would be a new visit @Ark

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The servers already tracked all the necessary information, so there was no need to reset it.

So all the new visitors came by when the footfall was broken and in 4 days, we should start to see the difference.

so making something people use often is now not profitable anymore ?

We are going to have to use maps so we enter and exit cities different ways each time so you are never a frequent flyer.

@ark every time the servers go down footfall timer is reset. Unless I missed them changing that. But that’s how it’s always been

I don’t have any information on how the developers intended it to work out.

This was covered in the release notes. There is no expected change to high traffic builds. The decaying reward is simply meant to front load the benefits so less often visited builds receive coin more quickly

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devs changed it cuz the footfall resetting it was put millons of coin into the game in a short time


I want to say I’ve seen that fixed in patch notes but I’ll try to find it at some point. I need to start getting ready for work. :grimacing:

Thank you, Loadkill!


So guess that means we won’t see much footfall for another 5 days from now since I imagine them going down for this update didn’t reset it.