Release 211: Empires - CONTINUED


They should have reset it one last time so we could see the change now instead of a week from now


Why wouldn’t we see the change until then? If someone had visited your beacon yesterday and came back today, you’ll see coin today (at a reduced amount).


Because most of the people live in my town that would be seeing my build which means I’ll get the bottom end of the coin since they are frequent visitors.

So in order to see what the actual amount has been set to for first time visits I may not see it for a few days


Understood. So if anything, you’ll see the change immediately. :yum:


I thought the footfall change was supposed to give us more coin to spend unless we were really, really big?

I got around 10k a day past week or so, which was a lot as compared to a couple of weeks ago, past 24 hours I received 500c on the same beacon :slight_smile:
Or would 10k a day with the old system be seen as ‘high traffic’?
Besides, before the change if the same character visited in 5 days I would get nothing until 24 days had passed!

Can’t be correct I’d say!


Except many people like me and majorvex didn’t receive any or much footfall over the past 24 hours, so a reset would’ve been rather nice…

I only started to get tiny amounts since the last hotfix earlier today…

But if you didn’t receive any for the first visit due to a bug we still don’t have a clear picture of what the change does to our footfall now do we?


Yea someone else already pointed that out above you
And all my beacons are around 30k if they aren’t a main location so I’m not worried about prestige.


Release notes for Release 211.2. Hopefully this will correct some of the settlement changes.




This is much more manageable. Thanks for relaxing that a bit.

UPDATE: Under today’s rules a single plot allowed my entire settlement to resolve. I still have plenty of ‘road’ plots but that’s ok and if I need to thicken at the edges I can understand how to plot them.

I am much, MUCH happier.

Is this 4 plots/4 columns resolved at plot level?

EDIT 2: Neverrmind another build shows me that this can’t be a simple 4 plot/4 column requirement. If you guys would like to share the rules it would be wonderful. Either way this is much better.


Usually get around 1500c per day from this beacon. This is all I’ve had since the update:



Question: @james @vdragon

:question: If a Guild hits its maximum of 100 members, do new recruits get an error message? What do they see?

:question: Do factions add to the total # of maximum members?


Update OP with details of Release 211.3.

Release 211 - Known Issues

is it possible for the visualization tool to be implemented on the the console versions in some way?


I think James has mentioned the development of a gui version of this tool somewhere down the line


Just reporting in to be helpful - my footfall is still lower than 10% of pre patch. Whether that’s lower traffic or a bug I have no idea.

(Edited to be more accurate)


My guess:

  • by now lower traffic since people have less coin to spend
  • bug or bugs in the code
  • implementation is not following the design they had made (yes, not a bug, code can be 100% bug free but still be doing the wrong thing!)
  • design choices that are causing less footfall (ie. repeat visitor comes by twice a day and grants you no coin ever after the first time) or don’t have the desired effect


James announced the footfall fix will not go through till Monday/Tues next week because they don’t want to risk server stability …since the footfall change is a bigger fix.


We tried to test out the guild channel and faction. It turns out that joining just the faction, not the guild, will list you as members of the guild (as listed in the guild UI as well as the faction), but it only gives you access to Faction Channel but doesn’t give you access to the Guild Channel.

I’m not sure if this is an intended design, but if it is. I see two problems.

First, people who firstly joined the the faction, upon checking on the guild book already said they are part of the guild. therefore, they can’t never have access to the chat because they are already in the guild through the faction.

Second, as I see it, faction serves to divide permission in the guild so you can assigned different permission set based on aligned beacons. This create a situation in a settlement where you need to create several factions just to split up permission based on how many group of beacon/facilities. Due to the limit on numbers of guild you can join, some people can only spare to join one for a guild, but they find it unappealing to join a faction because they miss out of guild channel, which is where most of the chat is happening. It’s a dilemma, miss out on using a facilities, or miss out on chat. My opinion is that making this choice seems like a burden, and it only exist because of how the guild system work with our settlement.

We appreciate any advice on this situation.


Idk why people have issues. I get around 8k (per beacon)coin in footfall a week and seems like plenty


There’s plenty of people who would get that and more in a day that now are barely getting 1k